Ive been waiting for about an hour at the bar before Kay arrived, that one of the annoying habit he has, If Kay tells you hes going to be in a place in 10 minutes, Just be expecting him in two hours.

I was starting to get upset, because I need something to get me out of there. My date was not who I supposed him to be and I need some distractions. Calling Kay to bring me some weed was something I was looking forward to.

” I thought you said he will be here soon? ” Said my date.

”Yes, he should be here. ”

Okay let go back few days earlier. I was bored to death at home and Ive watched all the movies I had like 100 times. I was tired of Marlin, Legend of the seeker was getting boring and now I can say words to words every scene from ”How I meet your mother. ” I just need something else.

So I began to mess around on Google Play Store for dating app when I came across this App called Badoo. Truly that App was bad ooo. You see they will tell you meet cute guy in your neighborhood, and I could imagine lots of cute guy in my neighborhood so I automatically believe I will run into one of them on the site… But No, it all this ugly and annoying oily face big nose, plenty teeth dude that full the App. I was mad I wasted my data and kept wasting more by just swiping left. I was about to give up when I saw something a little bit comforting, so I decided to swipe right.

To my surprise, it not up to ten seconds I swiped right that a message came in from the guy.


We started to chat and we decided to meet up. That brought us here at this bar. Me on a date.

I have been really looking forward to that date. You know, not everyday you get to meet cute and smart guy online in this Nigeria. It either he have the face and lack the brain or have the brain and lack the face. But in this situation, he happens to have it all.

Well… That was what I thought, until I meet him.

Oh!!!! how much I looked forward to that date. I got my nails fix with the color white. Got my hair done, white long braids, bought myself a new dress and all. You know just to look the part.

Only to get to the met and realized he was an old man that put his brother picture on his DP. Gosh!!! My jaw dropped when I saw him. And the worst part was, I could not run away because I was already sitting at he table before him.

I cannot believe it took me an hour and half to get this make up done. I had to double my mascara in order for my eyes to pop up well. With all the fancy imagination I had last night… How can this be happening. Im not going to lie, I almost cry. But you know, I cannot let him see me cry, so I acted tough.

Thank God where we meet was not too far from my street. I was still in the neighborhood. The plan was to get some smoke since am already out anyway, and be on my way.

So I called Kay to bring me some weed. At least if I wasted all this nails and makeup to come meet an old man. I should at least use his money to get some skuchis and weed. Never let anything goes to waste.

One of the things I hate the most is wasting of makeup and perfume. I never forgive that.

He was trying his best though to make me feel comfortable and all, because he could see it in my eyes that I wasn pleased by what I was sitting next to. I mean a whole me, Queen Elizabeth. ”This is just too embarrassing ” I said under my breath as I stylishly look away.

I was trying to smile at his ridiculous joke that wasn funny by way. I think he was saying something about how he never remove his brother picture or something. He could have mention that before I wasted my time coming out here. To be honest, my mind wasn with him, I was just sitting with him, sipping my Origin bitter with malt to kill time while I wait for Kay.

I was checking my phone every second to see if Kay has arrive, I was so uncomfortable sitting with an old man—it not like he was that old but…. am sure his first born would have been in highschool.

”Thank God! ” I said with relief at the glare of Kay name pop up on my phone.

”Oooiii, where are you? ”

”Im here. ”

It about damn time. Kay continue ”Come to the car parked, am sitting behind a red muscle. ”

I ran out. Well, it more like walking but someone could tell I could not wait to get out of that chair. I got up so sudden, pick my purse, head straight out without looking back.

I climbed down the stairs that leads to the car park, I saw the car Kay talked about but did not see Kay immediately, but I saw the back of a guy resting his butt on the car talking to someone.

I already guess Kay was there. Anywhere Kay was, you automatic see guys round about him. That guy was like Jesus, you know anywhere Jesus show up, crowd was sure follow.

I moved closer to the car, I started hearing his voice. Of cause hes here.

”Mama ” He said has he saw me.

The guy resting his butt on the car whirled around to look at who he was greeting.

Like seriously, youve got to be kidding me right now. I rolled my eyes displeased. Is he the only one in the street nowadays?

So NGP is also Kays customer? Great, just great.

He could see the displeased in my eyes. I could sense he noticed I don want to see him.

”Guy you leaving already? ” Kay asked him

”Yea, ” He looked at me with that look that says, I can see am not wanted here face.

Remember that funny feeling I told you about, suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I realized my hand was behind my ear trying to tuck back my braids, but I packed my braids in pony tail, so what was my had doing behind my ear?

Gis! Lizzy, you are doing it again! I wasn trying to do anything I swear, it just happened.

He fix his gaze on me as he walked towards the driver side, which he had to walked passed me. I swear it was like a colony of butterflies just limping In my stomach as he walked passed me and that lollipop smell clouded my mind, I noticed my feet was glued to the ground that I wasn able to move my feet.

He entered into his red muscle then drove off.

”You guys know each other? ” Kay asked me.

” Hun? ” I looked at Kay like his voice just resurrected me. ”Ye… yeah, ” I swallowed my spit. ”He was one of the guys I told you about the other night that was having issues with me at Sams bar. ”

”Really, I cannot believe it. His such a cool and amazing person. I swear, maybe theres misunderstanding or something. That guys is very humble and gently nigga. He just moved into your neighborhood, his house is not far from yours. ”

”Yes I know that Kay. Well that guys might be many thing but nice was not part of it. That asshole wasn gentle to me. Theres nothing gentle about him. He was ready to beat me that night. ” I said while removing money from my purse.

”Like I said, there must be a misunderstanding. You know me, I cannot give you empty rumor. He is a good person. Forget the fact that he smoke weed.

”Really, I smoke, am I not a good person? ”

”Thats what am talking about. Hes such a good guy just like you. There must be a misunderstanding somewhere. ”

”Well, there was only one version that I know and that version is him being an asshole. ”

”You can just judge people by just one incident. Sometimes Liz, what you see is not always the truth. ”

I gave him an unacceptable look, and collected my weed from him, gave him his money and moved out of the pack then stopped a bike.

You might think I forget about my date, but I did not forget, I just intentionally don go back, to be honest I knew he won be surprised that I did not return

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