It was a strange dream

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  A scene drenched in blood.
A raven that plowed through the decaying ground with its beak.
A hanging corpse.
This place, where even sound died, was reminiscent of a scorched section of hell.



  Meanwhile, a man was shedding tears.



  The filth that flowed out of the corpse soiled his hands.
Still, he didn’t stop.
An ashen world where there was no sound and only the mushy touch resonated.



  The twilight had already set; the world lost its glimmer, turning into a gray color.
Then the man woke up.
In a short period of time, less than a few minutes, he seemed to have aged several years.



  He looked up at the grim sky impassively.
After a while, he staggered towards me.



  His face was impossible to recognise, as it was obscured by the descended darkness.
Only a spark of an emotion burning like a raging flame could be seen in his pupils.



Resentment, Hatred, and Regret.


The man seemed taller than the mountains,


His gaze deeper than the abyss,


As if to convey the weight of his burden


And the depth of his despair.


The moment he passed by me,


The first sound in the world was born.





  A feeble sound.
But in my ears, who had been accustomed to the long silence, it was a voice that struck like a thunderbolt.



  My gaze turned to the side, startled by the sudden noise.
There they stood, blazing golden eyes.



“Delphirem looms on the horizon.”



  He was talking with his teeth clenched.



  It was around this time that I woke up gasping for breath.



  My heart fluttered like a fish on a cutting board, my eyelids fluttered up.



  As I woke up heavily panting I started to become breathless, even the pillows were drenched in cold sweat.
Waking up from a nightmare was always such an unpleasant sensation.


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  He took a deep breath and washed his dried up face, and soon his rough breathing calmed down.
It was a vivid dream.
So it was even more unpleasant.



  And ‘Delphirem’, yes.
It was Delphirem.



  I slowly recalled the contents of the nightmare as if I was peeling off fish thorns, after remembering a laugh escaped my mouth.



  It was a name that only came out in orthodoxy’s myth of creation.
The first traitor of mankind, the source of all sins.
The lord of demons.



  Was I scared by Professor Levi-Strauss’ mythology lecture?

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  I smiled bitterly and quickly brushed off the afterglow of my dream.
Then, while avoiding the damp sheets, I raised my upper body.



  A quiet and dark room that was neither big nor small.
It had become a familiar landscape by now, as I had already been living there for three years.
It was the dormitory where the nobles who entered the academy resided.

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  If my family’s prestige had been greater, I could have used a spacious and luxurious room, but unfortunately, I was only the second son of a countryside Viscountcy.

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  In other words, just paying the expensive academy tuition was something that had to be taken seriously.
I couldn’t afford to stay in a more expensive dormitory.



  After sitting idly for a while, my head started to hurt.
It was because I drank too much last night.



  It felt like a heavy rock was pressing on my brain.
An unpleasant thirst welled up, and I fumbled and looked at the table near my bed.



  Light and heat returned to the room after a ticking sound.
The magic lights installed in the dormitory weren’t expensive, but nonetheless, they were still able to secure a dim view for myself.



  I paused for a moment to drink water by picking up the canteen placed on top of the table.



  It was a strange sense of discomfort.
Nothing had changed, but it still felt like something was different.
As I tilted my head, I soon found the cause.



  The calendar date was different.
There should still be three more days left in the month of the Lute, but it showed that we were already in the month of the Bow.
Looks like I was pretty drunk last night.



  As I was about to reflect on the faint memories I had of last night, my movements stopped for a second time.
As I was shaking my head, an unfamiliar object at the corner of my eye caught my attention.



  It was a letter.



  It was a letter from an aristocrat who possessed both culture and knowledge, an elegant handwriting on a luxurious paper.
So I had to fall into an even more unknown feeling.

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  Did anyone write me a letter? Also, even if that were the case, I don’t remember receiving a letter.







  My hand naturally picked up the letter.
The words ‘Ian Percus’ written on the first line told me that the addressee of this missive wasn’t wrong.



  Stil, there was only one way to get to the bottom of this mystery..



  Soon my eyes began to quickly read the neat handwriting.






To my beloved Ian Percus,


I wonder, Is there anyone who doesn’t like spring?


I heard this in the capital city of Arancourt a while ago.
You were an old gentleman dressed in stylish clothes.
Your dignified speech and reserved manners left an impression on me.


Now that I think about it, I suppose you must have used to work under an aristocratic family.


You said that you wandered aimlessly last winter, but your smile was as warm as the spring sunshine.
It must have been because winter was over.


Every time we do, we think of what we’ve accomplished.
To protect the world and become a hero.


I thought it was a vain story from a fairy tale I read as a child, but I am still unfamiliar with the fact that our names are engraved on one page of that book.


It’s all thanks to you.
No, it’s just as you said, it may be thanks to all of us.


I got used to life in Arancourt.
I was worried about what would happen when I crossed the desert where sand was all one could see, but in the end, this place is also somewhere people live.


The sun is warm, and the sea shines with a light glitter.
Did you hear the old saying, ‘If you look through the eyes of a fairy, you can see hidden treasures’? That was it.


And writing a letter to you has also become an important part of my day.


At first, I felt a little puzzled by your suggestion to send a letter at least once a month.
Hey, it’s Ian, right? You, who always smiled without saying a w

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