MHA: Werewolf Slayer

A dream of the past

Jason soaked in the adrenaline he felt, even though he had rushed from intense fights in online video games and some easy fights back in America, but not like this one, this one felt weird, it felt nostalgic, though he didn care why he felt nostalgic, all he cared about was what was happening here and now, he laughed and laughed until he noticed someones presence behind him, he turned around and saw a red-haired kid with red eyes and a flame-like birthmark on his forehead wearing a black tracksuit, matching jeans, and red-and-white sneakers staring at him ”just what the hell are you starin at?! ” Jason yelled.

”Ah, sorry sir, I thought you were someone I thought I knew. ” The boy said, Jason leaped off the metal pile ”Really, well I don know ya, so you thought wrong. ” He stated with a huff ”Well, Im Kamado Tanjiro, its a pleasure to meet you. ” The boy, now known as Tanjiro said, ”Jason Hashibira. ” Jason simply said I feel like Ive met him somewhere, I just don know where The two thought at the same time until Tanjiro noticed something.

”Hey Jason, can I ask you something? ” Tanjiro asked, Jason, looking at him as to say Go on, ”Why is your left eye yellow and the other blue? ” Tanjiro asked, referring to Jasons eye color, Jason seemed irritated at the question but answered ”Don know, my dad says its heteralcreamia. ” Jason said, ”Oh, you mean Heterochromia. ” Tanjiro corrected before Jason could respond something caught his attention, his ears twitch and he looks around ”We got company. ” He says and before Tanjiro could ask what that meant he hears the sounds of many robots coming from the alleyways, soon they see dozens of large spider-like robots crawling along with the walls come out of the alleys and they seem entirely different then from the other robots, the only thing it has in common with the others is that it has the number four painted on its back

Meanwhile in Area G was Zenitsu, wearing a yellow hoodie with jeans, running from a swarm of 4-pointers ”WHY DID THEY HAVE TO BE SPIDERS, OUT OF ALL THE THINGS IN THEY COULD BE, ITS SPIDERS?!! AND WHY ARE THEY SO DAMN AGGRESSIVE??!!! ” He yelled, he was referring to soon after he and Rita split up, he encountered a student covered in cuts and bruises escaping from the same swarm that was now chasing him.

Zenitsu suddenly tripped over his own feet and fell face-first, as the swarm moved closer he laid there motionless for a few moments before getting up, though his forehead was bleeding he paid no attention to it, he turned around and faced the four-pointers, his face stoic, he then shifted his stance, leaning on his right leg and his left hand by his right hip, and he uttered a single sentence ”Total Concentration: Thunder Breathing… ” yellow and blue electricity sparked off his body, the intensity rapidly increasing as the 4-pointers get closer ”….First Form….. ” the electricity then traveled up his left arm and exited his hand before taking the shape of a katana, the 4-pointers then pounce at Zenitsu ”Thunderclap and Flash: twelve-fold. ” He then charges straight at the closest 4-pointer, moving so fast hes just a yellow streak to the naked eye, he bounces from one 4-pointer to the next taking each one down with a single strike, and in an instant, all of them 4-pointers have been taken down, the sound of thunder was heard by everyone within a ten-mile radius even though there wasn a single thundercloud In the sky.

the electric katana dissipates into the air and Zenitsu stood in his regular stance, looking at his hand he could see it shaking, pain shooting through his body, he gritted his teeth ”Looks like this body isn ready to use Thunder Breathing and its quirk at the same time. ” He said, he then closed his eyes and a few seconds later they shot open, Zenitsu looked around wondering what had happened, he then stood in silence when he saw the destroyed 4-pointers.

Outside of the testing area was a dark, large room with many monitors dimly lighting the room, ”It seems theres going to be an impressive roster this year, I can wait to turn them into flashy heroes! ” Uzui says with excitement ”Ill feel bad for whichever class gets Itsuru as their teacher, I wish Aizawa joined us this year. ” A feminine voice said, ”Don be like that Aobe. ” Another voice said, ”I think its time to send them out don you, Principle Nezu? ” A calm, gentle voice said, ”Indeed Vice Principle. ” A slightly higher-pitched voice confirmed.

Soon after on the monitors, giant robots with humanoid arms and track tires the size of buildings rose from the ground In the center of each testing area.


Zenitsu Agastuma

DOB: 6/07/2499

Blood type: AB

Quirk: Super Electricity

This quirk grants him the ability to manipulate and move as fast as charged ions, better known as electricity, it lets him be able to use the electricity like a physical weapon by shaping it into one, this also gives him an immunity to electricity, the weakness of this quirk are insulators and that it will short-circuit if overused, when he first awakened his quirk it would short-circuit after a minute of use, but he has trained it to only short-circuit after 5 minutes of use.

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