Chapter 19: Master Samson’s Present

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She gave a faint smile and greeted, “Mr.

She told the address of the magazine agency to the chauffeur.
Although the magazine agency and the company were located in different directions, Benjamin still sent her to the magazine agency.

This made her feel very surprised due to the sudden affection she was receiving.

Lewis personally introduced her to her new colleagues.
As everyone knew that she was brought into the company by Ms.
Lewis, they took great care of her and were very friendly.

Since she did not have any relevant work experience, she only did some printing tasks on the first day.
When the day was over, she realized that she actually did not do anything productive.

On Master Samson’s 8oth birthday, the maid sent a dress as well as a set of custom-made jewelry to Serenity’s room early in the morning.

Although the banquet was to be held in the evening, Serenity took the day off.

After lunch, Benjamin and Helena went to the hotel first.

In the evening, Selena and John went to the Rivers residence to drive Master Samson to the banquet location.

Upon hearing footsteps upstairs, John shifted his gaze to look.
His gaze appeared especially dark.

Serenity was walking down the stairs in her dress.
She was wearing an off-shoulder gown that was lengthened with lace.
Her dress gently swayed in an irregular manner due to her movement, which made her look as light as a feather.
It also made her seem more elegant and gentle.

Selena waited for her to walk down the stairs before smiling.
“Serene, you look beautiful today.”

Serenity was originally very slim and had a delicate waist coupled with a fair skin tone.
Regardless of what she wore, she always looked beautiful.

With an expensive dress on her, it immediately showed off her presence as she had the quiet and tender demeanor of a daughter from a rich family.

She held a squarish box in her hands, and in it was the present she’d prepared for Master Samson’s birthday.

She walked forward and placed the present in front of Master Samson.
“Grandpa, happy birthday.”

Master Samson harrumphed and did not take the present.
Her hands were awkwardly left hanging in the air as she did not know what to do.

Upon seeing the situation, Selena went forward with a smile on her face.
“Grandpa, I will help you to open the present.”

Master Samson had not even said anything when she took the matters into her own hands.
She took Serenity’s present and opened it on the coffee table.

There was an exquisite tea set in the box with blue flower patterns printed on the white porcelain.
It had fine handwork, and with just one look at it, one would know that it was of superior quality.

Master Samson liked to drink tea and, as such, Serenity’s tea set was just to his liking.

Master Samson’s facial expression softened and he wore a faint smile.
It could be seen that he really liked the present.

Selena smiled and said, “Grandpa, Serene is so considerate.
Your old tea set is getting old so it is almost time to switch to a new one.”

Master Samson did not deny it and replied with a “Hmm.” He let the maid place the tea set into the tea room before standing up.
“Let’s head over now.”

Selena went forward to help Master Samson, and they exited the living room.
John’s car was waiting outside.

Selena opened the door and supported Master Samson to his seat before sitting with him on the backseat of the car.

Serenity took a look at John, who was sitting on the driver’s seat.
She contemplated for a while before opening the door to the co-driver seat and sat there.

She kept looking out of the window throughout the car ride as she tried not to look at the person beside her or get affected by his presence.

After they reached the hotel, it was still early and there were only a few guests.

John accompanied Master Samson to greet the guests while Serenity and Selena went upstairs to touch-up their makeup.

Serenity’s hair was loosely tied and did not have any hairstyle.
Selena pressed her down on the chair and restyled her hair for her.

Her hair was decorated with shining diamond crystals with her bangs slightly curled.
It made her look more lovely and gentle..

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