Innocent Eyes

At The Airport

It was moving day a new page in her life .Nitika wanted to start over after having her heart broken from her cheating ex-boyfriend. Being 23 years old Nitika was ready to start her life. Excited , and sad at the same time she was moving on with her Life after graduating Berkley with a degree in the music business and production. Nitika after many rejections got hired by a Company in California called Fast Track Music ,preparing to leave for the airport her flight is scheduled to take off at 11 am Taking one last look around the apartment she loved and shared with her two best friends since high school , Rosey and Maggi. Nitika smiled and a tear fell down her cheek , Rosey and maggi walked over and hugged Nitika and cried with her , saying goodbye was so hard . Nitika wiped her tears , and looked at her two best friends , hey why are we crying its not goodbye ill come back to visit and you can visit me in California. Rosey and Maggie wiped the tears and said thats true but its still hard to say goodbye. Nitika took one last look around walking to the door she stops, holding on to the door handle she hesitates. She takes in a deep breath turns the handle and walks out to her waiting Uber to take her to the airport, Nitika waves goodbye to her friends.

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