Chapter 18: The First World (18) [Part 2]

Ji Mo pretended to scan her eyes at her surroundings, but inside she was complaining.

She thought: No way, Dr.
Chu, I planned carefully how to act like I was having split personality disorder just to pull you back from the road of being a villain, and send you on the broad road of treating patients and saving the lives of people. 

Yet, what did Dr.
Chu do? She was thinking of something else. 

Is she saying that she took the initiative to sleep on her bed?

“Have no recollection of what happened last night?”

Ji Mo could only act like she was flustered and covered herself with the blanket tightly, “Dr.
Chu, nothing should have happened, right?”

“Yes, nothing happened.
It’s just that you came to my house and insisted on sleeping with me.” Chu Wei didn’t continue to tease her any more.
After all, Xiao Ji in front of her was not in good condition, and she could not scare her.
She returned to her former solemn appearance, “You really don’t remember?”

Ji Mo shook her head truthfully, “The last scene in my head is when I went home and washed up before going to sleep.
How come I appeared in Dr.
Chu’s house now?”

“Take a day off and we’ll go to a hospital.
Your sleepwalking this time is a bit serious.
Right, you didn’t bring your key with you when you got here.
Give me a spare key to your house later, alright?” 

Chu Wei didn’t intend to let Ji Mo know of the events last night.
She decided to take her to go to the hospital and check if there was any issue with her.

“So I was sleepwalking?”

Ji Mo took a day off from work and went to hospital for a checkup.
Chu Wei had a conversation with the doctor alone, and she didn’t say anything after coming out.
Just that this kind of disease was very difficult to cure.

Chu Wei asked Xie Chuang to help put a tracker on Ji Mo’s phone.
She also took into account the situation of Ji Mo’s second personality having no phone, and sent Xiao Ji a waterproof bracelet.
Of course, inside the bracelet was a tracker that could locate her whereabouts.

Half a month passed, and Ji Mo’s second personality didn’t appear any more.
It made Chu Wei breathe a sigh of relief.
As of now, she was so busy that the thoughts of letting those sick men disappear were pushed into the back of her mind.

It was not until one day when she and Ji Mo were eating dinner outside that the news of a strange man murdering a woman on the television reached their ear.

Seeing the news report, Chu Wei had the urge to directly kill the murderer of the woman for a moment.

But this idea immediately disappeared as she sensed something off from her surroundings.
She hastily turned her attention to Ji Mo’s direction.

The smile on Ji Mo’s face had long been gone, and she now had her eyes fixed on the television unblinkingly.
The coldness hidden in the depths of her eyes made Chu Wei anxious.

From Ji Mo’s peripheral view, she caught a glimpse of Chu Wei’s anxious appearance as the murderous intent coming from the her body disappeared without a trace.
Ji Mo knew that her steps this time were correct.

In the future, every time Dr.
Chu would release such a murderous intent, she would only need to let the second personality appear.

Then continue to act until the other party’s murderous intent completely disappeared.

“Xiao Ji?” Chu Wei called out carefully.
She was thinking whether the second personality had really appeared this time.
Such eyes, which were filled with coldness like the god of killing, were absolutely unlike the usual Xiao Ji.

Chu.” Ji Mo pulled her eyes away from the television and curled her lips sweetly, looking as cute as she could.
It was a pity that Chu Wei’s heart sank instead.
This smile is very wrong, very different from the normal Xiao Ji.

Does the second personality really appear this time?

“Xiao Ji, let’s resume eating.” Chu Wei didn’t dare to ask questions about the news, for fear that the second personality would be uncontrollable.

Chu, I don’t have an appetite anymore.” To be honest, Ji Mo was very unwilling to let go of the food placed on the table as all of it tasted good.
However, she needed to let the other party see the difference between her and the second personality.

In Dr.
Chu’s heart, she was a certified foodie who would eat any food.

The second personality was different from her, not at all a fan of food.

Chu Wei indeed thought so.
Xiao Ji didn’t have any requirements when it came to food and she would eat all kinds without complaining, so there was no way that she would refuse to eat all of a sudden.

If she was Xiao Ji, she couldn’t wait to lick the plate clean.

Chu, why can’t that murderer from the TV just disappear?” Ji Mo sat beside Chu Wei.
She put her cheeks in her hand and asked with a somewhat innocent tone, “If he disappeared earlier, that girl wouldn’t be a corpse now.
Don’t you think so?”

Chu Wei also lost her appetite, “Of course not.”

“Xiao Ji, let’s shift to another place.” She didn’t have any plan to talk about those sick men.
She was scared that it would trigger the second personality’s thinking to develop in a bad direction.

“How about we go to an amusement park?” That place was suitable for the current Xiao Ji.
It would make her smile and laugh.

Ji Mo, who was still dissatisfied that she didn’t get to eat all the food, was pulled by Chu Wei to the amusement park to play.

While trying those high-altitude rides, Ji Mo didn’t forget to say softly to Chu Wei’s ear, “Dr.
Chu, this place is very suitable.
Think if those sick men suddenly fell from this ride without any notice…”

“Then this place will be closed, and the boss will pay a lot of money to the customers who were frightened.” Chu Wei hastily responded, “Perhaps it will affect those innocent people.
It was true that bad guys should disappear, but the process must not hurt innocent people.”

“Oh, does that mean Dr.
Chu is approving with my idea of making those bad guys disappear?”

Chu Wei: No ah, that’s not what she was trying to say.

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