Level 1 VRMMO

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aid you. I will answer any questions you have before you leave. First, however, may I know your name? ”

”…Can you see it above my head? ”

”No. I believe you can see the word Priest above my head, correct? I myself can only see Player above yours. As you learn more about a target, its title changes. For example, my name is Asmoth. ”

The priest was correct, and upon saying his name the title changed to Priest Asmoth.

”…Im, uh. Call me… Slate? ”

The priest looked at Ira with confusion, though he knew Ira would not be able to tell his expression. The player in front of him looked much different to the other players he had guided. Where are their weapons? Their armour? He thought. He could see nothing more than the plain cotton shirt and some shorts, worn by most ordinary folk. They looked weaker than the others as well – some had come before with very little, but they had more vitality to them. This one struck him as tough as a child.

”Then, do you have any questions, young Slate? ”

”…How do I open menus and stuff? ” Ira had mentally been trying to open their inventory for a while now. The priest nodded and pulled a small stone from their sleeve.

”Touch this Evaal stone. It will show you my own status, as well as your own. Typically this information is private, so do not worry – Your status is kept in complete secrecy. Once you see this information, you will be able to view it whenever you desire. ”

Slate touched the stone, and a menu popped up next to the priest.

Name: Asmoth

Title: High Priest of Evuna

Level : 361

Strength: 232

Defence: 609

Magic: 25

Magic Defence : 621

(Notice: Some information has been excluded, as Player does not meet the requirements.)

”..! ” Asmoth was truly surprised to see his suspicions confirmed upon seeing this Players stats. Slate looked to their own status board.

Player s profile

Name: Slate

Level: 1

Strength: 1

Defence: 1

Magic : 1

Magic Defence : 1

Luck : 1

Skills : None currently unlocked.

Slate was surprised to see more information on their status page than they selected during character creation. Just saying their name unlocked a whole new entry. Asmoth was more surprised, however.

”Slate… forgive me, but may I ask as to your bodys condition? All blessed by the goddess are given equal opportunity, and yet you seem to lack Her grace. You need not answer if it troubles you. ”

”My stats? I chose them to be all ones, yeah. I got this ring instead – Oh, here it is. ” As they spoke of the ring, their inventory opened, and they grabbed the ring from its small icon as if taking from a box.

Item : Evunas Favour

Type : Ring

Effect : Double Experience gained from all sources.

Description : A dark band with a delicate golden chain wrapping around the centre. One of the many boons available to beginner Players.

Asmoth recognised the ring as he had earned one himself, and was intrigued as to how it was obtained by Ira. He was not one to question a divine blessing from God, however.

”I see. Thank you for indulging me, Player Slate. Do you have any other questions? ”

”A few… ”

The priest answered may of Slates questions, and they learned a lot about the world and its mechanics. Most notably that learning and experiencing new things would unlock more information on their status board, both skills and stats alike. Asmoth claimed to have around 18 different stats, and many more skills which he had gained over the years.

They also learned they were currently in one of the many inner chambers of the cathedral worship for the Goddess Evuna, in a country named the Consecrated Lands. It was essentially a holy city recognised as a country.

Once all their questions had been asked and answered, the priest took a step back.

”I will transport you to our temple in Prymwen, the capital city of the Dectum kingdom. Upon your arrival, you should attune yourself to the Monument just outside. There are many there who will guide you down whichever path you seek. May the burden of your journey be light. ”

Slate thanked the priest, and closed their eyes as beams of light etched out an intricate pattern of runes on the floor before enveloping them in a pillar. When the light faded, they were gone. Asmoth knelt at the statue of his God, and lit another candle before leaving. A moment after the door closed, light flashed from beneath it, and he re-entered to greet another player.

”Greetings, Holy One. ”

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