Infinity Book I

Mastei Sariel

When stargazer finally came along we were on our way back home but dark magicians were faster as one of them casted a spell ”Crias esentis! ”.

Which hit me straight into my back as in that moment I turned into six year old girl wich was helpless against the dark magicians.

”Arina! ” The light magicians yelled in unision, as I couldn move as the last thing I saw before everything went black.

The magicians fought against the dark magicians as Stargazer gently picked Arina up and his eyes were shinning full of rage and fear.

”Arina? ” I ask her, as the dark magicians disappear ”Are you alright? ” I say as she has still traces of tears in her eyes, I quickly wipe them away saying ”Hey its alright you
e safe here ” I reassured her as her face sudden went pale, she groaned in pain as I immediately put her down onto the stone floor.

When I didn feel this painful wave of pain anymore,Timegazer and Yuya ran to us as I felt another wave of pain rushing throughout my body as I screamed in tears as pain got worse on my back.

”Thats pain killing curse! ” Timegazer guessed as he read about it before, as stargazer gently picks Arina up and they return home. ”Arina hold on ” Timegazer whispers as his heart breaks when he looks at Arina in that state.​

When we came home stargazer put me down gently as he covered me with covers and left the room to help his friends.

”Im sorry Arina ” stargazer sighed as he left the room and went to the living room, ”How is Arina? ” Timegazer asked but as he quickly glanced up at Stargazers face frowned as he tought. He fell for the girl didn he?.

His toughts asked him as the next question fell from his mouth ”You fell in love with her didn you? ” The magician of time asked his friend ”Yes ” Stargazer finally confessed as they entered the room where I was sleeping still, their hearts broke at the sight.

I was still sleeping as magician of the stars didn left Yuyas room, he was too scared and worried for me. Poor boy he was almost burst into tears.

When I finally got the power to wake up, I woke up in warm room with no sight of Stargazer as he went to help his friend who had lot of work to do, but when he came into the room he immediately came to me and hugged me very tightly as he spoke ”You scared us, little angel ”.

I clear my throat and say ”Stargazer I have something to tell you, you think it wouldn be true but the first time Ive met you I felt a strong connection between us, the truest thing is that I fell for you ” I say with a bit of red hint on my face.

He was there, he stood there with shocked expression on his face after second he smiled saying ”Arina, you think it wouldn be true but I felt the same way you, I promise that I will protect you no matter what ”, he said as he sat down next to me.

She felt the same. Relived I slowly approached her closing the gap between us, she also came closer as, I got ahold of her face. She was so beautiful. I felt her lips on mine as we kissed, my arms sneaked around her waist protecting her, as I pulled her closer.

When the magician moved away, he still had Arina in his arms, as she laid on his chest as he confessed ”Arina you changed me ” he said as he hugged her tightly.

”What do you mean Stargazer? ” I asked him, frowning as he answered in explaination ”When Im near or with you Im feeling different, I feel as something moved within me ” he explains as suddenly everything glows.

”What is happening to me? ” I fear as I begin to transform into a magician but exactly chosen magician. Astrograph Sorcerer.

”No thats not happening! ” Stargazers eyes widen as he fears that the most that she unlocked the powers of unbreakable. As Arina is slowly becoming Astrograph Sorcerer.

”Stargazer don allow this please! NO! ” I scream as I finally turn to Astrograph Sorcerer, as suddenly Yuya and Timegazer came rushing into the room.

”Arina! ” Yuya and Timegazer exclaim in unision but they
e too late as Astrograph Sorcerer stands before them, the monster of evil z-arc ”Hello, Yuya ” I say with the voice of Astrograph Sorcerer.

Arina stands there in her cape of full of stars as Timegazer watches her, as monents later magician of time also turns into Chronograph Sorcerer.

Before I and Yuya they
e transforming into their evil forms, as Astrographs eyes glow blue and Cronographs sorcerer glow red, ”They
e completely changed! ” Yuya yells in fear as I hug him ”Don worry they will be back as they were ”

The spell gave up its course as they changed back into what they once were. Arina changed first as she was in her human body she felt tears brimming her eyes as Stargazer gave

a hug.

”What happened to us? ” Timegazer asks as I opened my eyes, ”You changed your forms and you became Astrograph and Cronograph Sorcerers ” Yuya answers him as we left the room.

”How did I look like? ” I asked Stargazer as his eyes widened at the question, quiet for a little he quickly answered ”Beautiful, but her form of spell, couldve killed you ”.

Arina tries her newest powers, as Stargazer still by her side she claps with her hands as one moment later she appears on the celling.

”Teleportation is still part of the powers isn it? ” I ask him with worried tone, as he smiles and says ”Yes it is, get down from the celling now.

When she claps again, she appears on the floor with rough landing ”Oww that hurts ” she complains as I lend her a hand to get up.

When we arrive outside we began to train so I could easily master my newest powers, as I cast a spell into his direction and we
e very high.

The spell rebounds itself and it hits me instead as I loose my footing and fall down into depths. ”Hold on Im coming! ” he yells as he flies throught the air faster than the comet stars.

Caught me just in time I would land, I fall safely into his embrace he secures his arms around my waist as we land, he gently puts me down he checks for any injuries, there aren any.

e still practicing as Yuya calls us and tells that the lunch is ready, Stargazer quickly disappeared as he returned into Yuyas card. Yuya and I left the room as we walked into the kitchen where the table is set.

”Thats delicious who made that? ” I compliment as I finish my last bite, as Yuyas mother appears ”Im glad you like that ”.

she says as she walks to Arina whispering something into herear as they walked into empty hallway.

”No I don know why but I think that Stargazer likes you ” she says as Arina furrows her brows at her.

He is also cute. Hes hot when hes saving someone from falling down. My toughts were interrupted by Yuyas mom asking.

”what were you thinking so bad? ” as my cheeks go crimson red ”No-nothing Mrs. Yoko ” I politely answer as she pats me on the head saying ”You can call me mom, I know its hard that you don have one, I love you like my own daughter ” she said as we went back to the table and sat down.

When Yuya and Arina ate their lunch,

they recived call from Declan saying its time that

They enter the fusion dimension where the war was going on, they all successfully entered, as Yuya suddenly started acting strangerly.

He thrown me four cards from his deck, Stargazer, Timegazer and odd eyes pendulum dragon as so Rune Eyes Pendulum Dragon.

”Arina are you up for a duel? ” He duels me as I accept it . All of a sudden appears stargazer magician as he warns me that I need to be careful.

Our duel begins, with an attack Z-Arc pushes me to the the end of the line as I almost fall and catch my footing to the duelling field.

With 1200 attack points I summon Stargazer Magician as I perfectly summon Chronograph Sorcerer whom with his special effect adds 800 attack points to Stargazer Magician wich has now 2000 attack points. ​

When Z-Arc attacks me directly, he reduces my life points to 0, as it bursts me into nearest wall, Aly and Frederick picked me up as Cronograph Sorcerer and Stargazer magician came running to me.

As Arina lost her duel, the monsters came rushing to her Chronograph Sorcerer was the first to apologise but she said ”Its not your fault ”

Two dimension war begun, Arina chose her favourite superhero Irela as we fought back to back and side by side, they quickly separated us as I couldn find her anymore.

I couldn find her anymore my heart shattered into million peices, when someone yelled ”Irela! Shes there! She is alive! ”​

I flew into direction where Arina was fighting the guards I found her as instinctivelyhe hugged her and whispered ”Arina ” with fear in my eyes.

”Tust me ” I answer him as I give him the last hug before I go fighting against Z- ARC and helping my friends.

When is Z-ARCs dragon destroyed we can finally together defeat him, we all pray our powers into the heart of the dimension, as that makes the dimension stronger as it, destroys spell of Z-ARC screams from pain when evil ghost leaves Yuyas body as Yuya collapses unconscious onto the floor.

As Arina doesn see a spell coming on her way as it is nearing her with deathly speed, it blasts her from my course as it blasts her into wall.

”HAHAHA ” the evil laugh of Z-ARC was heard, as he stood on the rooftop, he wasn defeated so Arina wanted to defeat him with help me and Timegazer and Chronograph , and Astrograph, when we combined our powers she yelled ”I will kill you Z-arc! ”

”I will finish you off! ” I yell as with all force I can and with all my power I collide with Z-ARC and destroy him a loud bang tears the atmosphere as explosion brings lots of wind.

As everything becomes foggy and non visible but when it all clears I lay in crater that the collision had created.

Lulu who first responded, ran down to me as the magicians did the same, when Stargazer noticed what I done he ran to me and hugged me as tears spilled down his cheeks

”No thats not happening its not true! ” Stargazer mutters under his breath as he comes into realising that everything is true, ”Arina hold on a bit longer please! ” he pleads to her as she slowly started closing her eyes.

When I tried to say something ”Stargazer I love you ” I said as I closed my eyes shut, more and more tears fell down on my skin as stargazer knelt down and kissed me on the forehead.

”Im sorry ” I choked out as tears fell down on my face, and I held her ”ARINA! ” I yelled through the air as the pain and loss was just too much for me.

”Arina is dead ” Timegazer says as he wants to calm me down but nothing works as he gives up as tears roll down on his cheeks as he pats me down the back, ”Stargazer its alright ” he says as he pulls me in for a hug, I gladly accept it burying my face onto his shoulder crying.

Stargazer was really down, with the loss of his girl that always cheered him up he lost her forever, hed promised that hed protect her but he failed.

Arina died because of me. I tought she sacrificed her own life to save me and the whole dimension from Z-Arc, she truly loved me like no other girl ever had and I loved her too.

”Stargazer she is happy in heaven Im sure she will watch over you as you did she will love you no matter what happens ” Timegazer magician tries to reassure me as I still stay where her lifeless body is.

Back home Stargazer held Arinas lifeless body for one last time as together with Timegazer they created space coffin and he placed her body into it, with tears brimming his eyes.

– end of chapter I –

Two years later:

Graveyard Aurelia. 8.11 2022

”Two years had already passed by since you
e gone ” I whisper to myself when I walk over in graveyard Aurelia, in pendulum dimension.

”Stargazer don cry ” she says from the starry clouds that appeared above me as I ask ”why did you do it? ”, as she quickly glances at me and looks me in the eyes, ”I wanted to protect you ”

Arina answers, as he didn knew her ghost appeared for the last time and kissed him on the cheek as it quickly disappeared back to clouds.

”Arina Im sorry I said that Ill protect you but I failed ” he says as Im still here listening ”its my fault and you know that ” I complain, but our time runs out as it becomes all clear again as tears spill down his cheeks.

”Its not fair the world is so cruel ”he clenched his hand in fist as he remembers that they sung and danced to Im already enough with her as tears brim his eyes.

The memory of Arinas death still remained with me, that pointed out that I need to watch out on my friends.

Everytime I closed my eyes memory had shown itself I remembered Arinas eyes slowly closing as the blood dripped out of her wound that was fatal. ”Again that memory? ” Timegazer asks as he sees his friends face so pale and feared, as hed seen a ghost.

”Yes ” Stargazer answers after they walk to graveyard Aurelia as another memory of me shown back into Stargazers mind as he controlled it.

Once they
e at the graveyard they walk around the graves as they find Arinas parents graves.

”Luna Ariana Lewis (1985-2018) – Leo Lewis (1988-2018) ” Timegazer said as he crossed the graves path.

Soon as we came to Arinas grave tears spilled down my cheeks as I read what Id write on her gravestone, she was a real hero.

”She sacrificed her own life, for the love she felt for Stargazer magician and for the safety on whole planet ”

Arina Lewis (2004-2020)

”Ar-Arina ” Stargazers voice broke when he read her name as he wrote something that hell never forget when they burried her.

”Why it had to end like that ” Timegazer questions himself ”She sacrificed herself for all of us, for Yuya for Zuzu and for us.. ”

I was in XYZ dimension which was completely destroyed by the obelisk guard, suddenly everything lit up and a fairy suddenly appeared ”Arina, how can I help you ” she asked me.

”Please send me back to the bit dimension please ” I begged her.

The fairy fulfilled her last wish when suddenly everything became bright, she returned home in the light of the starry nebulas, to the Aurelia graveyard to be exact. ”Arina why? ” she heard someone say her name, she looked up from the bushes and saw a stargazer standing next to her grave where her body was supposed to rest, but it wasn there.

”Oh Star ” I whispered as he got up and left, ”Stargazer wait! ” I called out when he looked around in shock and fear and saw me ”Arina? ” I charged towards him and hugged him tightly.

”Ari-Arina? How? I saw you die ” I was shocked, but she didn listen to me, she just hugged me tightly, and after a while I returned that hug. My strong arms wrapped around her body as I held her tighter as if they would never let her go. ”Stargazer, Im Arina, Im back for good, ” I hear her say.

”How did you survive? ” he asks her confused as they walk home together. ”The spell backfired because I wasn the one Cronograph aimed it at, ” she answer when they
e almost home. When they enter the house she sees Yuya sitting in an armchair and looking at this card, Looking at Chronograph.

”Yuya ” I say when I sit down next to him, and at first he doesn notice me, but when he notices me, he hugs me tightly and says ”Arina?, how did you survive? ” Yuya asks me when, my friends just stare at me and when, timegazer magician and Cronograph appear I tell them the truth. ”Cronograph saved me ” I tell them ko, kronos recognizes me and hugs me tightly ”Thank you Cronograph ” I say when, he releases me from his hug.

”How did you do that? ” asked Yuya in surprise, but the answer surprised him quite a bit because suddenly everything became bright, and tbe Astrograph appeared, ”Arina, your form is unstable, because when, you change into me, this can happen the can spell break and , you could possibly stay like this forever ” and disappears in the misty light.

”Whats that supposed to mean? ” she asked quite loudly, ”That means yes, theoretically Astrograph can destroy you when he is in your body ” answered Cronograph. Stargazer and Timegazer looked at each other with horror in their eyes. When Arina went to the room to rest, someone knocked ”Come in ” She kindly said when, the Timegazer entered the room.

Wrapped in a black and red cloak, he patted me on the head with his large palm and said ”Well Space Witch, what do you think of your powers? ” and first I look at him sideways and then I clap my hand and a whole bunch of constellations appear and the lights in the room go out.

”Wow, thats amazing! ” the timeless wizard compliments me as the lights come back on and pats my head ”Well done space witch ” he says and leaves the room.

he wanted to leave a little more time for me and Stargazer, just as I was thinking about him, he entered.

”Are you okay? ” he asked me worriedly when, sat on the edge of the bed and suddenly my phone rang, I got a message from Emmas mother – Dear, Emma is not well, her health condition has deteriorated a lot, there is nothing to eat or drink anymore, I think, that she fell into severe depression – Emmas mother

Tears filled her eyes when she read the message Stargazer noticed and gently hugged her ”Im sorry ” he whispered when he had her in his lap ”Its not your fault ” she sobbed into his chest, only resulting him holding her tighter ” its okay Ari ” Stargazer comforted her laying her down on the bed and covering her ”Are you okay? ” he asked her rather worried.

It was already late in the morning when someone knocked on the door of Yuyas room, I was still in my pajamas and covered with a blanket when Kronos entered the room.

”Arina? Your friends mom told me something, yeah let me tell you ” Kronos knocks on Yuyas door where Im alone in the room and walks in ”What is it? ” I answer his question curiously, but when he gets serious and finally declares, the answer shocks me.

”Emma committed suicide, she jumped under the train and killed herself. ” tears well up in my eyes Emma Lions my childhood best friend dead? she doesn answer Chronograph for a while and suddenly a terrible pain cuts through her and as she turn and lose consciousness and roll on the ground.

”Arina? Arina! ” Cronograph tries to wake her up but there is no answer because before long the Timegazer and I and Yuya rush into the room ”What happened? ” asks a sleepy Yuya as, I check her heart rate ”Negative, no pulse ” I mutter to himself ”Call the paramedics! ” the Timegazer calls out, as Yuya rushes to the phone.

After a while, an ambulance arrived with sirens and lights on, paramedics rushed to the house with a stretcher, two lifted her up and put me on a stretcher, and the other two grabbed the stretcher and put her in the ambulance and drove away.

When we arrived at the hospital, the paramedics quickly transferred her to the bed, the doctors saw what was happening and helped. After a while, her friends and magicians came too. ”How is it? ” Yuya asked one of the doctors who just looked at him sadly and said ”Poor thing, unresponsive and body still in shock ”.

Hearing this I buried his head in his hands and said ”This message is to blame for everything ” I sighed as I covered my mouth with my hands and buried my head in my hands ”What message? ” as the machines in the room monitoring Arinas heart start beeping ”Everybody OUT! Cardiac arrest! ”

The doctors and nurses started running back and forth as a feeling of restlessness and fear gripped me, Timegazer notices this and takes me outside for some fresh air. ”Star calm down its ok ” ”What if it doesn go well? What if she doesn survive at all? ” I ask him worriedly, the Timegazer nods to me, this can happen because Arina is a strong girl who doesn give up just like that, she can fight for her rights for months and months.

”I know how much Arina means to you, Ive seen the way you look at her and the way she looks at you, ” Timegazer reassured me as I blushed a little. ”Arina is strong though and I know she would never let you down, ” said the timegazer ”What if she fails? ” I ask, tears filling my eyes. ”What-what if she fails? ” when my voice broke Timegazer and I entered the hospital when the doctor called us ”Arinas condition has stabilized but she is still in critical condition ” he tells us.

”You can go visit her ”Stargazer entered the room where many devices and machines were attached to her bed to keep her body functioning flawlessly ”A-Arina? Arina if you can hear me please listen to me I love you and I don want to lose you again fight , please don give up, don give up, fight for yourself for us, for us, ” he says tears running down his cheeks as he approaches her bed and kisses her forehead gently ”Fight space witch ” he says , leaving the room.

Still attached to the EKG and other devices that keep her alive, she sleeps and rests, and I watch over her tirelessly. she feels how sad I am, how my heart breaks when I look at her, when her heart stops working and the doctors rush into the room, but its too late. ”No, this is not happening, this is not true! ” says one of the nurses as they try to revive her but its all in vain.

”Arina, Arina wake up Arina! ” I pray through the observation window when I realise its over, tears streaming down my cheeks like Timegazers tears streaming down his cheeks, he didn know it was that bad. ”I-we lost her ” stammers the doctor who is still in the room. ”Time of death 19:37 ”

All of a sudden everything lights up and the star collapses to the ground. ”Star! Star, whats wrong? ” Yuya comes to the rescue, scared to death and shaken by my death ”Fade! Fade fast! ” Timegazer exclaims to him as he kneels before his fallen friend, ”If one of them dies or is gone, the other starts to fade and his heart rate slows down, theoretically hes on his way to death. ”

When he says that Zuzu immediately remembers what I said about if one of us dies, the other will start to fade or his/her strength and mind will weaken, his/her heart will deteriorate and he/she may die .My condition was getting worse and worse, my soul was traveling through space, Timegazer did everything in his power to bring me back to earth, with hard work he succeeded.

Her eyes slowly opened as she looked around the room to find Stargazer, but he was nowhere to be found. ”W-where is Stargazer? ” she asked when, Timegazer was about to explain what was going on when a chronograph barged into the room. ”Arina, you
e lucky you
e okay, Stargazer needs you, ” he breathed out. ”what is wrong? ” the timekeeper asks worriedly, we rush to the room where the weak and helpless Wizard of Stars lies. ”Stargazer! ” she says as tears begin to roll down her cheeks as she approaches the bed where he lies.

”Stargazer wake up please! Forgive me, I need you, others need you ” her body is still weak from the impact and she collapses to the floor crying until suddenly everything goes bright, my body shifts and I open my eyes. ”A-Arina? ” comes his weak voice as I get out of bed and bend down to her shivering body, ”Hey, hey, Im fine, its fine, ” I sigh out as I hugs my shoulders, ”Its fine. ” When we got home she remembered she had Valletta tomorrow but she was too tired and it was late so I went to rest.

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