Dark night, I walked alone in the streets of Neo Domino, the weather was so cold and windy like it was an tornado approaching near.

All of a sudden two men in dark cloaks appeared as one of them smirked and said ”Well well what do we have here? Ariana Asendia Lewis ” he yelled as they began chasing me, casting spells all over I dodged them all as one of them went unnoticed and blasted me into the wall. In that moment a magician appeared.

My master Yuya had sent me to bring Arina to him, as he felt that she was in danger, so I flew and searched for her until Ive heard a scream as I flew closer, there she was attacked and scared to death as I landed, she inspected me for a second.

As I returned the attack, they previously did on Arina, they angrily sneered towards me and disappeared into thin air, then I walked up to scared Arina and knelt down.

”Hey little angel you
e safe here ” I said trying to calm her, she burst into tears as she was still shocked and young age ”Hey hey its alright its alright ” I whispered into her ear as she came closer pleading for a hug.

She then calmed down as she felt safe and secured in my arms, as I released her she felt happier, but still shy. Gosh that girl is so cute. I tought as I smiled a bit and introduced myself.

They both waited in silence for about ten minutes until the dark storms erupted the silence as stargazer magician introduced himself.

”Im stargazer magician, its alright don be afraid ” he said slowly with his fatherly tone. ”I-Im Arina ” I introduced myself as, I came one step closer to him, he tried to convince me to go home as I told him before I don have a home.

Tears came running down on my cheeks as Stargazer noticed that and knelt down beside me

asking ”Whats wrong? ” ”I don have a home ” I answered.

After she told me that I frowned as I realised what my mission was, poor angel she doesn even have a home anymore. I tought as I gently lifted her up into my arms and flew to Yuyas place.

They arrived there after some time as Stargazer found an entrance to the Yuyas window, as he flew up and opened it he flew inside with sleeping Arina in his arms and put her down gently into the bed.

When I came back into my room after dinner, I opened my room door as I saw stargazer hanging on the one of the walls and I greeted him ”Stargazer youve found her! Im glad you finally returned ” I said as he only smiled and noded in response.

After that Yuya looked at Arinas sleeping body and said ”she must have been really exhausted lets leave her to have some sleep ”.

With that Yuya and I left the room, Yuya prayed silently that Timegazer would also be able to help in order to retrieve the memories of Arinas past but I felt strong connected to her as Ive met her before somewhere else.

Another morning, Arina woke up with a fresh start of the day as someone knocked on the Yuyas doors.

”Ah I see youve finally woken up dear ”

another magician appeared saying as he and Yuya and stargazer appeared.

”Arina, meet timegazer ” Yuya introduced the magician as he stepped closer and as Yuya said ”Timegazer meet Arina ”

”Arina what exactly happened that night? What exactly happened when your parents died in fire that ecurred your house? ” he questioned as I tried to answer tears fell down on my cheeks as I couldn find the right answer.

As Timegazer noticed that he immediately jolted from his seat and hugged her this instant as Arina heard him saying sorry for disturbing her with that subject. He felt sorry for her pain as she was through a lot.

When I finally let go of his embrace I answered ” no problem but it hurts a bit ” I say as Stargazer and Yuya enter the room.

”Have you found anything interesting my friend? ” Stargazer asks his colleague as he sighs and says ”No I didn ” .

”we need to wait ”he mutters under his breath as I suddenly beam with a lot of energy asking ”Yuya magicians? Can we go for a walk? ”.

As we went through the park, Dark men in the cloak found us, we prepared to fight as they came closer and closer to take Arina back with them, one of them got her as she screamed in agony and fear.

”Arina! We
e on our way! ” Timegazer and I yelled in unison as we flew through the air.

I took the stronger one as he chased me around casting spells all over, but I didn se one coming from him as I took it straight to the heart and fell unconscious, ”No! Stargazer! ” I heard Arina yell my name as I fell.

I watched as my magicians fought the evil and saw that Stargazer took the stronger one. Stargazer be careful. I tought as soon I heard a yell coming from the stronger dark witchs direction, I saw her smiling evily as I saw Stargazers limp body falling down.

”No! Stargazer! ” I yelled as I tried to slow him down but I couldn I heard another yell as Timegazer cast his slowing down charm ”Timius Slowir! ”

The time went by slow as Stargazer landed ”Stargazer wake up! ” I yelled as tears brimmed my eyes as I sh

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