Chapter 6: The First World (6) [Part 2]

Ji Mo didn’t know how to comfort her.
She was accustomed to seeing people killing each other for small reasons at the end of the world.
There were times that if you take one look at those ability users, there was a chance that you would annoy them and they will beat you and humiliate you for everyone to see.

She hates those kinds of things very much.

Before the end of the world came, although there were cases of people killing other people because of some disagreements, there are laws and those who commit crimes will be punished.
It was also because of this that those criminals didn’t dare to do bad things in light. 

Just like now, someone wanted to kill her but the perpetrator didn’t have the courage to kill her directly and could only lurk in the dark, observing her and looking for opportunities to strike. 

“What’s on your mind?”

Chu Wei was half a head taller than Ji Mo.
When she saw that she was in a trance, she patted the top of her head.
“So engrossed? Are you scared by that news just now?”

“No, I’m not scared.” She wasn’t afraid of the impeding danger that was awaiting for her.
She doesn’t want to die, and will do anything to survive.
But she still comforted Chu Wei, “With Dr.
Chu sending me home, there should be no danger.
There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

The words were obviously comforting her.
Chu Wei replied softly: “Yes, I will go home without you.
There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

With her by her side, those sick men wouldn’t have the chance to hurt Ji Mo.

Chu is really strong.
If those bad guys appear, they will definitely be knocked down by you with just two punches.” Ji Mo flattered her without changing her expression.

Chu Wei smiled lightly.
Aside from using her fist, she also had a scalpel in her pocket.
She knows what part of the body hurts the most when cut, and also knows how to cut a person to give him a quick death or let him experience the most painful and unbearable death.
If she can rescue people, she can also kill.

Ji Mo once again sense the cold murderous intent around Chu Wei, which was different from those murderous intent she felt in the last days in her last life.

The murderous intent of the people in the last days was evil, muddy and complex.

On the other hand, Chu Wei’s murderous intent had a special feeling about it.
It had deep-bone coldness, but she was surprisingly not afraid of it.

She couldn’t wrap her mind about why Chu Wei, who was a doctor that cured people and saved many lives, would release such a murderous intent every now and then.

The moment Ji Mo got into the car, a beep sound sounded in her mind. 

System No.
444: [Congratulations Host No.
44 for triggering a side mission.]

Ji Mo replied in her mind, “There are side missions for cannon fodder?”

System No.
444: [If there are no missions, how could you get rewards and survive your next few worlds? A side mission is a relatively special task, and you triggered it in your first world which is a good start for you.
It also means that number 44 is not an unlucky number like what you said.
If other hosts were given a chance to change their number with this system, I bet there would be many who were willing to kowtow just to get 44.]

Ji Mo said, “Not really.
By the way, how many hosts are under your control?”

System No.
444: [About fifty, I guess.]

Ji Mo’s heart tightened: “They all came before me?”

System No.
444: [Yes, they are all your seniors.
However, they are not as worry-free as you.
After all, you haven’t made any strange trouble for this system yet.]

“Then can you explain to me why although there are many hosts before me, you still haven’t assigned the number 44 to any of them? Is it because there’s something wrong and you have no choice but to give it to me?” It seemed that this system was not as honest as he appeared to be.

She initially thought that it was already good to be able to live again, but it looked like the system was still hiding something from her.

System No.
444 quickly felt that something was wrong.
He changed the subject, [Host No.
44, do you want to take a look at what your side mission is?]

“Okay.” Although Ji Mo was not concerned about the numbering, she was still a little interested in the side mission she just triggered.

System No.
444: [Side Mission: Prevent the big villain Chu Wei from committing crimes and guide her on the road of healing and saving the lives of people.]

Ji Mo found it a little unbelievable, “Dr.
Chu is the embodiment of a kind-hearted, beautiful, and gentle person.
How can she be the villain who will commit crimes? That’s impossible! System No.
444, maybe you are having a malfunction.
Do you want to go back and have an overhaul?”

System No.
444: [Completing this side mission and you can get a secret manual for advanced martial arts skills.
After learning it, you can use it in one small world.]

Ji Mo fell silent.

A few moments later, she asked: “Did Dr.
Chu really turned bad? Even if she became bad, someone must have done something wrong with her first.
She doesn’t look like a bad person.”

System No.
444: [Did I say she was a bad person?]

Ji Mo retorted, “But you said that she was going to commit crimes in the future.”

System No.
444: [That’s right.
Some of her actions in the future are considered crimes.
If it weren’t for her committing crimes, she should’ve developed in the direction of becoming a top doctor who saves the lives of many people.
Alright, do you want to do the side mission or not?]

Ji Mo immediately said: “No way, Dr.
Chu is supposed to be a good person who saves the lives of many people.
Quickly send me the information.”

System No.
444: [The information has been sent.
Before I go back, this system will remind you not to spread rumors about the system being broken and having a malfunction.
This system has always been a high quality one.]

Ji Mo didn’t pay attention to the system for the time being.
The numbering thing was still in her mind, adding to the problem about Chu Wei.

She slowly closed her eyes and started to look at Chu Wei’s information.

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