[You chose to go to Cynxs room]

I knocked on Cynxs door. She opened the door.

”Oh, hey Xian, whats up? ”

”Just wondered how you were doing. You seem to be a little stressed lately. ”

”Oh, it doesn matter anymore. ”

She shrugged her shoulders, but it was obvious that she was lying to me, to herself.

”Come in. ”

I entered inside and closed the door behind me. I immediately felt bad for intruding on her privacy.

”Please sit. ” She pointed to the couch. ”Ill just grab some water from the fridge. Do you want anything? ”

”No, thank you. ”

I noticed that there was ripped sheets of paper on her desk. She seemed to notice me staring at them.

”Those are just pages from a certain book. No big deal, really. ”

She gave a half smile.

”Are you reading it? ” I asked. ”What happened, exactly? ”

She stared at the floor and shook her head. ”It doesn matter. Just forget it. Don worry. ”

A moment of silence passed, before I spoke. ”Did anything happen in particular? ”

”Yeah. I think I heard a whisper, but couldn make sense of what it was saying. ”

”What did it sound like? ”

”It was…familiar. I can quite remember who I heard it from. Maybe I was just hallucinating. ”

She walked over to a coffee table where a book rested. It read: The Lost World. She picked the book up and handed it to me.

”This is my favourite story of all time. ”

I chuckled. ”Well, thats good news. ”

”It does have an interesting ending though. ” She added.

”Really? What do you mean? ” I asked eagerly.

”Its a story about a girl, named Jeyne. ”

I was intrigued as to why her favorite part might be the ending.

”In this story, Jeyne was lost inside a dangerous world, in search for something. She ended up falling in love with a prince whose name is Zayne. ”

”But this wasn what Jeyne hoped it would be. After meeting Zayne, she realized that he only wants her because of a curse put on him by a witch and the magic mirror. Thats why they broke up. A few months later, Jeyne met her true love who helped her escape from her cursed realm. However, she was killed soon afterwards when her true love became mad, jealous of her for loving another boy. And thats why, in a fit of madness, she ran away, leaving the prince alone in the world. ”

”So, what happens next? ”

Cynx thought. ”Zayne gets revenge by killing that person. ”

”So, Jeynes death was tragic. Yet it is also sad. Jeyne never got to live her happy life. Now, shes just forgotten in the world, waiting for her true love. ”

”Maybe Zayne was her true love. ” I giggled.

”Maybe, but who knows? ”

I didn want to pry, but I was simple curious.

”I hope you don mind, but why did to tear it to bits? ”

She sighed.

”Its because I feel like Im gonna disappear in this world without a true love. No one has really liked me. I did like someone, an he liked me back, I think. But until now, he doesn know. If he ever knew, he would hate me, our friendship. ”

I don wanna ask who it was. It felt like I was prying too much.

”Guessing by that, both of you were good friends? ”

”Yes. We were childhood friends. We grew up together, along with my sister. But he and his family moved a long time ago, and we never saw each other again. Who knows, maybe destiny will make our paths meet again. ”

”Do you believe in fate? ” I asked.

”I don , but what I know is this, destiny is tricky stuff. Sometimes people get their own ways of going about solving the problems facing them, rather than the way others have predicted for them. Im happy I made my own choices to survive. Even if they weren the best ones. ”

”I agree. ”

”Anyway, I should get some sleep. Goodnight, Xia. ”

”Goodnight, Cynx. ”

I went out, slowly closing the door.

I lay down on the bed and fell asleep, leaving tomorrows destiny to decide for tomorrows events.

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