Love Me if u Dare

Science project

Ryan pov:

I just ignore that being, all though he is targeting me for a long time. I grab Parth and then start walking towards the school park. Its always refreshing to walk in here, surrounded by flowers and all kind of plants. I just love greenery.

Parth having a frown on his face says ” do you mind? If I ask about that bastard. ”

I pretend to not know so, I ask ”which one you are talking about? ”

Parth with a glare says ” of course Sarwat, I will make him pay for his misbehaving ”.

I just laugh ” ok! Just don waste our time on something i.e. not related to our life, he is just a passer by, I don care about what he said….just don annoy me ”.

Parth says ” oh! So, now you think I am annoying ” I sighed ” why are you making fuss about that! Lets go recess is almost over ”.

The next period is of biology and Mrs. Pareek always seems on time so, we make our step fasten up to reach for biology class.

Parth says ”hey! I thought its a test today of reproduction chapter…do you think I am prepared ” its amused me because Parth is always prepared.

I exclaim ”don show off that you are not prepared, it doesn work for you ”

As we reached our class there is already assigned seats for test class so, I just join on my seat and after distribution of test papers I started doing it, I done when 10 mins are left only. So I hand my paper and about to start leaving, when Mrs pareek called me ” Ryan your previous class result impressed me so, I want to inform you that you, Parth, Anamika and shristi all are assigned for the school science project that is coming soon next week. Tell Parth for me as I already informed that two girls……ya! I remember you all need help in between your project from architecture section. So, please seek help from Sarwat as I already told him about you. ”

I just put a smile but inside I just screaming why I have to work with him out of whole section….Parth will be very angry only listening about his name. I should tell him about that…..oh! This is just starting of the session and trouble seeks already on my tail.

When period of P.E. comes, we got to our locker room for change, Parth already in gloomy mood today, so I talk slowly ” you know Mrs.pareek told me that, we gonna join the next week science project. ”

Parth amused ” I don know about that, so will you please describe it. ”

I sighed ” oh! Its just a project and I also don have much information, but one thing is there…..we need help from architecture section and umm..and she appointed Sarwat for that work ”.

”What ? ” The explosion occurred…. ” Parth! Just listen up, we just need to do the project ,I don think we have time for a mashup ”

”Look, who is there? Ry

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