Chapter 15: The First World (15) [Part 1]

“444, what to do now?” Wiping her face hard with her hands, she asked with her face filled with confusion and contradictions.
“I’ve been assuming from the very start that Dr.
Chu is a kind-hearted person, and that she wouldn’t have those strange feelings.”

“Thinking back now, the thing about Dr.
Chu getting together with the person she likes to secure the side mission has become hard now.”

System No.
444: [Is there something wrong with Chu Wei? She has a slender figure, with curves in right places, good-looking, and also very strong.
Such a perfect woman is rare in the world.
If she likes you, don’t hesitate anymore.]

[I have analyzed it and you being together with Chu Wei brought many good things.
First, you can get a good-looking and capable wife.
Second, as you are her wife, she would naturally obey whatever you said.
Third, Chu Wei can give you a helping hand to fight those bad guys, and having her by your side greatly increases your survival to live until the end of your life.]

Ji Mo’s expression at this moment couldn’t be described by any words.
This system was broken, it simply didn’t have any morals.

“How can I play with Dr.
Chu’s feelings just for the sake of completing the mission? I don’t think Dr.
Chu would like someone who was pretending to like her.
Besides, pretending to like her is a kind of deception and unfair thing to her.” (Chu Wei: I don’t mind if you’re feelings is sincere or not, as long as it’s you.)

System No.
444: [Feelings can be cultivated slowly.
You see, in a small world, a few decades is still considered a long time.
With a person by your side, you don’t need to feel lonely, right? Chu Wei is an excellent pick.
She has a simple family relationship, likes you, and is simply a beautiful woman.
Moreover, being together with her saves you the problem of having children after marriage.]

It’s a great deal!

“444, I need to calm down, stop talking nonsense.” At this time, Ji Mo was having a fierce fight in her heart.

[Are you thinking that Chu Wei is still not good enough?] System No.
444 became baffled.
If it was changed to a different host, the system bet that she would immediately make up her mind to pretend to like Chu Wei.
It was indeed true that Host No.
444 was very different from the other hosts.
She was too clear-headed.

“No, Dr.
Chu is very excellent.” Ji Mo replied, “It’s just that the thought of being together with someone never crossed my mind.
My plan is to survive, complete missions, and live a happy and safe life.
I have never thought of it or planned to spend time and effort on others, so the thought of marrying and spending a whole lifetime with someone never came to my mind.”

[Why are you thinking in that way? Are feelings not essential for you humans? Many of the hosts under me who were doing missions more or less fell in love with someone in the small world.
Some had their love turned successful, while others were not.]

“Feelings are easily broken down.
I’m scared that if I truly invest feelings, I will be extremely hurt.
I am most afraid of the feeling of betrayal.
In this world, a change of heart is easy.
If someday they choose to leave me, it will affect my emotions, causing me a deep sadness in me which is not very favorable to my next small worlds.”

“If nothing goes wrong, I will have to transmigrate into different small worlds after establishing a contract with you.
If I chose to fall in love and be together with a person who treats me well, wouldn’t I become crazy over the accumulation of feelings after a few small worlds? I have a feeling that I would first become crazy before I have the time to retire and live a relaxing life.”

System No.
444: [You don’t have to be so worried.
The system has a function that will make you forget the feelings you experienced in the small world at that time.
If there are no functions like this, we wouldn’t have the courage to let the hosts fall in love in small worlds.
After all, it was inevitable that hosts would suffer mental problems after a few small worlds.]

[Host No.
44, you don’t have to worry about anything.]

“Let me think about it…”

Xie Chuang ended the call, and immediately messaged her a lot of news without stopping.

After reading the message sent by Xie Chuang, Chu Luo became silent.

She initially intended to secretly accompany Ji Mo without saying her true feelings to her, but now that Xie Chuang has revealed it to Ji Mo, she doesn’t know what Ji Mo will think now.

In the evening, Chu Wei came over to pick up Ji Mo. 

Looking at Ji Mo’s expression without missing a bit, and seeing that there was nothing wrong with her, she became a little relieved.
At the same time, she couldn’t help but feel disappointed.
Based on Ji Mo’s actions, it looked like she really doesn’t have any feelings for her.

When she saw her slightly unhappy face, Ji Mo became a little worried.
Would something go wrong with Dr.
Chu’s heart if she couldn’t like her back?

Chu, are you sure you’re okay?”

Chu Wei replied, “I’m okay.”


Chu Wei interrupted her before she could complete her sentence, “Xiao Ji.”


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