Chapter 17: Switching to a New Love Again

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Her voice had been delicate as she shouted “Calvin” with a soft lingering charm, which made those who listened to it turn numb.

At that moment, he had still been joking with John.
“Where did you get this treasure from? She’s too likable.”

John glanced softly at him but did not say anything.

That first glance had no malice, but after the incident had passed, he’d felt a sense of ambiguity.

Calvin looked at the woman in front of him.
He had not seen her for three years and she became even more beautiful.
She was not the ignorant girl she used to be.

The cheerful and cute girl had become gentle now.

That smile on her lips seemed to be smiling yet not smiling at the same time, which made him have a bad premonition.

He wanted to pretend that he did not know her, but it seemed impossible as she had already called him “Cal.” If he pretended that he did not know her, it would be obvious that he was burying his head in the sand.

He bit the bullet and replied, “Serene, you came back.”

Serenity glanced at the cute girl standing beside him.
She seemed to be quite a pure girl.
“I see that you have switched to a new girl again.”

She prolonged the last word, and it seemed to have a deep meaning.

Calvin’s smile turned stiff as he could neither nod nor shake his head.

The word “again” had a deep meaning behind it.

If he nodded his head, Faye would definitely think that he was a flirt.

However, Faye was indeed his current girlfriend so he could not shake his head.

Serenity was not bent on hearing his reply.
She cast a side glance at his coffee, and the smile on her face turned brighter.

“So many years have passed, and your taste still hasn’t changed? In the past, when we were together, you always ordered latte too.”

When they were together…

Calvin’s smile stiffened.
Couldn’t she be more straightfroward? John had always been there with them too!

The cute girl sitting beside him stared at him without batting her eyelashes with reddish eyes.
It was obvious that she had misunderstood.

He frantically explained to her, “Faye, listen to me…”

“Hello, I’m Serenity.” Serenity cut off his words and generously greeted the cute girl with a bright and charming smile.

“I’m Calvin’s…” She purposely paused and playfully blinked her eye.
Her brows were bright and vivid before she ambiguously said, “You know.”

The cute girl’s eyes immediately brimmed with tears, and she looked even more pitiful, which touched others.

Calvin was frantic.
“Faye, don’t listen to her nonsense.
I have no relation with her at all.
She is my bro’s…”

“You wanted to say that I’m your bro’s girlfriend? Or his woman?” Serenity cut off his words once again and her smile had a deeper meaning.
“When we ate together last time, you used to introduce me to other women just like this.
After so many years, you should have switched over to a new phrase.”

Calvin could not maintain his smile, and that handsome face darkened.

In the past, John would always bring Serenity along when they went out together.
They were very lovey-dovey with each other, and he had to take good care of his bro’s girlfriend.

If John was not there, others would mistake that both of them were a couple.

Thus, whenever he had a chance encounter with his girlfriends, he feared that they would misunderstand and he would explain to them: “She is my bro’s girlfriend.”

Hence, Serenity’s words were not considered as an accusation.

Calvin’s expression looked as though he was wronged.
He gave her a look, motioning to her to stop messing around.

Although Faye was simple person, she was conservative too.
He had just wooed her over, and if Serenity continued to torment him like this, Faye would definitely leave in anger.

His eyes stared at her until he was in danger of becoming cross-eyed.
His eyes begged for her to let him off..

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