He placed his hand on the quilt, little clumsily bypassed the wounds and then gently patted, patiently comforting him, “…it's okay Ah Ren.
Don't move if you are injured.
This Master would not punish you, this Master is simply muddle headed.
Never again in the future, never again, okay?”


Mo Ren's lips moved, but no sound came out.
He seemed to have forgotten the etiquette and rules in a rare way, and merely stared blankly at Chu Yan's bright eyes for a long time.


Then he turned his head silently, his light-colored lips were slowly pursed, and his eyes lost focus.


He didn't seem to understand anything.


Yet it also seemed that he understood everything in an instant.


It turned out that…it turned out that…..he had been reborn for the first time……


Yes, he should have died.


The unbearable memories of the previous life were still in front of his eyes, each scene contained Chu Yan, and each scene made him feel despair like falling into the abyss.


These memories eventually stilled in the Master’s torture of the traitor in the heavy snow.
Mo Ren lost his mind and those pale and thin hands gripped the bed sheet tightly until veins bulged.


He just felt exhausted physically and mentally, and his brain seemed to have been rusted and could not function.


Chu Yan's gaze never left the person in his arms, and naturally he didn't miss the fleeting look of grief between Mo Ren's brows.
But he was puzzled, he couldn't figure out why Mo Ren reacted like this.


His heart felt empty, and it seemed that this something he didn't know made him faintly uneasy.


Suddenly the door was knocked, interrupting Chu Yan's mood.
A maid came in with a tray, which was prescribed by the Medicine Hall to nourish Mo Ren's body.


There was also a small bowl on the tray, as Chu Yan remembered that Mo Ren had been in a coma for many days and hadn't eaten, therefore he had ordered his servants to cook a light porridge as well, and brought it together at this time.


Chu Yan signaled and told the maidservant to put down the porridge and medicine and to back away, then turned to Mo Ren and said, “You should be hungry after sleeping for so long, drink some porridge to warm up first, and then drink the medicine after.”


As he spoke, he helped Mo Ren onto the bed, and raised the pillow for him to lean on.
The Palace Master of the Jiuzhong Palace was used to being pampered, this kind of job of serving people should be very awkward for him, but he couldn’t care less about everything.
Chu Yan took the porridge with his own hands and sat down beside the bed, “Come.”


Mo Ren's mind was in a tangled mess, and he didn't realize until now that the porridge was for himself.


Thinking back to the last time in the Side Hall in the previous life, let alone warm food, he would be lucky enough to be able to eat one or two bites a day.
Mo Ren almost forgot what it felt like to eat warm food.


He was at a loss, and said in a daze, “This subordinate…thanks the Master for the reward.”


“It's just a bowl of porridge, what's there to thank this Master for?” Chu Yan didn't know this, Mo Ren's confused expression at that moment made him feel novel, and he couldn't help humming and laughing softly.


Mo Ren was speechless, only blaming himself for failing to quickly adapt to the fact of rebirth and being rude in front of the Palace Master.


Rebirth is rebirth, but why is the Master so gentle with him?


He glanced at Chu Yan's face again, secretly calculating the time.


That's right, it stands to reason that at this time, the Master's heart should have been fully occupied by Bai Hua long ago, and for him, naturally, he became more and more tired of him day by day.
But he couldn't remember when the Master had treated him so well like this.

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