Chapter 24: The First World (End) (1) [Part 6]

Chu Wei usually does not care about these things, but now she heard that Xie Chuang still hasn’t let go of the matter about Yu Kexin.
Moreover, this matter has been suppressed in his heart for many years.

Perhaps it was because of her that the darkness in Xie Chuang’s heart showed.
It should be said that he couldn’t stop the underlying thoughts inside him anymore.

“You’re right, I also have the same thought as you that happy days should be cherished.
Having a family, having Mo Mo, and having you as a close friend are all things I can’t live without in my life.
So, Xie Chuang, don’t go looking into those things again.
There’s no point unless it is to help the police solve the case.” Chu Wei stopped as if remembering something, “Xie Chuang, look at how fat you’ve become, how about you go out and find a job? With your abilities, just go work for the police department.
It’s the best way to use your strengths.”

When Ji Mo heard this, she knew that Chu Wei really let go of thinking about those kinds of things, and finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The biggest problem left in her head now is Xie Chuang.

“I’m accustomed to being at the house, and I don’t really have any intention of going out.
I’m not very good at interacting with other people.”

Chu Wei fell silent and understands that wanting Xie Chuang to change his decision may not work for a while, so she can only give up for now.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t do anything to spy on Xie Chuang.
The other party is an expert in this area, and he would definitely notice it immediately if she really took action.

When she left, Chu Wei was still thinking of something.

“Wei Wei, don’t worry, I will help you watch Xie Chuang and won’t allow him to walk on the bad path.” Ji Mo’s second personality consoled, “Xie Chuang is also my friend, so don’t worry.”

“Right, aren’t you very fond of playing games? You can try to invite him to play games, so that he won’t have the time to think about other things.
Why don’t we go out and bring Xie Chuang with us on weekends?”

“Of course it’s good, as long as you’re happy.”

Chu Wei found that the biggest trait of the second personality is that as long as she is happy, the other party is willing to do anything.
Almost a bit like a braindead fan.

Xie Chuang still hasn’t let go of his plan despite Chu Wei’s advice, and he was already preparing to do it.

These days, Ji Mo has been monitoring the other side.

Xie Chuang’s first target was a man who does domestic violence in the same community, saying that the wife deserved to be beaten, and that women who dressed beautifully outside were all bitch.
She had seen Xie Chuang mumbling with binoculars.
He was saying that that man didn’t cherish such a hardworking and thrifty wife.

He can live such a carefree life, isn’t it all because of the woman at home who was supporting him? But to say that kind of ungrateful words as an exchange, Xie Chuang thinks that this man didn’t cherish his present life and doesn’t deserve it.

Hence, he was ready to end that man’s life when he came home in the middle of the night.
He was done scouting the surrounding area, and he can destroy the surveillance cameras in this area when the time comes.

Ji Mo learned that this kind of person who has a high IQ is more terrifying when committing crimes, since all the possible situations are taken into account. 

Xie Chuang stood under the darkness, waited for that person to walk over, and then knocked him unconscious with a stick.

He held the knife in his hand and was about to stab the other party when a petite hand suddenly stopped his movements.
He was so scared that he turned to the direction of the owner of the hand, only to see that it was Ji Mo.

Ji Mo opened her mouth silently, “Xie Chuang, you are allowed to do this.
You are Wei Wei’s best friend, but I won’t judge you for doing such a thing,” she lowered her voice, “I’ll tell you secretly, to be honest, I also want to do something like this, but my family’s Wei Wei won’t allow me.
She will be unhappy and upset, so I can only restrain myself.
Who told her to be my wife?”

“I didn’t think that you would wish to see Chu Wei unhappy.
If you were arrested, sentenced, and shot, Wei Wei will surely breakdown.
Once Wei Wei breakdowns, she will be sad and it will have an impact on her happiness in life.
It will have an impact on her future in her career, and may even cause her to make some mistakes when treating patients and rescuing people.
Chu Wei can originally save thousands of people, but because of you, she stopped.”

“Xie Chuang, you have to know that once you move that knife in your hand, it will affect the happiness of thousands of people.
Can you afford this responsibility?”

This is Ji Mo’s second personality? Xie Chuang knows it since Chu Wei had said some words about that second personality.
It’s just never expected that he would be found by the second personality when committing a crime for the first time.

And the other party has a point.
Once he plunged this knife down, thousands of people will be affected.
No matter whether he hesitated or not, there was no way for this knife to go down tonight.

“You first let go of your hold.
Your strength is really confusing.
Chu Wei always said that you are soft and weak, and did not have much strength.
She even asked me to help you carry things when you’re shopping.”

“That’s because my family’s Wei Wei cares for me and is afraid I’ll get tired,” Ji Mo said happily, “Right, if something really happens to you, and Wei Wei is busy, who will help me move things in the future?”


Xie Chuang was exasperated.
This second personality was really shameless.

“Fine, you let go first.
I’m not going to get on him anymore.
By the way, keep what happened tonight a secret from Chu Wei, so she won’t worry.”

“If you knew that Wei Wei would worry, why did you still do it?”

Xie Chuang massaged his temple, “I can’t stand to see it, and I can’t think straight when that happens,” he stomped on the fainted man on the ground, “It’s not justifiable that a rotten person like him actually has a wife.
He deserves to beg on the street.”

“Ji Mo, don’t let her know about it, for the sake of your family’s Chu Wei’s happiness.”

“Alright, I won’t say anything about this for now.”

In Xie Chuang’s heart, however, he had no intention of giving up and he planned to find another opportunity to strike again.
The problem is, every time he did it, Ji Mo’s second personality would always stop him on time, looking like he had been installed with a tracker.
He is an expert in this area, but he didn’t find anything unusual with him.
He didn’t even carry his phone with him nor any metal objects on his body.

“This is a special feature that is only exclusive to the second personality.” Ji Mo said without thinking much, but Xie Chuang took it seriously.

“Give up the struggle now, with me here, I won’t allow you to ruin Wei Wei’s happy life and good future.”

Xie Chuang finally lost his temper, “Before, Chu Wei also said that you would do bad things.
Now it looks like I was only overthinking.”

“No, you didn’t overthink it, I just made the right choice.
If I do this, Chu Wei will be said for the rest of her life.
I can’t bear to see the scene of her being said, so naturally I didn’t choose to do it.”

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