Chapter 18: First Job

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Serenity did not even look at him and smiled as she walked past Faye to stand behind him before placing one arm over his shoulders and intimately adjusting his collar for him.

“When you have time, let’s go and have coffee to reminisce about the past.” With that, she smiled and left.

Calvin lowered his eyelashes as he prepared his speech in his heart to explain to Faye.
Yet, when he raised his head up, he saw that his new lover’s face was filled with tears and that her eyes were slightly red.
Despite the tears, she looked very attractive.

He was flustered.
“Faye, I…”

“Calvin, we are done.
Don’t look me up ever again.” Faye stood up, took her bag, and left while crying.

As he watched his new lover leaving as she cried, Calvin really wanted to curse before he took out his phone and called John, feeling upset.

Once the call was through, he shouted, “Serenity ruined my date!”

John stood before the glass window in his office and stared at the bustling ant-like crowd below.
His lips curled up.
“As long as she is happy, just let her be.”

Calvin entered a state of disorder when he heard those words and growled, “Bro, you really ignore friends for your girlfriend! Our friendship is over!”

“In the future, all of your bills in the Golden Sands will be charged under my name.”

Once Calvin heard that, he became happy, and all thoughts of vengeance he had earlier vanished as he smiled.
“For you, I won’t blame her for what she has done.”

The Golden Sands was Andalas’s largest entertainment club.
Those idle rich men who were like Calvin were the club’s frequent visitors.

Of course, the expenses there were very high as well.
So if someone else was willing to foot the bill, who would not be happy?

On Serenity’s first day of work, she woke up very early.
When she proceeded downstairs, Benjamin Rivers was already eating his breakfast in the dining room.

She hesitated for a moment before she walked forward and greeted him.
“Dad, good morning.”

After Benjamin swallowed the bread in his mouth, he gave a light “hmm.”

Walter was very shocked when she saw her waking up so early.
She also seemed to be going out from how she’s dressed.
Thus, Mrs.
Walter asked, “Miss Serenity, I didn’t think that you would wake up so early so I have not prepared your breakfast yet.”

She did not care about it and shook her head.
“Just give me a cup of milk.”

Walter quickly made a cup of milk for her.
She sat at the dining table and looked at Benjamin, who sat opposite her, before hesitating for a moment.

As she saw him using the napkin to wipe his mouth and preparing to stand up, she hurriedly said, “Dad, I’ve found a job at a magazine agency.”

Benjamin’s movements paused, and he locked eyes with her with a heavy gaze.
He did not care whether Mrs.
Walter was there at all and said, “Since you have decided to stay, then know your place.
Your elder sister and John are already married to each other, and the Rivers family has high regard for our reputation.
Do you understand?”

The sense of warning was very clear, so how could she not understand?

Her heart turned sour, yet she still meekly nodded.
“I understand.”

Benjamin heard her calm reply and thought that he had let bygones be bygones long ago; he did not say anything and glanced at his watch.
“There is still some time, so I will give you a lift.
I will wait for you in the car.”

She pursed her lips and wanted to say there was no need, but Benjamin had already walked out of the living room in large steps.

She did not dare to keep him waiting.
Thus, she hurriedly gulped the glass of milk down before it even cooled.
Then, she took her bag and ran outside with one hand touching her numb lips.

Benjamin’s car was waiting outside.
When the chauffeur saw her coming out, he got down from the car and helped her hold the door as she sat in.

Benjamin was flipping through the newspaper and did not even look up.

Benjamin’s secretary sat beside the driver and greeted her.
“Miss Serenity, good morning..”

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