MHA: Werewolf Slayer

Training (Part 1)

The student sat there with his feet on the desk ”Hey Teach, don lump me with these losers! ” He said with a smug grin ”They
e gonna be lucky if they
e some D-listers sidekick. ” He continued, and every student that was cheering suddenly glared at the blonde.

”Whatd you say! ”

”You jackass! ”

”Bakugo, you jerk! ”

”Please I dare you to fight me, Ill take on all of you! ” Bakugo taunted, and the teacher looked at his papers ”ah Katsuki, it says right here you plan on entering UA. ” The room went dead silent immediately after that sentence was uttered, and students spoke under their breaths.

”Hes crazy! ”

”I heard that schools got a less then 2 percent acceptance rate. ”

”of course, hell go to the top hero school in Japan. ”

”Quit your muttering! ” Bakugo shouted before jumping onto the top of his desk ”All the elites come from UA, so it makes sense that only I enter that school! ” He said, Rita almost let out a chuckle at the arrogance on display, he decided to start spreading rumors, he started by putting on a voice ”I don know, I hear the Kamado brothers are joining, and not only are they strong, but some also say that they even rival you! ” Rita said in the stupidest voice he can think of.

all eyes were on Rita, including Bakugos ”Whatd you say you damn mutt! ” He growled smoke began to rise from his hands ”Did you not realize already, you
e probably not the only one in this entire building who wants to enter UA, there are other students who want to join UA, like me and Tanjiro, so next time you say that remember this fact. ” Rita advised, ”You little.. ” Bakugo growled the smoke from his hand becoming thicker ”Alright, settle down. ” The teacher said, the smoke dissipated from Bakugos hands before he slowly got off his desk and sat back down without breaking eye contact with Rita.

Rita knew what that death glare meant, it said his ain over!, other students also knew what that death glare meant.

Did Ōkami just challenge Bakugo or did Bakugo challenge Ōkami?

Misson complete, target protected. Rita thought, that teasing Bakugo was just a plan to divert the teachers attention, which for some odd reason he allowed most of the obvious rule-breaking, away from the papers to prevent potential targeted bullying, because other than him and Bakugo there was one other student in the classroom who wanted to join UA, Rita glanced towards the furthest back row, he looked at the plain-looking, green-haired student who looked right back at him.

*After class*

Rita packed up his materials, normally he wouldve left already but he knew Bakugo needs a different target since Rita himself isn one to be messed with if provoked, ”Now what do we have here? ” Bakugo said to the green-haired student, at his side were two students and in his hand was a blue notebook labeled with black Sharpie Hero Research Notes, Vol. 13 ”Look at that, little twerp thinks he can be a hero without a quirk. ” one of the students said, ”G-give that back. ” The green-haired student said, in response Bakugo simply slapped the notebook, causing a small explosion that slightly burnt the notebook before he tossed the notebook out the window, the moment the sound of the notebook hitting water was heard the air immediately felt ominous ”We
e not causing any trouble are we? ” Rita, who was listening in one the conversation stood behind the three students with his arms crossed, slowly the three students backed off and exited the classroom ”Your lucky you have your bodyguard Deku. ” Bakugo growled before exiting the room.

”Are you ok Izuku? ” Rita asked ”Yeah, thank you Rita. ” Izuku sighed, ”Hey no problem, Tanjiro wouldve attempted to do the same thing if he was here, without intimidation though. ” Rita said before something clicked in his head ”Speaking of which, I got to get going, I don want Tanjiro or Mom to worry. ” Rita said before running to the Bakery ”See ya tomorrow! ” Ritas voice echoed.


I never realized until now how hard it is to write a family when most of them have been killed off at the beginning of the original series, so I decided to have it just be Tanjiro and Rita and maybe Nezuko until I can find a place to put the rest of them in the story, Im sorry for the inconvenience and Ill know some of you will be mad.


*5 Months later*

”79! 80! 81! 82! ” The two siblings have begun a training regimen that the two thought up, though it was Tanjiro that mostly came up with what to do and it went like this.

First, Breathing exercises (Rita thought this was weird, Tanjiro didn know why it popped into his head)

Second, hand-to-hand combat training

Third, Technique development (Ritas favorite portion)

Fourth, Basic exercise

Finally, rest for a day

the two fell to the ground exhausted though they try to get back down the best that they could do was sit on the ground ”I think we need something more. ” Rita said through heavy breaths, ”Sorry Rita, but Im all out of ideas. ” Tanjiro said, they sat there trying to come up with better training until an idea popped into Ritas head ”Hey, what if we cleaned up the beach. ” Rita suggested, ”What do you mean? ” Tanjiro asked.

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