Am I sure about this thing am wearing?

Looking down at my blue boom short with long jacket I tied around my waist and the yellow tantop, as I approached the gray gate. I could see the gate was opened,

oh good I don have to call. I said under my breath. ”Oh God, ” I said as I entered into the compound. ”There must to be like 7 guys in here. What should I do, should I turn back? ”

”No, don girl. Keep walking. They are all looking at you. OKay Liz, keep it cool, keep it cool you got this. Just go in, collect what you needed and walk out. Why am I nervous? ”

I actually don like stepping out of my house unless I have to. But this very wonderful morning, I have to. I need my head cleared and I can go that far to the junction to get what I needed and I know this dude will have it, why should I stress myself?

I walked slowly towards the sweaty guys.

”Girl, why are you cat walking? IT NOT ME!!! I can help it, those legs are cat walking themselves. ” I said to myself with my eyes glued to the floor.

Lifting up my eyes, I caught sight of the most breathtaking living statue I have ever seen. I mean seriously, God can be awesome, how can someone have this body with this face. ”Ugh ” My breath seized, I was left breathless for what it seems like forever, but in reality it was just few seconds.

The living statue was sitting on the bench, lifting heavy iron, his arms were tick and smooth, looking slippery because of the sweat on his skin. I could see his packs displaying vividly underneath the black singlet. It like watching Vincent Keller workout. ”Mehnnnn!!! His body was truly a killer ” I said to myself. ” Damn!!!! Who is that guy, he look just like a Prince. ” As I moved closer, the living statue that looks like the prince put down the heavy iron, sat up straight as he fix his gaze on me.

Right about now you should know I was doing all my best not to stare back at Prince gorgeous . ”Oh I really want to. ”

”Hey you ” The voice came from the dark kitchen. The guy that supposed to be the person I came to meet walked towards me holding few white rizla with him.

”Whats up? ” I said sharply. He handed me the rizla. I squeezed it and put at my back pocket. ”Thanks. My girls will love this. ”

”I haven see you in a while, do you travel? ” He asked while he walked to his friends and I followed behind him.

”No, Ive just been busy with work and all. ” He stopped at the door post and I walked passed him, block his view and said. ”I will see you around. Thanks for this. ”

” You can stay and chill with us for a while, am sure it will be more fun. ” The voice came from behind. I don want to turn around. Remember I was trying my best to avoid staring at Prince gorgeous on the bench, and the voice came from his direction.

”She can , her friends are waiting for her at home. ” The kitchen guy said. That God he did because I really don want to turn around anyway.

Actually there were no friends waiting for me in the house. I don h

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