MHA: Werewolf Slayer

Kamado Family: Origin (Part 2)

It was a rainy cold spring day, the temperature was reported to be 0 Degrees Celsius (32 Degrees Fahrenheit for US readers.), an alleyway was filled with the sound of a crying baby through the streets are filled with civilians, no one answered until one civilian answered those crys, She was known by everyone as the nice lady who owned a local bakery, who recently birthed a second child, a little girl, though some people feel bad for this women because her husband was Ill, some were a little skeptical about this ”How could he be so sick yet dance throughout the night for the festival? ” Some asked, though the women didn mind the skepticism, she knew some would ask questions either out of kindness, curiosity, or skepticism.

when rumors came about that she adopted a baby people swarmed the bakery to see if the rumors were true, though few thought that she made up that story, it wasn until this child turned four that these few truly believed he was adopted, the reason why his quirk awakened.

*10 Years later*

a large estate sits in a forest, the estate seems to have been made in Taisho-era Japan, though it has been nearly 500 years since that era the estate seems to be in top condition, inside walking through the estate is a 14-year-old boy with dark red hair, red eyes, and a flame-like birthmark on his forehead, he wore a sea-green T-shirt and black shorts, the boy looked around the estate ”Hello! Is anyone there?! ” He called out, he turned left into a hallway which seemed to have a single door that is partially open at the end of it, the boy walked slowly towards the door This is the only part of the building that I haven been to. He thought, when he arrived at the door he knocked on the door ”Hello? ” He called, ”You may enter. ” An old voice said, the boy entered the room, the room seemed to be used for some kind of training, standing in front of a sheathed katana hanging on the wall is an old man with a gray neck long hair wearing a black uniform, he faced the sword which showed the boy the back of the uniform, it has a big kanji that stands for Destroy, though the boy has never seen the uniform before he felt a form of familiarity to it, the man turned around.

The boy couldn see the mans face or any defining features except for his mouth, suddenly the world around the boy began to fade and he fell into a dark void.

*Waking world*

Tanjiro shot up from bed with a cold sweat, he clutched his blankets tightly unconsciously Its that same dream again. Tanjiro thought as he looked at his hands, they were trembling uncontrollably ut who was that man? He thought as he tried to calm his nerves, the reason why he trembled was how the dream ended, he always had an irrational fear of heights since he was seven, he sat there for a while spacing out until his alarm clock rang to life.

He got up and dressed up for school, when he exited his room he immediately heard his sibling ”Umai! ”, Tanjiro headed downstairs to the dining area ”Umai! ” Tanjiro looked at the source of the noise, it was his slightly younger brother, Rita, though he was younger he was easily the tallest in the entire family standing at 198 cm he made everyone else look tiny especially given how after him Tanjiro was the second tallest at 159.7 cm, he had medium length hair that had grey tips, he sat at the table eating some sushi ”Umai! ” He yelled, ”Oh, Good morning Tanjiro, did you sleep well? ” Rita asked.

”I slept ok. ” Tanjiro said, he looked around the room ”Hey Rita, wheres everyone else? ” He asked, ”Mom took the others to school early, along with Nezuko so well probably see her after school, or during lunch if we find her, one of the two. ” Rita said before taking a bite of sushi ”Umai! ” He yelled after swallowing.

*Aldera middle school*

”All right now I have your career application sheets here. ” The teacher said to the entire class before throwing the papers in the air ”But whats the point, I know you all want to be heros! ” The teacher says, most of the students cheered as they activated their quirks, Rita scowled What if someone wanted to do something else with their life I mean there are some quirks in this class that wouldn really work in the hero career, don assume teach, it makes an ass out of you, though there are some who would make exceptional student if they tone down some traits. He thought as he glanced at a student with spiky ash-blonde hair.

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