Lady Mystique

Chapter 2-2

[You chose to go to Cyas room]

I tapped on the door slightly. Cya gladly opened the door. The lights were still turned on, and her lamp was off.

”Hello, Xia! Please do come in. ”

I went it, breathing in her beautiful candy-like scent. ” I wanted you to come with me to the library but you were asleep earlier. I let you sleep in, because maybe you lack sleep nowadays.

”No, its fine. ” I said. ”You should probably go to sleep, you look tired. And youve been working hard recently, so Im sure the books will help you fall asleep sooner. ”

”Maybe. I don sleep much. If I do, I usually sleep at dawn. Cynx would probably be asleep by now if you ask me. ”

”Can I ask about a few things? ”

”Sure. Come sit down. ”

I pulled up a chair for myself and sat near her desk. Cya sat down too. I took out a pad of paper and a quill from one of her drawers and started writing. My questions came out in messy handwriting, but I knew Cya wouldn care.

”I want to ask, if you had a dream while you slept. ”

”Dream? ” she said quietly as she tried to focus on the words on the sheet of paper. ”I did, I guess… ”

She trailed off, thinking about it.

”Hmm. When I was dreaming, I found myself standing outside of the forest. But Im not afraid. Its just quiet. The sun is setting. I see someon running, and I can hear some steps..I look around a little, trying to find whatever it is. Finally I spot a man in the distance. I start walking towards him, until something makes me stop. I turn around, but its gone. So I continue walking, not caring if anyone sees me. Then, I notice a figure in the distance. Someone wearing dark clothes.It was terrifying. But when I saw a glimpse of the face….. ”

She stopped. Her eyes looked sad.

”It was my father. The way I remember it, the way he looked at my dream, it was the day before he died. He looked ever so loving. He hugged me in his arms, and kisses me for the last time, and disappeared like mist. ”

She stopped, and I felt tears in her eyes. I hugged her.

”Wherever he is now, Im sure hes proud of you and your sister. ”

I said to her. She needs comforting.

”I guess your right. Cynx is a wonderful sister. She has protected me a lot but, the feeling of doubt…. ”

She let it trail away.

”Is there something wrong? ”

”No, nothing. I just feel like… shes hiding something from me. ”

I don dare ask her more. It would probably feel like prying into someones personal life.

So instead I said, ”Tell me more about your family, please? ”

”There isn that much to tell. Father is very kind. I don remember much about mother, since she left us, fatherless to her sister, Auntie Sherra. We didn see any reason to change anything, except her love for us.We love each other so dearly. ” She paused. ”What about you, Xia? ”

”My father died when I was young as well. Mother was ever so lovely. She took care of us, me and my sister Chantal. Shes a water mage. Back home, shed tell us stories when my father was still alive. Blurry memories of my father were the only ones that remains of him in our hearts. ”

I felt like crying. But I stopped my tears, even though Cya would understand.

”Thats sad. We
e actually both fatherless. I wish our fathers were still alive until now. ”

”So do I. ”

I was yawning again. Cya seemed to notice.

”Good night Xia. ” I smiled and I went out of her room and went into mine.

The tendrils of sleep slowly climbed upon me and a few minutes later, I drifted off to sleep.

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