Love Me One Last Time

Should I say Yes or No?

”You know what? Its okay. With your looks, you can easily hook another girl if only you wanted to. ”

Migo suggested when he no longer knew what to advise to his friend.

”What do you think of Ash? You can try going out with him and we can have a double date. Pretty cool, aye? ”

Migo added but Zeke only glowered at him.

”What do you take me for? A Casanova? Besides, who is this Ash you are talking about? I never heard of her. ”

”You just met her today. Remember the other girl I introduced to you aside from my girlfriend? Bro, I just found out that she is into you. ”

”Nah. I gonna past. ”

”Why? She is a good catch! She never dated anyone before. Could you imagine that? I can bet my wrist he is a virgin! ”

Migo tried to hype up his friend but that kind of thing did not seem to be working on Zeke.

”I don have time for that. I am better off using my time doing for something that can help me earn some bucks. ”

Zeke replied with an obvious air of indifference. Unlike Migo, Zeke did not belong to an affluent family and the only thing that was keeping him from dropping out in college was his scholarship and his multiple part-time jobs; without them to keep him afloat and support his study, it was a question whether he could even survive a semester.

”Speaking of it, why are you still refusing to take my offer? ”

Migo inquired when he was reminded of Zekes financial problem. He had been trying to lend the other party some money to help him get through the semester but the guy was adamant about not taking anything from him anymore.

”Come in dude, I already owe you a sum of money. I can no longer take anything more than that, really. ”

At this point, Migo was already at a loss for words to say. He has known Zeke for years already so he knew more than anyone else how big the other partys pride was.

”What about a bet? Are you interested to have a bet with me? Three hundred bucks, take it or leave it. ”

Zeke was caught off guard by his friends sudden offer but then he quickly shook his head.

”And where do you think I will get the money once I lost the bet? ”

He said afterward. Implying in a roundabout manner that he would not be partaking any bet because he has no money to waste for that kind of thing. But it seemed that Migo would not be taking no for an answer.

”There is no need for you to pay me. As long as you were able to get Ashley to say yes and made her your girlfriend, everything is good on my end. ”

When Zeke heard the end of the deal, his eyes grew wide as big as saucer plates.

”What?! Are you crazy? ”

He blurted out as he could not believe his ear.

”Nope. I simply have too much money to waste. ”

Migo replied with a lopsided grin.

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