Checking myself out in the mirror. You know that vibe you get when you know you looking cute? I grabbed my black bag, locked my room and head over to my grandmas room to inform her am heading out for a business meeting. I love informing her about those things, so she can rain blessings on me before leaving the house.

Never take parenting prayer for granted.

I stepped out of the house with so much boldness and courage. Am not only looking good, but I have blessings following me. I had this feeling that the meeting was going to go well, even before I got there.

Except that boldness and courage was about to be crumble down while waiting for over 15min without getting a bike.

Which kind thing be this na?

One of the things I hated the most about that street was the issues of waiting for bike after dressing up looking cute. Thank God it was passed five, the sun was going down, otherwise the sun will rain heat and wash all my make-up away.

The one I hated most was on Sunday morning, after dressing all cute and my high heels perfectly match my bag. The desire was to step out and take a bike which will dropped me right in front of the church and catwalk into the church and do same out after service and take bike right from of the church. But those bike people always change my plans, when I will wait and wait on heels without bike, sometimes second service would have started before I even made it to church.

As I waited at the junction, I looked up to heaven and said, Dear God I know you love me, please Lord I don want to be late to this meeting. Send me help, I don mind even if it a free ride, I won mind.

I said that because, I don like taking free ride. I don like to talk much. I prefer to enjoy my music in silence.

As I was talking to God bike finally came, It was like God was listening to me.

I removed one of my earpiece to talk to the Hausa man. The minute he opened his month, I knew he was one of those dirty bike man. The smell that came out of his month almost blew me away. But I had no choice, Ive been standing here for a while, it better than nothing.

I was holding my phone in my hand. I don like holding anything while walking tho, I will rather put it in my pocket, but I was not wearing a trouser, am putting on a white pencil knee length gown, with black office jacket and black baby shoe, I rolled my hair up in ponytail, I had a transparent shade on with black bag.

I paused the music to interact with the bike man properly. I choose you by Mario. just started playing.

I opened my mouth to tell the him where I was going, my mouth gaped open in astonishment with the image of this undeniable handsome guy coming out of the street towards the junction where I was standing. He was still little far from where I was standing. Walking majestically with a cute little white puppy. ”Wao!!! Oh my God ”.

He was looking so sexy in his armless gray singlet with gray and white strap tree quarter, I couldn see his shoe yet, he was still little far from me.

I quickly rised up my phone in other to use it as a mirror to check my face. You know Ive been standing at that junction for long, I need to check if my face was still on point, and the make-up still fresh.

Okay, I still got it.

I looked up. The guy was closer to me. The dog was really cute—little cute white puppy. I looked up to the holder of the belt. The expression on my face changed immediately I saw the dog holder.

Youve got to be kidding me!!! It you again…? Am fed up already. Like seriously, is he the only one on the street? Whats the meaning of all this nonsense.

I don want to wait any more second; But alas it was too late, cause the bike man left already, he most have think am not ready to go. I was so upset. I don want to be on the spot by the time he gets here, because I knew he might want to try the stupid stuff he usually do whenever he sees me. I was so ready for him that evening.

This time, we were equal, he was not having the upper hand as usual. Because every time he saw me, hes always bullied me and the worst part was, he was never alone, he was always with his friends and always have the upper hand plus the fun of it.

He was always surrounded by people. Hes not the type of guy that walks alone. Just the way Davido never go to receive award alone. If you see him walking alone without his friends, it probably because he just see someone off and his coming back. His always moving with people, while am always alone.

It always easy for him to bullied me. And most of the time there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. Sometimes, when I saw him and his friends coming I will feel like hiding or disappear or vanish

But not today, I wasn prepare to see you, but am ready for you.

Funny thing was, that was not the first time I was going to be in a situation like that.

*Lets go back few years*

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