”Yaa, Ryaa. Rim Ryaa wake up ”

A gentle tap in his cheeks woken up the sleeping man. He groan as if he just gone from a deep slumber with a dream that he thought swallowed him with only pain and anguish.

”Are you alright? I thought you stop breathing a moment ago. You suddenly fainted in the middle of our sex and I don know what to do. I almost called an ambulance out of fear ”

Ryaa was perplexed momentarily but instantly froze upon recognizing its voice. The voice that he thought will be the one that will sought his lonely heart but instead, only to stab him half dead.

He slowly look at the man above him, with nothing but shocked and regret as he saw him with a candied smile.

”K-Kwon Ken Kian? ”

There was a hint of nervousness behind Ryaas words but Kian not seems to notice. Hearing his name, Kian was puzzled but still truthfully answered.

”Yes, its me, why? ”

”W-why are you….. ”

Ryaas voice is trembling, too scared to speak out once more. Too scared to realize his own situation. But despite his fear, Ryaa tried his best not to show his weakness but failed.

”W-what a-re you doing? ”

Kian tilted his head.

”What do you mean? We
e having sex ”

Kian displayed a looked of confusion. Somehow he looked like disturbingly cute big bad wolf that could swallow a whole sheep that Ryaa blushes instantly. The thought of him making such face flatters his heart but no no, it only take a matter of seconds before Ryaa went back to reality.

”What sex? What…. What date is it? ”

Recollecting the last memories, didn he died right when they also have sex? And now he found himself below the man again, isn it ridiculous?

But what comes to Ryaas mind is a question that is out of this world.

Am I dead or alive? Didn he left him cold feet after using by the same man? Ryaa felt like he was directly poured a bucket of ice, more evenly when he felt a massive erection inside him. And instantly, his face turn pale that he almost wanted to vomit.

”You….you.. top…me..inside…???? ”

”Yes why? ”

Despite the weird questions thrown by Ryaa, Kian remain with a straight face as if he didn find it weird being asked like that.

Ryaas mouth gape open- speechless. Its like the world collapse under his nose. Having been pinned and inserted only to get the so-called heavenly pleasure are the worst. Even though, Ryaa knows whats going to happen next, still he never wish to come this far.

Is it rebirth?

If rebirth is only a matter of coincidence, why does it have to be this way?

Ryaa rises his trembling hand and slowly approaches the smooth face. When the tip of his finger landed into the soft skin, a loud slap could hear.

Yes, its real. The slap is loud and clear with a hand print left as a mark right after.

The startled Kian couldn respond immediately. Sinking the situation in of his mind while ignoring the stinging pain in his cheeks makes his blood boil.

He was caught unguarded and the slap came out of the hand of the man below him. No matter what this man thinks, slapping someone without a valid reason is not something that shouldn be disregarded. Muddled with the single handed situation, Kian grab Ryaas both wrist and tightly grip into it by his left hand while his right hand grab Ryaas face, aiming into his direction.

”Whats the matter with you, why did you do that ”

The anger out of confusion erupted his whole system . Unknowing, his hand slide down into Ryaas throat that almost had been strangle upon the porcelain skin but it was instantly surpassed and his sanity returned back when Ryaa yelled.

”Waaaaaahhhhhhh ”

Ryaa shouted along with his vigorous movements. By this, Kian felt like his crotch is being squeeze tight that causes him to whimper in pain.

”Hey, hey, stop struggling, stop struggling, Im still inside you. My dick will snap off. Hey, don tighten up so suddenly ”

Hearing the words, Ryaa stop his movements for a second, using his trying hard not-so-fierce look before he blurted out ”Even better.. waaaaahhhhhhh ”

In the outside world where theres no guarantee that the relationship of same sex will openly accepted specially those name whom carried a silver spoon.

The societys development and services causes mass changes to the human kind. Technologies and science abruptly changes throughout the year but still no one tried to open up the closed closet.

If its for a normal person, they could say that having a relationship with the same gender is disgusting and inhuman. Kian on the other hand had different means when it comes to same sex.

The relationship between man and woman are no differ from of the man to man or woman to woman. Its only a matter of physically the same but the pleasure are greatly different when its filled with love.

Ryaa keeps on struggling until finally when Kian forgotten his guard back again, a kick to the stomach launched by Ryaa causes Kian to fall down and connection between the two men parted permanently which give Ryaa a sighed of relief. In which the impact of the fall is not hard enough but Kian still somewhat feel the pain from his abdomen.

”What the ** is wrong with you? Have you gone— ”

Just as Kian is about to stand up, a vase flying out of nowhere blocked his view and landed into his head causing him to fall back the second time. But this time around, Kian is out of consciousness.

Ryaa breathe heavily. Though, it was intentional that he throw a vase on, still his conscience beat him up. But because of shocked and anger, instead of checking out Kians condition, he was drown by his own emotional madness.

”What the ** is wrong with you too. How dare you ** me with that bulging dick of yours. What if I got… I got preg….. hah? Hah? ”

Ryaa didn completely speak out what he mean and will never tell about what he meant. He covered his body with the blanket while looking at the unconscious man. Raging anger and frustration flickered all over his naked body.

”You never know when to stop once you started it. I know you, you bastard. If I didn sent you that vase, my name will no longer be Rim anymore ”

Ryaa grab a pillow beside him and throw it to where Kian lays. When Ryaas so sure that Kian is no longer moving anymore, he hastily wear his clothes. No matter how crumpled it is, Ryaa didn seems to mind as long as he could get out of the room.

Finally, before leaving, he took a last glance of Kian while rising his middle finger in.

”Die you **er. Hope you never ever woke up again ”


Inside a small rented apartment, Ryaa rushed in to the bathroom. Opening the faucet, the water flows instantly. He took off his clothes and pour the cold water that penetrates his body. By this, Ryaa shivers out of cold but still continue. He continue pouring the water in trying to erase all of the traces of what Kian left. Even that spot that still stings a bit didn get away.

Using his hand, he inserted a finger in hoping it will help out what is necessary. Just then, a drop of unknown liquid falls out of his bottom.

”What the…. hell is that? ”

Ryaa continuesly move his finger in. The unsteady and shaking hand somehow made a vibration causes an uncomfortable feeling below, with this, an unintentional moan scapes.

”Hmm ”

When he took his finger out, it was fully covered with unidentified slippery fluid.

”Fuck this bastard. Did he cum inside? ”

He stared at it for a moment. Observing the so-called love juices that perfectly coated his finger. Just then, a sudden memory of their deed flashed through his mind until he realize his action.

”Aaahhh Im gonna curse you to hell, you bastard ”

Ryaa instantly flushed it off with disgust but with a flustered face. Using a soap, he repeatedly washed his hands, body and his bottom cleaned until he somewhat satisfied and feels like everything is gone.

He came out of the bathroom feeling fresh. Wearing his favorite pajamas paired with a hat. He went to his drawer and grab a facial mask. He mindlessly applied it into his face while mumbling to himself anxiously.

”I will not get affected to it nor carry what is not meant to carry. Yes, it won form. Just think of it as a nightmare that come and go. I will not go with the same fate and end. Yes, rebirth is good. Rebirth is good ”

Sitting infront of a small mirror that only covered his face, Ryaa never notice the bite marks in his neck, not until the next morning.


Kian woke up in his own room. When he is about to move, he started to feel a throbbing pain from his head. He reach the part where the ache come from and he could feel the bandage on it.

Remembering what happened last night, Kian doesn exactly know what happened to his one night stand partner.

Usually, when they are in the middle of a deed, his partner would always submit and begged for more, to dig deeper and harder, to penetrate them until they
e full and out and he always the one who left them behind, but unexpectedly, the event of the last nights encounter not only did their sex didn last until 5 rounds but Kian also suffered from a head injury.

It is his first time encountering such brutal behavior during sex. Thats why Kian didn manage to fight back. But thinking through, Kian was even more excited about what happened. His arousal is even more high up just as he remembered the moans of the man.

”Rim Ryaa. Rim Ryaa, hah. You little wild flower ”

Kian couldn help but to smile. The sudden changes of behavioral movements of the man only makes Kian wanting to devour him even more.

The crying face and the solemn yet soothing voice that seems to be a music to Kians ear, his whimpers while begging to stop yet tightly gripping his dick inside. Kian doesn know nor understand why a simple gesture of refusal aroused his urge.

Even when his head still aches, Kian move out of bed.

The big room painted with gold and honey with a king size bed and large chandelier at the middle on top made it look even more grandeur. Still, truthfully, it felt empty. Nothing as this material needs satisfied Kian. Not until Rim Ryaa showed up.

Kian went to the bathroom to freshen himself. Except from his injured head, everything has gone wet. But instead of having a good bath, the voice of Ryaas whimper calling out his name seductively sucks his mind in. And within an instant, the sleeping erection woken up and standing straight.

Good morning..

”Shit ”

Kian couldn help but to curse. It was only a loving voice that he heard once yet it greatly affected his body as if a key that automatically heat up his sexual desire. And in the end, the steaming bath become a cold pouring drop of the shower.

The day went as it usually is. Sitting in a dine table alone. Eating a fine food alone. And making a day last, all alone.

Things has never change. From this and that, Kian had his fill.

Its not as if Kian is isn used to it, its just that living in a big house with no one to talk to while eating is like living a dead life.

While Kian was mindlessly eating no less than half of his food, butler Zhang comes in bowing his head.

”Sire, the car is ready ”

Just like that, Kian stood up, wearing his fine black suit and a formidable aura around him, he walk out of the mansion with with his usual demeanor.

Arriving at his company, he was greeted by the employees along the way. The daily greetings are commonly happened in and out of the company but most specifically the women whom secretly and openly adore the young president- Kwon Ken Kian.

Even after knowing Kians orientation, those female admirers never stop dreaming of one day, the bend handsome, godly-like man would turn as straight as the pole.

Regardless to say, they know it will NEVER happened.

When it comes to office work, seemingly, Kian gets back to his original phrase. Being a cold, unmovable block of bricks that no one can break apart. No tolerance when it comes to mistakes and no patience when it comes to waiting. He is not someone whom can be easily deceived nor trick. Kian is know as someone with a sharp eyes that can see through everything. Though, he is not aiming for perfection but he cannot accept mistakes even once. One wrong move and that will be the end of once carrier.

Kian entered his office followed by his secretary. He sit in his swivel chair right after and open his computer. The secretary thats been standing there waiting for commands and order could only cower back as he could see a black smoke around his boss.

A moment of silence and a couple of minutes passed by before Kian spoke without a warning.

”Cite my schedule ”

The cold monotone of Kian made his secretary startled.

”A- ah ye- yes sire ”

He adjusted his glass before diverting his eyes into the folder in hand.

”Today, y-you have a meeting w-ith the P-President of the MC Enterprises at 9am in MC Hotel. In the afternoon, Ms. Layla London will come to visit S City and your presence is highly expected. Theres also a board meeting at 3pm along with the new investors about the DIY project. Mr. Hua will also be there. And by evening, a cocktail party is held at the 5 Star Hotel of Sven Stars for Ms. Londons welcoming ”

Kian smirk after hearing that. The only thing comes to his mind is the strong pursuits of the woman is enough for him to get annoyed that even the way he speaks is full of sarcasm.

”Hah, aren she got tired from her departure that she hastily held a party right after she just got arrived? ”

The secretary could feel the hidden meaning behind those words and if he somehow added a fuel right into it, he has to kiss his work goodbye.

”W-what would you like me t-to do, Sire? ”

Without looking, Kian utter without interest.

”Clear out the my schedule in the afternoon. Tell Ms. London I cannot accompany her but I will be there in the evening ”

”A- apparently, I cannot do that sire. I received a call just now and it came from Ms. London. She said that if you won be there before she arrives, she will go straight to the company to meet you here by herself ”

The more Kian hears that name, the more he gets annoyed. He already made a plans this afternoon yet another random bitch blocked his way.

The secretary saw Kians expression becomes even more darker. As he never saw anyone with such as scary as his boss , he could only cower and slightly bowed his head afraid to met the eyes that could take away his soul. When the secretary didn receive any scolding and yelling, he respectfully bow his head 36° before excusing himself out. Just as he was about to open the door, a loud scream erupted the office. Luckily, the secretary have a quick complexion as he avoid the timely attack.

”Ahahaha, dude, how are you? I heard from my staff that you suffered a head injury during your stay at my hotel. Why is that? Is your partner that extremely good and wild that you get injured from eating him up or you made him cry too hard that he becomes wild and brutal? ”

Kian looked fiercely at the newly arrived man. If there is one person he wish he won see, it is the man that just came in from the door.

”What are you doing here, Nicco ”

”Ah don be like that. I was just curious as to why a playboy like you got actually beaten up. As what I can see, your injury is not fatal. What a shame ”

Nicco get in and sat in a vacant couch with still a grin in his face. Comfortably picking up a piece of apple from the table and bite it off.

”When I heard the news I was kind of excited and wondering how you got actually beaten and to think that by your physical build and strength you didn actually fight back. That not so you ”

”Will you stop spouting that mouth of yours if I let you experience being unable to get up out of bed? ”

”What, do you want to pound on me? Pin me up and mark me like those subs of yours? Sorry bro, Im not going to be a sub. Never. My dick will always be a Dom ”

Kian rolled his eyes. Talking to a person like him is like eating a shit.

”Thats not what Im talking about ”

”Come on. When it comes to this you know I am the best. I even know that Layla is coming back. That woman which can cure a blind eye by swaying her hips. Hah. That bitch sure live up with her name ”

Kian didn respond. Sure enough, Kian knows the reason why Layla London suddenly decided to come back.

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