MHA: Werewolf Slayer

Training (Part 2): Exams

e all connected via suspended bridges, Izuku covered his mouth ”I ate the hair but I don feel any different. ” He muttered, the memory of what happened earlier at the beach popped into his head and made him shudder ”Stupid Deku. ” A familiar voice growled behind him, Izuku turned around and saw Bakugo who wore a scarf with his uniform, instinctively Izuku waved his arms in front of him and began to stutter, though Bakugo just passed Izuku leaving him confused.

”Hey, Izuku! ” Rita called from a small distance, along with him came Tanjiro and the three walked to the entrance together.

they followed the other students to a ginormous dark room that looks like an auditorium after getting a card with a seat number, slowly but surely they all sat in their assigned seats, Rita sat next to a student with yellow hair that faded to orange in a clumpy bowl cut, yellow eyes, and wore a pair of blue headphones that say For Audio Hypersensitivity on the sides, ”Hello, Im Kamado Rita, nice to meet you. ” The student looked at him and seemed a little nervous ”Im Agastuma Zenitsu, n-nice to meet you. ” The name Agastuma sounded familiar to Rita, he heard it before somewhere though he didn settle on the thought for long because he saw a hero enter the stage and he felt giddy about who it was.

The hero was the Sound Hero: Uzui, he had white hair that was mostly covered by a headband adorned with jewelry, he wore a black sleeveless suit with black armor plates with white accents, and a pair of batons on his back.

”Hello potential students of UA, I am your god Uzui, here to tell you what you have to do to flamboyantly enter this flashy school! ” He said before he used the help of the giant screen behind him to explain the exams.

This is a point-based exam with four types of robots to destroy, a 1-pointer, a 2-pointer, a 3-pointer, and finally a 0-pointer, to pass a student must accumulate as many points as possible, the students are also randomly picked to enter a different battle zone ranging from A to G based on their ID card.

Its weirdly simple, there has to be something else to it Rita thought as he glanced at his and Zenitsus IDs ”Looks like we
e in the same zone, huh Agastuma? ” Zenitsu silently nodded.

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