MHA: Werewolf Slayer

Exams: Zenitsu Agatsuma and Jason Hashibira

Izuku was incredibly nervous, he was surrounded by all different quirk users, some with gear, all in their athletic clothing, of course they naturally intimidated Izuku, he was used to that but he tried to shake off the nervousness Get yourself together, Youve trained for 10 months to get here, you even managed to learn a couple of Tanjiros moves. He thought as he slapped his face.

The gates opened up to a large battle zone that looked exactly like a city ”Now Begin!! ” Uzuis voice rang through the PA system and all the students ran into the arena with Izuku following shortly after. Already when Izuku found any robots they were already destroyed, he began to look for any robots but not before finding a metal pipe that has been broken off I can destroy a robot with just my bare hands. He picked up the pole and ran off.

meanwhile in Area F Tanjiro had already accumulated up to 30 points, he stopped in his tracks when he found a 1-pointer robot, a large military green machination which moves on a single tire attached to a rectangular head with a single red camera with two robotic arms extending from it, it charged at Tanjiro ready to strike. It he moved quickly and swiftly as he dashed towards the robot he opened his water bottle in his pocket and water flew out of the bottle, his quirk called Hydro Flame is quite a rare type of emitter quirk, with his mind he can control water and fire, the time of day depends on how strong he is with either, when the sun is at its highest is when his fire abilities are strongest and the same goes for the moon and water.

Tanjiro leapt in the air, curled up and spinning the water formed around his right leg which he had fully extended,Second form: Water Wheel!,Tanjiros leg completely cuts the robots in cleanly half and right before he lands on the ground the water flys right back into the bottle.

”HAHAHAHA! ” Tanjiro heard a manic laughter which caught his attention ”Who knew Japan would be so fun!! ” The voice sounded like it was coming closer along with the sound of robots getting destroyed, Tanjiro caught the scent of an animal or a human and metal, Tanjiro smelled the human/animal scent earlier but initially ignored it but this time something keeps telling him to not ignore it so he followed the scent, along the way Tanjiro found that the frequency of destroyed robots.

he arrived to a large pile of robots with layers upon layers of robotic limbs, wires and sharp pieces of metal with the occasional spark of electricity, atop of this pile was a turned away from Tanjiro looking shirtless boy who at first glance looked weird, most of his upper body is covered in thick gray fur except for his hands and he had the head of a boar as well as a boars tail, ”Look out UA, Jason Hashibira has come to take the top!! ” He yelled to the sky.


Jason Hashibira

DOB: April 22nd

Blood Type: O

Quirk: Boar

Quirk Type: Mutation

This American-born student is the grandson of famous Japanese-American contortionist Sutori Hashibira or known by his stage name Noburi Mirai, due to his quirk most of his body, most notably his head, is boar-like in nature and appearance, giving him enhanced strength, speed, and sense of touch & smell, thanks to this heritage not only is Jason stronger then most because of his quirk, hes more flexible then most people, he claims that whatever he can fit his head into he can get his entire body to fit though none have seen him do this yet, his top two favorite genre of video game are fighter and shooter games and his favorite dish is beef stew.


Izuku dashed throughout the battle zone looking for a robot I just need at least a single point! That thought has been on repeat more and more frequently the more time passes by, Izuku then spots a scorpion-like robot by itself, it is the same color as the 1-pointers with four legs, a back limb akin to a scorpions stinger, and an extended neck, A 2-pointer! I have to get to it and destroy it before someone gets to it, though the only way I can do that is if I use Splashing Water Flow and Striking Tide together, I never tried to use Tanjiros moves in succession but its worth a shot. Izuku thought, Ninth Form: Splashing Water Flow!, Izuku charged at the 2-pointer quickly.

the Ninth form of Tanjiros water forms is one of two of Tanjiros non-offensive special moves that focus on movement, it lets Tanjiro be able to move with less footing and reduce the amount of time his feet stay on the ground as he moves resulting in a drastic increase in speed and evasiveness, if Tanjiro and and Izuku used the form side by side, even without his quirk it would be clear Tanjiro is more skilled.

Fourth Form: Striking Tide!, Izuku swung the metal pipe diagonally with one arm and struck the neck of the 2-pointer with the metal pipe as hard and fast as he could, nearly decapitating the mechanation and shutting it down but nearly broke the pipe in the process ”Finally I got two points! ” Izuku cheered before he noticed the condition of the pipe It seems I can use this again, I hope I can get One for All to work before the test is finished.

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