MHA: Werewolf Slayer

Exams: Izuku Midoriya and Tanjiro Kamado

Its been four months since the brothers began their new training regimen at Dagoba beach and already the beach is spotless of trash and the trio of Tanjiro, Rita, and Izuku have begun to train in hand to hand combat with Toshinori monitoring them, right now its the last Sunday of January and the three had a break until Toshinori brought up a question ”Hey Tanjiro, why do you wear those plugs? ” What he referred to was the nose plugs Tanjiro wore ”Oh, I wear them because I have a strong sense of smell, like a dog according to Rita, I can handle the city smell just fine but the beach made my senses overload when I was three. ” Toshinori understood instantly if he had gotten my scent then he would know who I am if I encountered him while working hell probably expose my secret on accident, thank god we never encountered each other outside of the beach he thought, ”Hey Rita, didn you say you and Tanjiro finished developing some special moves? ” Izuku asked as he pulled his notebook and a pencil from his bag.

Rita knew why he asked this question ”Yeah, though I don see you using most of them, the only ones I can see you using are Flowing Dance, Splashing Water Flow, and maybe Piercing Raindrop for some of Tanjiros moves but thats a big maybe. ” Rita explained, ”Hey thats not true, he can use the other seven moves, he just needs to use the right martial art style and a weapon for Waterfall Basin, I just use my quirk to enhance them. ” Tanjiro interjected ”Listen Izuku I can teach you my moves but its gonna take a while so itll probably be long after the entrance exams till you master half of the moves. ” Izuku shook his head ”as long as I can have a chance to learn at least one move then I have a shot. ” He said with determination shining in his eyes.

Rita sighed ”All right fine you two can have your fun but Im heading home. ” Rita said as he picked up his bag and left.

*the next month, Entrance Exams*

Izuku in his school uniform stared at the gate with nervousness Im finally here at UA. The gate stood tall possibly for the taller students, it stood in front of the main campus of the school which was four glass pane buildings that could be mistaken for skyscrapers if it was any other place, the buildings are all connected via suspended bridges, Izuku covered his mouth ”I ate the hair but I don feel any different. ” He muttered, the memory of what happened earlier at the beach popped into his head and made him shudder ”Stupid Deku. ” A familiar voice growled behind him, Izuku turned around and saw Bakugo who wore a scarf with his uniform, instinctively Izuku waved his arms in front of him and began to stutter, though Bakugo just passed Izuku leaving him confused.

”Hey, Izuku! ” Rita called from a small distance, along with him came Tanjiro and the three walked to the entrance together.

they followed the other students to a ginormous dark room that looks like an auditorium after getting a card with a seat number, slowly but surely they all sat in their assigned seats, Rita sat next to a student with yellow hair that faded to orange in a clumpy bowl cut, yellow eyes, and wore a pair of blue headphones that say For Audio Hypersensitivity on the sides, ”Hello, Im Kamado Rita, nice to meet you. ” The student looked at him and seemed a little nervous ”Im Agastuma Zenitsu, n-nice to meet you. ” The name Agastuma sounded familiar to Rita, he heard it before somewhere though he didn settle on the thought for long because he saw a hero enter the stage and he felt giddy about who it was.

The hero was the Sound Hero: Uzui, he had white hair that was mostly covered by a headband adorned with jewelry, he wore a black sleeveless suit with black armor plates with white accents, and a pair of batons on his back.

”Hello potential students of UA, I am your god Uzui, here to tell you what you have to do to flamboyantly enter this flashy school! ” He said before he used the help of the giant screen behind him to explain the exams.

This is a point-based exam with four types of robots to destroy, a 1-pointer, a 2-pointer, a 3-pointer, and finally a 0-pointer, to pass a student must accumulate as many points as possible, the students are also randomly picked to enter a different battle zone ranging from A to G based on their ID card.

Its weirdly simple, there has to be something else to it Rita thought as he glanced at his and Zenitsus IDs ”Looks like we
e in the same zone, huh Agastuma? ” Zenitsu silently nodded.

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