Chapter 14: The First World (14) [Part 1]

Chu Wei found herself inside Ji Mo’s house the next day.
From the looks of it, it seemed that the memories last night had been forgotten, turning her into the solemn Dr.
Chu again.

She got out of bed without wasting any time and cooked a big meal breakfast for Ji Mo.

The two of them were dressed in home clothes that were similar in design.
The home clothes were especially brought by Ji Mo.
She was thinking that in the future, Chu Wei might spend a day in her house from time to time, and she readied another set of basic necessities.

She was usually unconcerned about this aspect, so the way she chose things was all straightforward.
She just bought them based on the original owner’s preferences and has no plan to change them.

Chu, you drank a lot of wine last night.
Did you have a headache?” Ji Mo ate a spoonful of congee and side dishes, then looked at Chu Wei who was keeping silent in front of her and was eating the congee without touching the vegetables, and asked worriedly.

She still didn’t forget her purpose to find the person Chu Wei likes.
When the time comes, she would give her a divine assist, so that Dr.
Chu can be together with her beloved as soon as possible.
If Dr.
Chu could be in love, she would have no time to take care of those sick men.

“It doesn’t hurt.” Chu Wei’s gaze fell on Ji Mo’s face.
When she saw that the other party was eating the food with gusto, she asked, “Is it delicious?”

Ji Mo nodded, “Delicious.”

Chu Wei replied, “If that’s the case, then I’ll come over to your house at noon to cook.
I want to practice my cooking skills these days.”

“That’s too much of trouble for Dr.
Chu, right? You’re the guest, I should be the one who’s cooking for you.”

“No trouble.
I’m happy to do it.
Besides, grandma doesn’t want me to cook at home.” Thinking of her grandma’s disgusted face, wishing she would never enter the kitchen again for the second time, Chu Wei felt uncomfortable.

She opened her to ask again, “Is the food I cook really delicious?”

“Delicious,” Ji Mo nodded heavily.
Her expression was serious and her eyes were bright.
Looking at it, her eyes were as clean as a mirror.

Chu Wei looked at her own figure reflected in Ji Mo’s eyes and quickly turned her eyes away.
Just now, she seemed to see the person who couldn’t get Ji Mo’s love, and became upset.

However, she thought of Ji Mo’s actions these days, asking her about the identity of the person she likes, and who was the person who touched her heartstrings.
Ji Mo also offered to be the gatekeeper, saying that she deserved a good one.
Thinking of it, Chu Wei became a little angry.

Can’t you tell it? You’re the person I like, and not others.

“Xiao Ji, do you really plan to be unmarried in this life? Don’t you want to spend the rest of your life with someone?” Feeling unreconciled, Chu Wei asked again.
She was hoping that perhaps Ji Mo could give a different answer this time.

“Unmarried? Oh, it’s okay.
Anyway, the thought of getting married and having children to start a family never crossed my mind.”

“What if you meet someone you really like?”

Ji Mo replied unhesitatingly, “That probably won’t happen.
I’m a person who doesn’t fall in love with someone easily.”

Chu Wei didn’t say anything more.
She felt that she needed to cook a few meals to calm her mood.
Since Xiao Ji said that she really didn’t have that plan, she felt that she was only troubling Ji Mo if she continued to ask.

Chu, you’ve been paying extra attention to my personal relationship problems recently.
Are you having relationship problems? Who is it that you like? Is it a doctor in the same department as you? If you have any problem, you can ask me.”

Chu Wei shook her head slightly, “No, let’s discuss what to eat for lunch.
How about a seafood feast?”

“I’ll eat whatever Dr.
Chu likes to cook.
I’m not a picky eater.”

Seeing Ji Mo eating with relish again, Chu Wei commented, “Yeah, you’re really not a picky eater.”In this world, it was very rare to find someone who rated Chu Wei’s cooking as very good.

Noontime arrived. 

Chu Wei made a seafood feast and also some white congee for herself.
She tasted each dish, and it was really fishy and unpalatable.

Ji Mo happily ate as usual, which made her feel mixed emotions.

“Is it really that good?” Chu Wei asked.

Ji Mo nodded.
It looked like Dr.
Chu was not confident about her cooking skills and she needed more encouragement.
“It tastes good.” 

Her face was filled with satisfaction and joy, looking very sincere.

“Does Dr.
Chu planning to practice her cooking skills and cook for the person she likes? It’s so delicious, the other party will definitely like it very much.”

Chu Wei said quietly, “You’re right, she will definitely like it a lot.
After all, she’s not a picky eater.”

“Then Dr.
Chu doesn’t need to worry about anything.
Just act like usual, you’re such an excellent person, it’s an honor to be liked by you.”

Chu Wei pursed her lips.
Since it was an honor, why can’t you see it?

Seeing Ji Mo eat the food carelessly and smiling every now and then, with joy and happiness written in her eyes, Chu Wei’s anger disappeared and was replaced by a little guilt.

She stopped Ji Mo from taking the hairy crab again, “I don’t think I’m satisfied with what I cooked today, let’s go out to eat.”

Ji Mo looked at the hairy crab that had just been opened with fondness and unwillingness and refused, “Hey, isn’t this quite good? Dr.
Chu, we’re wasting food like this.”

“But I don’t feel satisfied, I’m not comfortable with you eating it.”

Ji Mo said, “I’m quite comfortable eating this, it’s all fresh and huge.”

The more Ji Mo said she liked it, the more Chu Wei couldn’t bear to watch her eat it.
She casually muddled through the table and had a very tough attitude, insisting on going out to eat.

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