ge popped up on his screen:

[Dear loyal readers, I apologize for not updating for the past few weeks. These two years of writing and updating have been an adventure for me.]

Is the author planning to celebrate their second anniversary?…

[Though Clash of an Independent Sword is almost ending, I have decided not to continue updating the novel for various reasons. I know my answer is vague, but an authors life is not easy, so I hope you all can sympathize with me.]

[The novel shouldn continue, it should already end]

[I can continue doing this, not until the problem has been solved]

”Wait, huh? ”

[If this isn obvious enough, then Ill say it properly. The novel has been canceled.]

”The novel, the novel, what? ” Jule wheezed. His phone nearly fell out of his hands, and he hurriedly went to the top of the page to reread the message.

[If this isn obvious enough, then Ill say it properly. The novel has been canceled.]

Elysium was no longer updating.

The novel had been canceled.

The series would not be continued.

”I guess the gods just hate me…if they exist. ” Jule wailed loudly because he was the only one on the train. Everything was unfair and life was unjust. The world revolved and worked around disparities. Why were some people born in harsh poverty, while others lived in useless luxury? Why did some have their future taken away from them, while others became successful without trying? Life was not fair and would never be.

”My dream and my house, my favorite novel is canceled..whats next, my life? Why don you just kill me already?! ” He yelled because again, there was really no one to mind how loud he was. On this empty train, the only company he had was himself and his phone.

Suddenly, the walls split apart behind him, the sound of the rumbling train louder than before. Then there was nothing to lean against and Jule fell with a thud onto the rocky rail track. His heart rabbeted inside his chest, almost as if was threatening to jump out of his rib cage.

Jule tried to remind himself that he was fine, that he wouldn die without beating up his fathers mistress one last time. He would die getting shot by one of her bodyguards or protecting his family from the wrath of the government, not by falling and hitting his head on the ground.

He never wanted to die, but what was there to live for?

Jule had once screenshotted a quote in Clash of An Independent Sword, only to never look at or remember it again. But now, as his mind slowly became hazy, he saw it in front of him, a message slowly emerging from the back of his mind.

”Only when all things are lost do you realize the importance of cherishing what is still there. ”

What was there to live for? Nothing.

Who was left to cherish? No one.

There was no comfort and safe house, no familiar warmth to hold him close and tell him that all this was a dream and that when he woke up, his parents would be back together, his siblings alive and well.

Jule smiled at the thought of a next life, laughing at his mind and heart for hoping. But he wanted to indulge in this fantasy one last time before everything would be gone.

”Only when things are regained can you find the will to continue living. ” A voice that undoubtedly wasn his spoke but he paid no attention to it.

”Clash of an Independent Sword, ” Jule muttered, mocking his hopes, ”I sure hope you continue. ”

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