the surgeon was telling him he shouldn’t be satisfied reaching this objective.
He seemed to believe Jiwoo was capable of doing better.

“Let’s try it with Hiro later.
I hope there’s a raid with it.” Gyutae said.

Like Yoko, Hiro was a monster often found by the Japanese hence why its name stuck.
A distinct feature of Hiro was the hard exoskeleton covering its entire body.
When it curled its body, it became round like a soccer ball.
Attacking it with considerable strength was not too effective.
The knife usually just bounced off with a clang.
Jiwoo didn’t quite understand how raid teams would face the creature then.

“Have you ever defeated a Hiro before?” Jiwoo asked Gyutae.

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Gyutae shook his head.

“Those things didn’t exist back in my day.
But they’re not that difficult to deal with.
The Tanker’s role is important.
They need to taunt it well so that the Hiro can flatten its body.
These types of monsters are strong on the outside but weak on the inside.
When Hiro curls like this, the Tanker approaches it and attacks this part of the body.
It’ll make it unroll itself.”

Gyutae pretended to curl up and pointed to his abdomen.

“Hiro is more tricky to dissect than to defeat.
When they appear, they mostly get left to me.”

“To you? How come?” Kanghyun asked.

Gyutae looked annoyed at the clueless inquisitor.

“What do you think? It’s because everyone else is bad at it.
You’re making me say this with my own lips.
How awkward.”

It was hard to tell whether he was being serious or not since he made it sound like a joke, however, Jiwoo deemed it to be true.

“Hiro’s shell is precious material.
It can be used for decoration; it can also be used to manufacture weapons.
As long as Hiro can be continuously supplied, it’ll only be a matter of time before they can become substitutes for uranium.”

“Wow, I didn’t know it was that valuable.”

“It’s especially crucial to remove the hard shell from the skin if you’re using it for ornaments.
You have to precisely control your chakra.
It’s difficult to explain it in words.
If you keep at it, you’ll get the hang of it and be able to do it at will.
It’ll be faster to observe and realize, ‘Oh, so that’s how it works.’”

“Do you think I’ll be able to handle chakra like that?” Jiwoo asked.

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“You’ll do a lot better than me.
Depending on the surgeon, there’s a premium attached to this sort of work.
If you say it’s the product of Seo Gyutae, it will be recognized somewhat.
You never know, someday your work might be traded at a high price.”

Jiwoo listened absentmindedly.
He couldn’t hide his surprise as he discovered a new occupation he never knew about.

Gyutae, do you believe I could join raids too?” Jiwoo asked him suddenly.

Gyutae stared at him briefly before shrugging his shoulders.
It was pretty predictable for Jiwoo to consider the idea seeing how Taein boasted about it.

“I thought about it too.” Gyutae chose his words carefully, worrying how to explain it to him without letting the other man down.

“I do think it may get difficult for you later down the line because of your base stats.
When an F-rank Dealer equips a weapon, they can amplify their attack by 100 percent; it could even go up to 200 percent.
The 200 attack stat will raise to 400 or 600.
It’ll go even higher when you become E-rank.
Your attack power can increase exponentially depending on your base stats.
If a F-rank’s chakra level increases to 5, it’ll go up by 10 percent so then their attack is 620.
Jiwoo, when you become an A-rank, you’ll have a base attack power of 60.
Even if you amplify that by 200 percent, it’s still 180.
Your attack is lower than the base attack of a F-rank Dealer with zero buffs.” Gyutae said, feeling bad for Jiwoo.

Jiwoo had been hoping for some positive news.
He lowered his head.

Gyutae felt frustrated.
He wanted to encourage him that he could do well, yet when he assessed his situation, he couldn’t say a thing.
It was also unlikely that Jiwoo would be given a chance to join raids.
What assault captain would give him an opportunity when his base attack was 10? Gyutae doubted they would give him a long-distance position, let alone a close-combat one.
Putting Jiwoo in the raid was like running a raid with one less member.
It would be difficult unless Jiwoo paid them in exchange for entering the swamp together to earn EXP.

It was problematic regardless.
The EXP needed to reach rank E was 300 points.
If 10 people participated in killing a monster in a Class 5 swamp, each person would receive 1 EXP.
In order to hit E-rank, Hunters had to run Class 5 swamps 300 times.
Although it was possible for Hunters to enter Class 4 swamps, it would be difficult with the abilities of a F-rank Dealer.
That’s 300 times, which in some cases could take a year.

“Without being rewarded, Jiwoo would have to spend his own money to enter raids to raise his rank.
His attack power would still only be 20 as an E-rank Dealer.” Gyutae thought.

To reach D-rank, 600 EXP was required, after that 1,800, then 18,000.

His wasn’t the case where one could view the costs as an investment that could be recovered later on.
Even if Jiwoo reached D-rank, he would not be able to join the raids with his own skills.
Additionally, it would take so much longer to move up to the next rank.

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