The Kamado house, home of five, there was the mother Hinatsuru Kamado, the oldest son Tanjiro, the second oldest Rita, the oldest daughter Hima, and the youngest son Sumiko as well as the family cat Nezuko.

in the kitchen was Hinatsuru, a middle-aged woman with long black hair tied up in a pony tail, purple and pink eyes wearing a blue sweater and beige jeans along, was making ramen, onigiri, and sushi, all homemade, watching her was Sumiko, a child who was about six years in age who looked a lot like Tanjiro, minus the birthmark, meanwhile in the living area was Hima, who recently turned 13, she sat at the couch listening to a podcast on her headphones with Nexuko, a 1-year old calico, sleeping on her lap.

Sumiko ran upstairs and found Rita, who was currently at his desk designing his costume for UA to make ”What are you doing, big brother. ” Rita turned to see Sumiko looking at him, ”Oh nothing, just designing my hero suit, wanna see? ” Sumikos eyes lit up as he climbed onto Ritas bed to get a better look, he looked at the papers in aw ”you drew this all by yourself? ” Rita nodded, About thirty minutes later Hinatsuru called everyone down to eat, the dinner was splendid with everyone but one having happy dreams in their sleep.


”Nezuko. ”



”If Im still here, fumbling around in the dark… how can I do this? Is it even possible for me to become someone like him? ”

Tanjiros eyes shot open and he found himself in a Showa-era home, this time he found two people with him, both sitting on their knees, one was a black-haired man wearing a white hakama and a folder on his lap, and the other Tanjiro couldn believe his eyes who it was, it was another Tanjiro, though this one was middle age and wore the same black uniform he saw the old man in and a checkered black and seafoam green haori, probably in his mid-30s to early 40s.

”Thank you for meeting me here today Sun Hahira. ” The black-haired man greeted ” For what may I owe this meeting Ubuyashiki-sama. ” Though Ubuyashiki looked neutral the air was tense ”There has been some info that had caught the attention of the corps., I already told the Thunder and Beast Hashiras about this, the appearance of not only a new enemy but a new type of Spider Lily. ” The older Tanjiros hands tensed and Tanjiro could kind of predict what was gonna be said next.

Ubuyashiki handed the folder to the older Tanjiro, who took the folder and read what was inside it, ”As you may know before today there were only four species of Spider Lily, white, red, orange, and blue, the first three are just regular flowers and the blue one, its the reason that Muzan was a demon and this new demon lord exist, but now we discovered a fifth species of spider lily, a green one, its a sibling with the blue spider lily which already makes it dangerous, but what makes this one more dangerous ” Tanjiro looked at the photos that the older Tanjiro was looking at, and they almost made the younger one throw up his dinner, if he could do that in a dream, they were horrendous homicides, bodies on the streets and allyways in a pool of blood, one even had huge claw marks across the chest.

”Is that whatever the extract of the Green Spider Lily creates doesn kill humans for food like the demons, but for sport, unfortunately we don have much info to go by other then that, I would like you to investigate the most recent crime scene relating to this, be careful. ” The older Tanjiro nodded and left the room.


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