plot revolves around Ho-ohs appearance in the first episode of the TV anime making it separate from the anime and the games, the last two are my headcanon since it makes the most sense for them to be separate from the games timelines, the most damming evidence of this is when Ash decided to bring every gimmick to the Masters tournament, or ash himself.

but back on track I couldn decide on which timeline so I chose a timeline that Im pretty sure is used a lot in fan-fiction but not how I would like it to be, the Anime timeline, now if you are a Poke-shipper (yes thats a thing) or some other weirdo don think Im going to ship any of the ten-year-olds together, that just has pedophile written all over it, also if you do ship children together then don ever read any of my novels, I don want people of that type reading my stuff, now onto a synopsis for Pokémo: Galarian Adventures.

This is the story of a 16-year-old Pokémon trainer named Oliver (Who can speak to Pokémon) and his partner Pokémon Elliot the Tepig, join these two as they travel around the world meeting new friends and enemies, and lose some to the inescapable hands of death.

Not much edginess here you weirdos, This is just a semi-nuzlockè

P.S. I got inspiration from a webcomic not on here and my first play-through of SWSH.

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