Who could be calling me this early morning. I rolled over on the bed, stretched my hand to the ground because the extension box was close to my bed on the floor, I picked my phone and removed the charger.

”Hello Good morning. ” I said with a blurry voice because it was the call that woke me up.

”Good morning Lizzy, how are you?

”Im fine ma. ”

”This is Bola. ”

”Bola who? Oh morning ma. I don have this your number. ” I said as I realized who it was. It was a client am to do her bridal hair and that of her girls.

”Yes dear, this is my second line. I wanted to inform you early not to bother about coming again on Wednesday. I spoke with a friend of mine and she told me she already paid someone for my hair. So I won be needing your service anymore. Hope you are not angry? ”

Hope am not angry?? Why won I be angry? I bought everything I will use for you and your braid maids with my money already, you bitch… you call to deliver a bad news early in the morning, and you expect me not to be angry….

”Of cause not ma. Thanks for informing me earlier.

”Alright dear have a wonderful day. ” She said and hung up.

I got up from the bed, dropped the phone angrily on the bed. It bounce twice and the third time it fell on the floor.

I moved to the mirror, talking to myself, How can I have a wonderful day, when you deliver a bad news early in the morning. I cannot believe Id calculated how I will spend the money already.

Remember what I said about many cancelled appointments, well… that another. It like the universe is mad at me for something.

My phone started ringing again on the floor.

Thank God! ” I said. She must have a change of mind. I know shes not a bad person. I thought as I moved to the phone and turn it over because it was facing down. It was another number. A strange number again. I should have thought as much.

Funny thing about clients, they never have a change of heart, especially when someone is paying for it. Who doesn like free service right?

I picked up the call.

Hello good morning, this is Lizzy. ”

”Hey Liz. ”

Liz? who could this be? The voice is deep and calm. You know like those kind of voice you want to hear before you go to bed at night? Yea, those kind of voice. Who could this be? I asked myself.

”This is Kumis friend ” he said.

”Who? ”

”Kumi. You came to our place few days ago, to collect rizla? Do you remember? ”

”Yea… Kumi, I remember. ” I said lightly. That was not what I was expecting. I have to say, I was a bit disappointed. You know that feeling you get when you expecting a call and it another enters… That disappointment that mix with anger; Yeah, that feeling.

The thing was, I really don know that dudes name, he must have told me like ten times or more but, I really don care enough to put it in my head.

You see, Im this kind of person, I really don like ugly guys. And… this Kumi guy… Well, he was an ugly fellow. That why I don care to know his name. He only have my number because he has been disturbing me about it for a while. And giving him my number pays off, he came in handy when I needed him.

”I collected your number from him. ” The guy on the phone said.

”Okay!!! What can I do for you? ” I said sharply cause I wasn in the mood for my friend gave me your number conversation. It was way too early for that nonsense.

You see this was a very annoying situation, and also a very wrong timing. I hate it when someone gave my number out without asking my permission first. The day I gave this ugly Kumi or whatever his name was my number, I remember clearly that I told him not to misuse it.

I was trying so hard to keep it cool with the dude on the phone, because I was upset already before his call came in.

”Nothing. ” he replied ”I just want to come and chill with you, are you home? ” he said.

Okay, now he just messed things up

”Excuse me, Im sorry who do you think you are calling? ” I asked angrily.

I could not keep it cool anymore, because he just said the wrong thing at the wrong time. I started talking to him with an angry tune. Okay…. Actually, I was yelling at him on the phone.

”I mean what the matter with you guys? ” I continued. ”Who do you think I am, do you think am jobless or something? You want to come and chill with me, on Monday morning? This is why I hate given people like that my number. You guys are childish and stupid. ”

Okay girl… That a bit much don you think?

The guy did not a say a word then I hung up.

I did not think of it twice. I called the so called Kumi himself.

Immediately he picked up, I did not allow him to say speak.

”Are you serious. ” Still yelling ”Why will you give my number out without not informing me fir….

”Are you crazy? ” He interrupted me. ”Did you just yell at me, who do you think you talking to? Do I look like your mate? ”

Mehn!!!! This guy body is on fire, he did not allow me to finish my sentence. Did he just called me crazy???

I never really like the guy from the start, he looks like an ex boyfriend of mine: And the SOB was an asshole. Every time I saw that Kumi he reminds me of that idiot. I think that why it took me two years before I gave him my number.

I hung up the phone before the insult continue. Of course if I was the one doing the talking or should I say the abusing, I won hang up. But Mehn… That guy was rude. Don you think? Im on my right here.

He should apologize to me for giving someone I don know my contacts. Who know who the person wa….

Oh no!!!

That was when my brain went back in time and realized, the deep calm voice might be the living statue I saw the day I went there.

Oh mehn. Lizzy what have you done? I don think it him. I mean, hes not stupid enough to call a grown ass woman on Monday morning to come and chill, doesn he have a job? It can be him.

But what if… ” I raised my head up with a finger patting my lips.

Well it not actually my fault, he called at the wrong time and said the wrong things. But what if it really him, is he ever gonno call me again? Oh Mehn. ” I signed deeply with disfigured face. Went back to the bed and cover myself in shame, then removed the duvet and sat up. ” I cannot actually believe he noticed me that day to even collected my number. Or maybe it not him. It can be any of them right? Oh God please please please, not him. ” I covered myself again.

That dude seemed too reserved. He looked like those kind of guys that like cute pet girls. You know, those mummy girls that speaks English like they are crying.

I could have handled the situation a little differently though. I started reasoning within myself. I could have acted a little more mature.

But what if it was the gorgeous prince? Boy that guy has a really calm voice, he must be a cool guy, for him to kept quiet while I was talking. I really need to apologize to this guy. He must be different from that idiot Kumi or whatever his name was. No wonder hes so ugly.

I removed my duvet again, and said. Lizzy I know you too well, why are you thinking of apologizing, you don apologize, you never apologize. Do you want to apologize to him because you think you over reacted or because the guy is so cute?

Truth to be told, I don have answer to that question. But I think it both.

If I ever see him again I will make things right, explain to him he called at a very wrong timing.

Well… That was the plan. And of cause, things never goes according to plan. Reality is way different from movies.

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