Staying with my grandmother could be frustrating sometimes, because when am having my relax moment was usually when she often need me.

It has been a crazy night, I was unable to sleep throughout the night, it one of those night I couldn sleep because I have this bug in my stomach and couldn shake it off.

Luckily it was a good evening, I had a full bag of weed, and a bottle of wine. I had an event the Saturday earlier, so I brought home vodka and a wine. God I love event business. As an usher, we usually have access to the goodie stuff—well thats if it was rich peoples party.

You see poor peoples party was always something else….. Mehn, we barely eat, those people are usually behind their stuff, and mostly they don have enough drinks for their guest, so no way ushers will have access to left over. Thank God this last weekend job, was rich peoples wedding. Lots of goodies. God I love this job. It not usually about the money, but it fun of it. Anyway that not important.

So, while I was having a sleepless nights, I took the red wine, oh I love red wine. I went over to my roof top with my phone, earpic, a small bag which contain bag of weed, lighter and rizla. I had my book and pen with me—everytime am going over to the roof top, I always go with book and pen. You know, one never know when good idea will come. And since I know my brain is not a memory card, I love to write them down so I won loss it.

Actually am not really that much of a smoker, I don smoke much, just few puffs and a done, then I will start writing, I just love the way smoke calm everything down. It always calm so much so, that I could hear the birds wigs claps together while they flew over my head. The breeze will be so cold and calm I could almost touch it feeling on my skin.

I love smoking on the roof top so much, the stars will be so brighter, especially when it the night of the full moon. Oh, I love full moon.

Im a nature lover kind of girl, dont blame me.

But this very day it wasn a full moon night, just another day with beautiful stars.

I went up around past eleven. I went back inside by 4:45am after finishing up the wine but still got some weed left. I would have preferred to stay till day break to watch the sun rise, but, I was high and my phone battery was dead, so I had no choice but to go inside.

I opened my room, dropped the bottle on the table, but dropped on the floor instead, the sound of the it hitting the floor causes my eyebrows and my eyes wide opened to realized I was no where near the table, the sound was loud and echo that I was a bit worried it might wake the neighbors, but I I wasn worried much about that, it my house after all, I don have to apologize.

I got to the bed, lay down on the bed and suddenly I heard from distance Elizabeth !!! ELIZABETH !!! ELIZABETH!!! Is she not in the house.

I jacked up from the bed, reach out to my phone and checked the time, It past nine.

Hun! Past nine??? When did I sleep?

Ohhhhhh oh mama what is it na. ” I said as I scratched my neck.

Elizabeth!!! ” My grandma called again.

”Maaaaaaa ” I answered.

”Quickly go out and help me open the gate for my guest, shes at the gate. ” My grandma said from upstairs.

Got up in a rush, scanning the room for what to wear, because I slept naked. I could not find what to wear on time— I was still feeling dizzy. I saw a scaf on the chair, I quickly took it wrapped myself. I rushed out to open the gate before she call my name again.

”Elizabeth hurry. ” she called out again.

”Im already going mama. ”

As I opened the gate, I did not see the guest that was standing in front of me with loads first, It was NGP I saw, walking pass my house with some friends and two skinny girls in mini skirts.

He looked my side and said, ”That the stupid girl I was telling you about. ” He said as he turned to his left side to the mini skirts girls beside him, then nod his head in expression, saying look.

They all look at me and started laughing.

I looked at myself then realized the scaf was really dirty. Immediately I started laughing too, not because it was funny, but I was too embarrassed and laughing was the only thing that came out of my mouth. I turned to my grandmas guest. ”Welcome ma. ” I collected the bag she was carrying, moved to the side and allow her to come in. Closed the gate behind her and walked her upstairs where my grams was sitting.

Girl, why now, why now. Why most he have to see me like this? Like seriously, he just have to pass now? Ugh!

I passed beside one of our tenant abandoned car, and saw myself in the dirty side mirror.

”Oh my God!!! ” I said out loud.

”What happened? ” The guest looked at me from behind her with concern written all over her face.

”Hun! ” I raised up my head from the car mirror to her, pressed my lips in tin line. ”Nothing ma, nothing at all ” I replied with a smile and quickly turned my face away.

My hair was loss and I slept without an hairnet. One side of the hair was pressed down while the middle was up, my eyes were all swell up with my lips—And don let me get started with my oily noise. My face all together was a mess, you will think I just got away from an abusive boyfriend.

I will laugh too, if it were to be me.

After leading my grandma guest to her and gave her a seat, I went back to my room embarrassed but went to sleep quick.

That day went really fast, I don really have much time to wallow on my embarrassment, since I actually slept all through the day.

As usual, almost every evening Id get down to junction to get my grandma some pap, with some other things we don have way of preserving them because we don have a fridge.

Moving towards the junction, I decided to walk, even though my grandma told me to take a bike so to come back early—but Ive been home all day, taking a long walk will do me some good.

I left my phone in house, I was with my iPod. It one of those white small olden days iPod with circle in the front, that has next, previous, up is play/pause, the middle was the center button, can remember what the down was for. With silver back…. I don know if you remember those.

I plugged in the earphones, rolling my thumb around it to select the music I wanted to hear. I was looking up and down at the same time, because it was a busy road—motorcycle moving front and back. Suddenly my eyes caught sight of this amazing thing. I saw a tall, straight guy coming in from of me, it was dark I couldn make out his face, but I wanted to find out— luckily for me that night, I was dressing cute. I just had my bath, I was feeling fresh and all… Thou I could not see his face from afar, but you know even in the dark you can still recognize your flavor.

I crossed to the other side, so to give the cute guy kitty cute eyes contact as I walked by him, you know na, as a fine girl way I be. You know like that time you will just look up intentionally when you almost pass each other suddenly and back down when your eyes meet his like it was a mistake.

I quickly selected a music, so that the instruments of that music could order my steps. I played Parachute by Coldplay. It was not my choice of music at the moment, but I need something. Don get me wrong, I love Coldplay so much, but at that moment, I would prefer something like, Sexy Love by Neyo or Miss Independent, you know something with catwalk sound. So I can take my leg one after the other, carrying my hips slowly like I was contesting for Miss Nigeria.

I looked my back and front make sure no bike was coming, then cross the street, as I got to the middle of the road, almost reach the other side where the cute guy was coming from, by then we already moved close to each other enough to see his face.

I was at the middle of the street when I saw him, I quickly turned around to move back to my lane. I lost focus the sec I saw that it was NGP. I forgot I was in the middle of a busy road.

”Don you know where you are going. ”? An angry bike man who almost hit me yelled out in abusive way. I don blame him, Nigeria is tough.

I continue my catwalk, acted like I did not hear anything. Because I knew NGP saw that, and I was sure he knew it was me. I saw him looked at me and have a wicked grin on his face. I cannot believe I almost embarrass myself again.

But seriously, is he the only one on the street nowadays, why do I keep running into him? Twice in one day.

Anyways, I wasn looking bad this time around, am sure this image will erase the one he saw in the morning.

But honestly, this guy cute sha. With that big sexy muscles arm of his and wide chest with those cute six packs babies. Mehn… The dude sense of fashion is lit.

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday girl. My inner self kicked in. ”Lizzy come back to life, hes an asshole remember. Don lose focus, don even think about it. Hes an ugly asshole. Don forget what he did this morning, insulting and pointing you out to people you don even know.

Hold on a second, he most be talking about me alot for him to say this is the stupid girl I was telling you about.

I found myself smiling just by the thought of him talking about me. Like seriously, am I okay?

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