Jewel in the Mist (BL)

Chapter 3: Unearthing

Edmond visited the duchy in the novel. Jule chuckled, Jule Valent, you weren a prick for nothing.

”Well then, duke, ” He stood up and placed the napkin on the table, careful to not spill the crumbs on it. ”Im not feeling well, is it alright if I leave early? ”

”Brother… ” Evelyn whined, her blue irises sparkling. ”You
e leaving already? Evelyn doesn want to be alone here, ”

”Evelyn, you have the duke. ” He resisted the urge to run off in front of the two. ”Well talk later, dear sister, ”




The way to the library was even longer and more confusing than the way to the dining room. The mansion had multiple routes, and at the end of those pathways were the many directions to the numerous places within the mansion. In every hallway, there were servants who seemed to be so busy they only spared him a slight bow before getting back to work.

As he busied himself in his own thoughts, attempting to find the library himself, Jule did not notice the chamberlain quietly walking beside him. He was aware of him only after Kastel stopped him in his tracks before he could turn in the wrong direction to a different maze.

”Young master, are you by chance going to the library? ” Kastel smiled, the long strands of his light brown hair falling over his shoulders as he leaned closer to Jule. ”If so, would you like me to lead the way? ”

”Thank you, ” Jule rubbed his temples and sighed. ”I never thought I would forget the paths of my own mansion. ”

”Not many would, ” Kastel chuckled lightly. For a split second, his eyes fell dark, the beautiful shade of light brown morphing into a gray, emotionless look. ”It must be because you are tired, young master. Many experience certain…changes after a recovery. ”

”Say, young master, it hasn been a full day since youve recovered, though it doesn take a genius to notice that youve changed. ” The chamberlain continued, his footsteps behind on the cold marble floor slow and heavy.

Jule gulped. A cold, suffocating weight fell on his shoulder, but he shrugged it off with an unknowing smile.

”Last night… ” He scratched his neck. ”I had quite a realistic dream, ”

”Oh? What was it about? ”

”I don remember the events exactly since it all happened so quickly, but the duchy was on fire. ” Jule kept walking, ignoring Kastels persistent stare. ”I was all alone then. When I woke up, I wondered if my current state truly was reality. Since then, Ive been confused. ”

”From today onwards, I have to learn to cherish my current life more. ” He laughed lightly, ducking his head and using a hand to wipe the sweat off his forehead.

”Im surprised, young master. To think a dream could change a person…I wonder what else our minds are capable of. ” The tension from before quickly dispersed. Thankfully, Kastel seemed convinced.

Soon, they arrived at a wide wooden door. Above it was a flaky and peeling golden-plated sign in cursive, wiggly handwriting. ”Ah, it seems we have arrived. Young master, what books are you looking for? ”

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