Chapter 18: The First World (18) [Part 1]

“No, that’s wrong.”

Chu Wei almost didn’t think about it and just blurted out the word ‘wrong’ subconsciously.
Xiao Ji’s appearance just now sent her a little scare.

It looked like Xiao Ji’s second personality this time was more obvious compared to the last time.
She became anxious for the future, thinking that Xiao Ji would be suppressed by the second personality, take control of Xiao Ji’s body, and do some bad things that couldn’t be changed back.

“Why is it wrong?” Ji Mo lay beside Chu Wei and fixed her eyes on her.
The words coming out of her mouth were spoken with a clueless and innocent tone, “Dr.
Chu, didn’t you tell me before that those people deserve to die? Why did you change your mind now and say that it’s wrong? If they all die, they wouldn’t have the chance to commit crimes again.
Where is it wrong?”

“Why can they take people’s lives whenever they want, while I can’t kill them? Dr.
Chu, you’re too double-standard.”

Chu Wei explained with patience, “It’s not a matter of being a double-standard or not.”

“Then what?” Ji Mo’s eyes widened.
Written in her eyes was the thirst to learn new things, which caused Chu Wei to feel a headache for the first time.

Chu Wei also agreed that those people deserved to disappear, and she also had the plan of killing them using her own hands, but it didn’t cross her mind that Xiao Ji’s second personality would be more straightforward than hers.

“The laws and rules wouldn’t allow you to do it.
You’re a person from this society, and if you make the first move to kill other people, you will violate the laws and rules and will be punished.
Even if they are bad people, did many bad things, and even took a person’s life, you should not actively violate this rule.
It’s not worth it.
They have committed crimes, and will be punished accordingly.”

Chu, are you referring to a person such as Du Libing who was locked in prison again after doing bad things without causing substantial harm? He wasn’t able to hurt anyone twice, and the reason behind it was not him being soft-hearted, rather it was because we were lucky.
If it were a woman with bad luck, she might become a corpse long ago.
By the time he is released again, do you think he will start living honestly?”

Without waiting for Chu Wei to respond, and Ji Mo proceeded to say with a firm attitude, “I don’t think he will give up.
To prevent that thing from happening again, I think there is only one way left which is to kill and wipe him out of the world.
If he died, he wouldn’t have the chance to hurt another woman again.”

Chu Wei became a little perplexed.
Although what she said made sense, the way she planned to do it was wrong.
Xiao Ji’s second personality was too stubborn.

“If you will be punished if you do this.” Chu Wei persuaded her patiently, “Is it worth it to violate the law for a pervert and waste the best years of your life in a prison?”

Chu, I’m sleepy.” Ji Mo suddenly said and adapted the mode of ‘I can’t hear anything, I can’t hear anything’.
Chu Wei still had a lot of words to say, but all were blocked in her throat when she heard Ji Mo’s words, causing her to feel uncomfortable. 

Chu Wei had a feeling that she wouldn’t have a good night’s sleep tonight.

She looked at Ji Mo who had her eyes closed, and made up her mind to keep an eye on her lest her second personality go out to do bad things.

Ji Mo is a soft-hearted and lovely girl, and she will live a very good life in the future.
She wouldn’t allow her future to be destroyed just because of the sudden appearance of the second personality to commit bad things.

At this time, Chu Wei completely forgot that she also held the same thoughts as Ji Mo before.
How come she didn’t think before how her future would be destroyed by doing that?

Chu, actually, I can resort to the careful method and secretly fool the other party to go to another place before killing him.
Speaking of Du Libing, although he was a criminal, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t have any contact with his family.
As long he goes to a deserted place, I can just kill him when the time comes.
His corpse would also be difficult to trace.”

Ji Mo’s voice suddenly sounded in her ears similar to a thunderbolt interrupting Chu Wei’s thoughts.
Her eyelids twitched, and she hastily responded, “Xiao Ji, this is not a good idea.”

“Then I’ll think of another way again.
I’m really sleepy.” Ji Mo was indeed very drowsy, acting consumed her energy and she usually went to bed early, so her body was on the verge of falling back to sleep.

Besides, if she acted too much, she was afraid that it would affect Dr.
Chu’s mental health so she decided to end her acting session for now today.
Her purpose for tonight was to let Dr.
Chu be aware at the existence of her second personality.

Early in the morning, Ji Mo turned to look at Chu Wei who was asleep beside her and pretended to be confused and lightly touched her, “Dr.
Chu, why are you in my bed?”

Chu Wei woke up and found Ji Mo, who had returned to normal in front of her.

However, at this time, Chu Wei’s heart sank.
It looked like Xiao Ji didn’t have any recollection of what had happened last night, not as clear-headed as last time.
Does this mean that the second personality had her own thinking and didn’t have the intention of letting Xiao Ji know what she did?

“Don’t you remember what happened last night?” Chu Wei asked intentionally, “Look at this, do you think is it your bed, or is it my bed?”

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