Tianyang immediately grasped the point.

Sublimation progress suddenly increased by 11%!

What's going on?

As Tianyang recalled, in order to advance in Ascenders, one must increase the concentration of star energy.

Now that he's become an Ascender himself, Tianyang knew more details.
The concentration of star energy was the progress of sublimation.

The conventional way to increase the concentration of star energy was through battle.

During battle, star energy was mobilized, consumed, and then precipitated through cell regeneration.
Through this process, the concentration of star energy gradually increases.

Another way was to absorb the energy of the Pillar of Star, but the Pillar of Star itself was a valuable resource.
Even though the importance of Ascenders was irreplaceable for each fortress city, it was not extravagant enough to supply Ascenders with Pillar of Star.

From the above information, it was not difficult to conclude that the concentration of star energy should gradually increase, and it should not increase suddenly by 11% like Tianyang's case.

This is crazy!

Tianyang narrowed his eyes slightly,

“Can it be related to revenge?”

This was the only possibility.

Thinking about his level, this possibility was certainly great.

If that's really the case, then there should be methods for each level to significantly increase the concentration of star energy.

Ascenders had too many secrets, and even nowadays, some secrets are not public.

At least, yesterday's ordinary Tianyang did not have the qualifications to know.


The door of the dormitory suddenly pushed open, and a strong smell of alcohol immediately rushed in from outside the door, eager to drill into the boy's nostrils.

Strong smell of cheap alcohol.

The boy frowned slightly.
He didn't like this smell, especially since there was also a hint of sweat mixed in the odor.
They stirred together to create an unpleasant mixture.

how come you're not dead!”

Dongyan's voice rang out, and he and another colleague each held a bottle of alcohol.
It seemed they had just come back from “Holiday Time” bar, which was only open to soldiers.

Tianyang shrugged, 


The two soldiers exchanged a glance, and Dongyan lifted his foot and kicked the door shut.

“Does the captain know you're back?”

The other soldier looked nervous.

Tianyang replied calmly, 

“You can go ask him yourself.” (ED: Heh)

The soldier was left feeling dejected, and a look of displeasure flashed across his face.

Dongyan tried to force a smile on his face, 

“Tianyang, we're all happy that you're back.
You see, we had no choice but to leave you behind.
You won't report us, will you?”

Tianyang smiled back, 

“What do you think?”

Dongyan's smile immediately disappeared from his face, 

“Tianyang, you should know when to be grateful.
Since you're not dead, let's just forget about it.”

“Not dead, so we can just forget about it?”

Tianyang shook his head, 

“So, if I beat you almost to death, would you not hold it against me?”

“So, you're going to report us then?” Dongyan's tone was clearly hostile.

Tianyang corrected him, 

“To be exact, the higher-ups should already be aware of this matter.”

His killing of Qin Wu in the bar must have spread and the higher-ups had no reason not to know.
But Night Walkers would definitely handle this matter, which was why he wanted to join them as soon as he returned.

He needed a backing.

Dongyan and the other soldier's faces suddenly turned pale, even though Qin Wu was the mastermind behind this.

But they had not stopped him, according to the fortress rules, they were accomplices.

They could have their military status revoked, or even be sentenced; their lives would be over!

Thinking of this, the two soldiers' eyes were filled with viciousness.

They exchanged a glance, then nodded together, walking towards the young man sitting on the bed.

“New recruit, this is what you asked for.” Dongyan's face was grim.

“Whether I sit in jail or not, I don't care, having one more crime on my record doesn't matter.” The other soldier said.

Of course, Tianyang knew what they were going to do. 

“I advise you to step back now while you still can.
Trust me, it's for your own good.”

“Oh, is that so?”

Unfortunately, they didn't take Tianyang's warning seriously.

Just as a violent incident was about to happen, the door of the dormitory suddenly pushed open and there was a cry of surprise from outside.

“What do you think you're doing!”

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