Chapter 21: The First World [Part 2]

This outcome was, without any doubt, very good.

“What’s wrong? Don’t Wei Wei want it?” Ji Mo asked silently.

Chu Wei hastily responded, “No, it goes without saying that I want it, but the thought that such a day would come never crossed my mind.
I assumed this thing was impossible to happen in my life.”

“The main personality is not as smart as me, she tends to get confused, so it was not surprising that she can’t realize her own feelings for you.
Wei Wei, I’m familiar with the main personality very well.
If you agree to let me share some suggestions with you, then you can follow those and I guarantee that the main personality will realize her feelings for you quickly.” Ji Mo spoke anxiously.
The hole she dug for herself must be filled as soon as possible.
She was already imagining her happy life as a married woman! 

Chu Wei inquired, “If what you said is true, then does it really make the main personality confess her liking for me?”

“Of course, the thought of being married to Wei Wei always appeared in my head every day, but if the main personality refuses, even I myself can’t help it.
After all, the main personality is still the one occupying the body in majority of the time.”

Chu Wei hardened her heart and finally decided to listen to her suggestions, “Okay, you say it to me.”

In this way, Ji Mo started to share suggestions she could make to pursue the main personality.
Estimating the time, two hours were consumed in their chatting session.

After done ‘working’, Ji Mo’s mouth became a bit dry.
Chu Wei quickly stood up and got her a cup of water, “Let’s stop here tonight.
I’ll see if what you said is effective first.
Do you always come here every night?”

“If nothing goes wrong, then I can come to your house every night.”

“Then I’ll fetch you tomorrow night.
Don’t come over again alone.
Even though the community is now relatively safe, it’s still better to be cautious.”

“No problem, I’ll wait for you to fetch me tomorrow.
I’m very happy, and I’ll put more effort into letting the main personality confess her liking to you immediately, so that we can get married immediately after that.”

Chu Wei thought of getting married and a sweet feeling sprouted in her heart.
Initially, she believed that the second personality’s dark character was not a good thing.
But now she only felt that she resembled Xiao Ji, both were particularly very cute.

That’s right, both of them are Xiao Ji.
How could the other one be a problem? The bad one must be also cute like the good one.

“Good night, Wei Wei.”

Chu Wei did the same and changed the way she called her for the first time, “Mo Mo, good night.”

System No.
444, who was watching the drama at the side, suddenly appeared: [Host No.
44, your operation is indeed slightly high-quality and very fantastic.
This is the first time I witnessed a host acting like she had a split personality disorder, then making the second personality give some tips to the person she likes to attack the main personality.
The other hosts under me simply didn’t have your fantastic operations.
Yes, excellent! Host No.
44, you really live up to your title as one of the hosts chosen by this system.] 

“Is your date with your partner over?” Ji Mo asked in her head while turning a deaf ear to 444’s teasing.
Since the feelings were already there, the only option left was to accept it and fall in love.

She and Wei Wei have feelings for each other, and she doesn’t think that there is anything wrong with the operation she opted to do.

[My partner is very busy and only has one day off every month.
I just didn’t expect there would be a pleasant surprise awaiting for me after coming back.] System No.
444’s intention from the beginning to the end was to praise her.
If he had the same operation as her back then, perhaps he would have been together with his partner for thousands of years.

“I’ll now do my beauty sleep.
I don’t want to wake up in the morning and be seen by Wei Wei with dark circles under my eyes.

Ji Mo still hasn’t forgotten how the system stuffed her with dog food last time.

System No.
444 became slightly baffled.
How come she suddenly doesn’t want to talk? He called out a few more times, and Ji Mo never responded.

System No.
444 turned depressed.
Host No.
444, is her head getting big?

Early in the morning, Ji Mo did her plan to wash her hair, which she planned last night.

While she was washing her hair, Chu Wei entered the bathroom.
When Chu Wei noticed that she was struggling to wash her hair alone, her body moved involuntarily to help her gently massage her scalp, “I’ll do it.
You lowered your head.” 

Chu Wei’s heart was beating slightly faster.
She followed the suggestions taught by the second personality to her with the purpose of making Xiao Ji realize her feelings for her.
The problem is, she had no idea whether it would be effective or not.

Ji Mo said, “Alright.”

After helping her wash her hair, Chu Wei looked for a hair dryer and also helped dry Ji Mo’s hair, looking very thoughtful.
Both of them didn’t cook any food for breakfast.
In addition, Chu Wei felt that the food she made herself didn’t taste good, so generally they would go downstairs and look for the shops outside to buy breakfast. 

This time, while Ji Mo was dressing inside the house, Chu Wei went outside to buy some breakfast.

Chu Wei waited for Ji Mo in the car and after she arrived, she passed a box of breakfast to Ji Mo.

Ji Mo acted like she was unable to react for a while, “Dr.
Chu, the word attentive really suites you well.
But next time, allow me to pay for the breakfast.
What do you want for breakfast?”

Chu Wei gently refused, “It’s fine.” In all honesty, she was thinking of a completely different thing in her head.
She likes Ji Mo calling her Wei Wei compared to Dr.
Chu, since Dr.
Chu sounds a little too distant.
She just wished that day will happen quickly.

Picking up Ji Mo after work was done, Chu Wei applied the tips the second personality suggested to her and got a box of chocolates for Ji Mo.

Ji Mo was very fond of eating chocolates, since there’s none of these at the end of the world.
For the past few days that had passed, she had experienced the blissful life of eating chocolates every day.

Clinging to the box of chocolates held in her arm, a slight sigh escaped from Ji Mo’s mouth.
She also agreed that her operation was indeed high-quality since she succeeded in teaching the person she likes to please her.
Such a partner is very rare, right?

At night, Chu Wei absorbed all the tips the second personality gave her, and during the day, all the benefits went to Ji Mo.

Ji Mo felt that she was a genius.

This feeling, it’s so wonderful 

Roughly two months later, Chu Wei discovered Ji Mo’s treatment to her had changed.
She would often take the first move to show that she cared for her in some of her actions.
This caused Chu Wei to feel joyful. 

Chu, I don’t know when, but I suddenly noticed that you were becoming a part of my life.” Ji Mo swallowed a piece of sweet chocolate and made up her mind to make the first move, “You turned into a person I can’t ignore in my life.”

Chu Wei froze for a second.
Was Xiao Ji finally willing to confess her liking for her?

Chu, do you still like me?”

System No.
444: [How come I didn’t notice that you were an unscrupulous person when we first establshed a contract back then? Your acting appearance is really similar to a weird fool.]

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