Chapter 28: The Second World (4) [Part 1]

System No.
444: [For this world, their influence is considered big.
Yun Hao and Yun Yin are hard to come by genius children with very intelligent minds.
Don’t look at them as only seven or eight years old, but in fact, in the fields they knew very well, university courses are just easy for them.
I should say, they may be even better than some college students.]

“So these two children are the real son and daughter of heaven.
Only seven or eight years old and they’re so perverted? I’ve forgotten almost all of the college courses now, I simply can’t compare to them.
The Yun family should have spent a lot of effort on training them, right? With this talent, and the conditions given, surely they wouldn’t just reach their current level with themselves.”

System No.
444: [That’s right, the instructions that the Yun family paid to teach the two children are all very prestigious.
In order to have these people as their instructors, the Yun family didn’t hesitate to spend a lot of money to support these people’s experimental projects.
Of course, this thing will also bring good benefits to the Yun family.]

“If that’s the case, what deeds did these two children do in the future?” Ji Mo was itching to know to know the answers.
The system actually asked her to take care of the two children and let them grow up without any accidents, and she found it slightly baffling.
Just now, she didn’t notice any unusual things from these two children.
She only thought that they were particularly cute.

[If nothing goes wrong, then Yun Hao will become a chemist in the later years, making great contributions to this world.
Yun Yin, on the other hand, will become a biologist, and the introduction of the perfect artificial womb in the future will have a lot to do with Yun Yin.
Host No.
44, do you now believe that these two children are very influential?]

Ji Mo was extremely surprised, “Big, big, such powerful children.
I can’t treat them like a child anymore.
So powerful, if people like them are put at the end of the world, they will definitely solve the problem of the zombie virus very quickly, right?”

[Additionally, the accidents of these two children has some connection with Yun Yang and Xia Qing.]

Ji Mo froze, “Still related to Xia Qing?”

[Yes, Yun Yin is Yun Yang’s little sister, and the information shows that these two children didn’t like Xia Qing.
Particularly Yun Yin, she doesn’t quite like the thought of Xia Qing being her sister-in-law.
However, children from big families are still more educated, so they just ignored and stayed away from Xia Qing.
But for Yun Yang, once he cares about someone, he wouldn’t allow that person to suffer any slightest grievance, so he instructed everyone to accept Xia Qing whether they likes it or not.] The system answered, [Yun Yin is not willing to have any more contact with Xia Qing, and if she doesn’t accept Xia Qing’s good intentions, she will be blamed by Yun Yang.
The little girl’s mentality became unstable, so it is not surprising that her dislike for Xia Qing reached a new height.
Yun Yin and Yun Hao are on good terms, so Yun Hao can’t make himself like Xia Qing either.]

[Yun Yang’s thoughts about these two children are that they didn’t know any better, and he disliked it when they kept targeting Xia Qing.
So, when the two children got into an accident, it was due to Yun Yang’s deliberate neglect, and at the same time, because he only cared about Xia Qing’s situation.
This was also the reason why Yun Luo and the Yun family turned against Yun Yang and there was all sorts of chaos.]

Ji Mo felt her head hurt after listening to this.
The feuds of powerful families were complicated.
“So, what I need to do is to make sure that these two children will be safe, so that they can grow up safely and contribute to society.
Is that correct?”  


“That’s alright with me.
You can just pass all the information regarding the side mission to me, and I’ll just go and complete it.
No need to talk about the dramas of the rich and powerful, I’m not too interested.”

System No.
444 passed all the information to Ji Mo, and while she was still putting on makeup, Ji Mo looked through it first.
It turns out that the place where Yun Hao and Yun Yin had their accident was on a cruise ship, and the people who were with them on the cruise ship at that time were Xia Qing and Yun Yang.
While Yun Yang was the one who took the two children out to see the world.

It was just that it never occur to them that the cruise ship would be overturned and have an accident.

Yun Yang’s first thought was not to rescue the two children, but to save Xia Qing.

In the end, out of the two children, Yun Hao lost his life, and while Yin Yin survived, she remained autistic from then on, never speaking again and refusing to have any contact with Yun Yang, and was raised then by Yun Luo.

Yun Luo later learned that Xia Qing actually knew how to swim, and could temporarily go down to the sea with a swimming ring with her and didn’t need to be taken care of by Yun Yang all the time.
Xia Qing had been acting scared at that time, grabbing onto Yun Yang and not letting go, so Yun Yang had no choice but to ask others to go find the two children and not go himself.

Ji Mo recalled Xia Qing’s previous operation of suddenly agreeing to exchange rooms with her and felt that it really wasn’t strange at all for the other party to do such an evil action.

“In that variety show we worked together on before, I recalled that Xia Qing couldn’t swim, so she later specifically learned how to swim, and the information showed that she was still a good swimmer.
So, she was purposely preparing for the cruise ship incident?”

System No.
444: [Most probably.]

“Sure enough, the mind is really dark.”

Ji Mo looked at the information and discovered that the number of casualties when the cruise ship turned over was actually not much.
After all, the rescue was made at the right time.

After looking at the information for quite some time, she started shooting at the side.

Ji Mo escorted Yun Hao and Yun Yin out of the dressing room.
The two children were really intelligent.
Observing as Ji Mo poses a few movements, the two quickly learned to have a style.
This is the kind of naivety in the child that cannot be copied by the adults.

Ji Mo is very patient and thinks these two dolls are very cute, and it would be nice to take more shots.
These two are future big shots, and there’s nothing wrong with taking more pictures together.
Perhaps after taking pictures with these two future big shots this time, she wouldn’t have the chance to do it again in the future.

The two children are also very positive and cooperative, probably feeling that Ji Mo is teaching them seriously and patiently, they have taken a great liking to Ji Mo.
After shooting two scenes, they are already calling Ji Mo Sister Ji, and their mouths are as sweet as if they ate sugar. 

The innocent smiles of the two children caused Ji Mo to do her best while shooting, and in the end, both parties were very satisfied.

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