In a dark room with only a layer of curtain flying of by the cold breeze and open window, illuminated by the sole light that comes from the moon, a shadow of a man comes in.

”How are you doing today. Did you have a good time nap? ”

Kian asked holding a tray of foods. He march closer to the bed where a man in half naked state laying weakly, covering with only his lower part with a thin blanket and a chain in his feet. The man growl as soon as he felt a presence nearby.

”I heard from the maid that you didn touch your food today. Even your favorite food had gone to waste. What a shame ”

Kian put the tray in the bedside table and soon sit on the bed.

”Have I given you a hard time? ”

He looked at the man emotionlessly as if he didn regret what he did. He even tap the bed with his finger awaiting for the man to respond but in the end, the man remains silent.

”I understand that you think badly of me but you cannot put the blame on me just because I locked you up. As you can see, I am even more generous as I spare you life this long, aren I good? Maybe to you it wasn the same ”

He extended his hand and brush off the exceeded hair that covers the mans face. He looked closely at him with nothing but a cold eyes. Kian caress his cheeks and slide it down to his collar bone that sent shiver to the pity man. But Kian grin and landed a kiss to his forehead.

”I wasn like this before but you made me this way. You, yourself are to blame to why you experience this hell. The world where I came from have always been so bright but the moment you step in, the light that gives me bright suddenly turn off. What would you expect me to do? ”

Kians hand continuesly crawl down, feeling every inch of the mans body. As he explore the soft, violet skin, he could feel the vibration of fear coming. But instead of stopping, he cope the breast with force and hardly pinch its nipple.

”Hmmm ”

The man squeak in pain as he covered his mouth, letting his sobs be eaten back. He let Kian beside him do his thing while he endure the streaming aches and sting.

”Do you like it? I always thought that a man as fragile as you and as delicate as a flower would always be terrible when it comes to pain. But from what I see, you are much more than what it seems to be. I can see that you are enjoying this, what are you a masochist? ”

Kian forcefully lift the blanket off revealing a full bruised flesh of the man. He could sense the raging urge to bury some paint once more but he can see that the man is too weak.

Every part of the mans body had been gone several deep wounds and bruised and even his nails had been fully cut off. The ears in which a dangling earring gifted by the man he loved that always sways gracefully was now parted in half and the neck that lays every kind of temptation is now tinted with cuts and blood, while his left eye had been gouged out leaving only a hole that was now started to rotten away.

”Ah what a wonderful piece of art. I wonder how much I could sell it with ”

Kian devilishly grin covering his lips behind his palm but his eyes never hide his desire, somewhat dissatisfied but pleased.

”If only you cooperate enough would things never be this way but I guess this is even better ”

Kian grab and twisted the mans head into his direction and seemingly, his expression change.

”I love you. I love to death but why does it hurt so bad seeing you alive? ”

The cold eyes that could stab like a thousand daggers is now streaming out of tears and the cruel lips that could turn the mountain apart is trembling out. Kian seal off his lips with the mans frigid lips but in return, he bite it off until it bleeds.

”I never thought that loving you would be this painful. I always dream that someday we could build a family and live happily but what is it now? What happened to us? ”

He licked the flowing blood out of the mans lips and gulp it down. Even the tiniest bit had been cleaned up.

”But it doesn matter, as long as you are here I could be satisfied with anything because you are my greatest gift and my worst regret ”

Continuesly, he lean forward and suck off the reddish nipple while his right hand is squeezing the other one. The man didn say a thing nor reacted. He only moans but not in pleasure. No tears came out from his eye and no words blurted out from his lips but his body is slowly corresponding from the sense of touch given by Kian

The clung of the chain in his feet rangs as if it plays a music that only the two could understand. Opening up the legs in which Kians left hand had been slipping in, playing what it seems to be hiding the most vulnerable spot, the man groans in satisfaction.

”Darling, its not right to feel good while leaving your husband work all for you. Thats not what we promised when we get married ”

Just then, Kian get up and removed his clothes, throwing it all the way to the floor. He lavishly lick his lips and dig it in to the sore neck. Tasting the dried blood and salty skin, and then gritted his teeth and buried it deep.

”Hah ”

When hes done, he moved to his next target. Lifting the open wide legs and let it rest in his shoulder, Kian inserted three fingers in at once. Hearing the lustful moans of the man, Kian could no longer contain his bulging erection. So instead of prolonging the foreplay, he took out his massive erection while still stroking his fingers in and out of the man.

”Ngh.. Your so loose that I could put my whole hand on it, why is that? Did you practice with yourself while Im away or did you do it with other guys here? Hmm? ”

Kian never stop but only to add more fingers in and move it as fast as he could.

The man seems to be out of breathe but his moans becomes clearer, heavier and louder. Eventually, a long groan come out as Kian penetrate him to his sensitive spot.

”Oh, what a bad boy. Did you just come from the back? I never give you permission to that, how could you. You
e making your husband mad ”

When the bodily fluid finally comes out of the man, Kian position himself at the entrance. He scooped the liquid with his crotch and instantly inserted his erection back in and out.

”Fuck, its so good to be back ”

The night is long and both wails echoes along the chirping sound of the bustling night.

Soon enough, when his lust was released the 5th times, Kian landed his body beside the man- panting heavily and relaxing his mind. The sweat had gone cold as he looked at the body full of white juices and love marks- feeling proud. He extended his hand and touched the mixed juices with his finger tips. He could vividly see a string line which connect them together. The sticky liquid that he worked hard for was coming to an end then place it in his own lips. Trying to figure out what it tastes like. The taste of their love juices that he always crave of. The taste of the mans body everytime he pound it in. The feeling of the mans insides everytime he messed it with. All of those fantasies have been fulfilled throughout those years but he never once feeling the breathe of fulfilment. Never have the sense of satisfaction nor the quality of success he put on.

As time quickly runs out, the body started to feeling cold. Kian grab the blanket from the floor and covered his body along with the man. The position is somewhat overwhelming with love as one can see from a viewpoint how Kian lovingly hugged the man. But at the same time, Kian never notice that the once warm body is now been replaced with ice cold stream.

When Kian wake up the next morning, the first thing he did was to shower the man with warm kisses all over his face. Even though theres no longer love involved but still, Kian cherished this man.

He got up from the bed and notice an envelope placed in the bedside table along with his newly neatly folded clothes. After wearing, he grab the envelope just as he recognized the stamp. Before leaving, he took a couple of glances to the man and disappear.


3 Days Later.

A loud ring

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