Chapter 5 A new witch is about to be born:

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Four thirty in the morning, on the other side of the city.

A new moon slowly emerged from the dark clouds, an old dilapidated house with a courtyard was hidden under the darkness.

Under the layers of crawlers and vines were the walls that had long had their paint peeled off, behind the iron gate was a courtyard covered everywhere with dead leaves, the old fountain that was not being maintained has long dried up, and the stone griffins on on the two sides of the door have broken wings and claws.

The whole building exuded an odd and gloomy aura.

It was called amber estate, a house located in the outer suburbs of Hua Cheng.

The house used to belong to a wealthy businessman, but the wealthy businessman committed suicide due to his business venture failing, ever since then no one has lived there.

Slowly rumors of ghosts haunting the house gradually spread, slowly it became neglected.

Even until now, almost no one knew that there were still people living in this house.

The house now belonged to a young woman called Jiang Li.

Inside the house, in a gigantic room, on top of a dark pink coloured bed was Jiang Li sleeping.

Her long eyelashes trembled slightly, beads of sweat rolled down from her forehead, muttering something in a sweet angelic voice it seemed like she was a nightmare.

“Tap tap tap–!”

The sound of high heels walking on the marble floor echoed through the hallway, twisting the brass door handle, the dark wooden door was opened.

The maid wearing a classic maid outfit walked into the room going to Jiang Li’s bedside before bowing respectfully.

Although the maid didn’t say a word, Jiang Li seemed to have sensed her presence, as she suddenly woke up.

When she opened her eyes a scarlet coloured iris could be seen.

The scarlet coloured iris only lasted for a moment, before slowly fading to a sea blue colour.

The maid finally spoke, “Miss, there’s been a C-level energy alert.”

Jiang Li after calming down asked softly, “Is it really necessary for me to go for a C-level energy alert?”

The little maid didn’t respond, only just shaking her head slightly expressing that she too was puzzled.

“Where’s the location?”

“In the direction of Chang sheng road.”

“Sigh, help me change my clothes.” Jiang Li sighed softly and sat up.

The pink coloured coat slipped from her body[1], her hair seemed like three thousand silver threads dangling down like a waterfall, covering her fair skin that was snow white and her slender and exquisite curves that were faintly visible.

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“Understood.” The maid responded, before helping the thin and petite young woman get up, walking toward’s the chair in front of the dresser before sitting down.

Under the light, you could see the figure of Jiang Li reflected in the mirror, long silver hair, a delicate oval face, and a body that was so petite and thin that it was pitiful.

It’s a pity that this girl, who seemed as delicate as a doll, was not so perfect.

Her slender right leg, from the knee down was a prosthetic limb made of metal.
The prosthetic limb had a silver shell with strange runes engraved on it and emitted a faint blue light.

The maid asked Jiang Li in a soft voice while combing her long hair, “Miss, what clothes do you want to wear today?”

“I’ll just wear the set I bought two days ago also at the same time help me get my cane.
After I’m done changing my clothes, I will be leaving so don’t bother getting anything for me to eat.”

“Understood, miss.”

Twenty minutes later, Hua Cheng, at Chang sheng Road.

Several police cars were parked next to an old building, the old building’s entrance was blocked by police barricades and the red and blue police lights kept flashing.

Four people in police uniforms were walking out with a stretcher covered with a white cloth.

Judging from the outline that could be seen under the cloth, it was probably a female corpse underneath the white cloth.

Not long after, a black suv pulled up by the side of the road.

Seeing the suv pull over, the person in charge of handling the accident immediately went over.

The car window slowly rolled down, revealing a young woman.
She frowned slightly and asked the person coldly, “What’s the situation?”

In the dimly lit car, a silver badge in the shape of an owl could vaguely be seen pinned on her chest.

The badge was of a barn owl, it was the unique badge of the Night Party.

The Night Party is a government funded organization composed of psychics with special abilities, specializing in dealing with all kinds of ghost incidents.

Outside the car window, the person in charge glanced at the badge on Jiang Li’s chest and smiled helplessly, “It’s a ghost attack, we aren’t able to handle this case.”

“According to standard procedure, after confirming the incident being related to ghosts, we have to notify the night party as soon as possible.”

“But the operative on duty tonight isn’t me.” Jiang Li said with a tired tone.

“I know it’s old Bai.
We have already notified him.
He’s already here, he’s up there.
He asked us to notify you.”

As if it had nothing to do with her, Jiang Li asked coldly, “Are there any witnesses?”


“I see.” Jiang Hao nodded as she thought of something.

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Incidents without eyewitnesses were much easier to deal with, as they saved a lot of effort needed to curb the spread of rumors.

Thinking about it, Jiang Li turned to the driver’s seat and patted the driver’s seat lightly, “A Hua, i’m going up to take a look.”

“Understood Miss!”

The maid driving the car responded obediently, as she hurriedly got out of the car to open the door for Jiang Li, and at the same time the maid handed her the black cane covered in patterns of fish in silver with a unicorn on the top into her hand.

Jiang Li took the cane before getting out of the suv and instructed the maid, “You don’t have to go up with me, just wait for me below for a while.” Before walking by herself towards the building.

Her petite and thin body was wearing a slim western jacket, with a long sleeved white shirt underneath, along with a black long skirt, black stocking that covers up the flaws of her legs, but it couldn’t hide the difficulty she had when walking.

Although it was not the first time they had worked together, the person in charge of the incident couldn’t help but feel a sense of pity when he saw Jiang Li’s limping back when she left for the building.

He sighed lightly before talking to himself, “Apart from her personality being a little weird, she’s a pretty maiden, It’s a shame that…”

“Humph!” Before the person in charge could finish speaking, he heard a cold snort coming from beside him. 

Following the sound he saw the maid with widened eyes, staring daggers at him, before responding angrily, “The miss doesn’t need your pity!”

The person in charge was stunned for a moment, before smiling awkwardly[2] and scratching the back of his head, “Ha, ha ha, this is really…”

Chang Sheng Road was located in a remote location, neither having a big business district nor big on schools.

Because of that there wasn’t a lot of people living here, almost all of the resident’s were young people who had just come out to work and were eager to rent the houses as they were cheap.

Because there were very few residents living in the building in the first place.

A simple evacuation and the entire building was vacant.

Jiang Li walked through the quiet corridor, with only the sound of high heels hitting the ground being audible.

The murder scene wasn’t big, it was a one room rental apartment with simple decoration.

As soon as she entered the door, Jiang Li smelt a strong bloody smell.

There was already a man in the house.

He was a handsome man, with a face that had both feminine and masculine features, fair skin,  a long neck and a pair of pupils that seemed cold and uncaring like a winter night.

He was wearing a dark brown western suit, with a silver owl badge on his chest, the shirt’s collar was slightly open and on the collar of the white shirt a rose was embroidered on it.

He seemed like someone that was both poetic and romantic while simultaneously being flirtatious and the personality of a swordsman.

It was such a man that was both “romantic and flirtatious”, when Jiang Li arrived at the scene she could see him squatting at the door of the bedroom eating instant noodles without any care of his image.

The hand holding the fork had the pinky up, gulping down the instant noodles, eating with relish and splashing the soup everywhere.

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It was as if he didn’t care that just a moment ago, there was a corpse lying next door with almost all her blood drained.

Hearing the sound of footsteps coming from the front door, the man put down the instant noodles in his hand, while grabbing a yellow and black flyer and wiped his mouth, raising his head he gave Jiang Li a warm smile.

“Ha! You finally came.
You made me wait for so long until I felt hungry so I ate some food first.
I hope you don’t mind?”

Jiang Li’s eyes showed her disgust, ignoring the man’s pointless question.

“Bai Kai, I’m not on duty tonight.
Yet you asked me to come here.
There must have been a reason.
Tell me, what did you find?”

“Tsk, it’s really offensive to be addressed by my full name by a junior! At least have a bit of formality towards your seniors?” Bai Kai shrugged his shoulders with an aggrieved expression, “What’s more this here senior called you over for your own sake!”

“For my sake?” Jiang Li frowned.

“Of course, isn’t it you whos in charge of hunting down Mu**[3]?”

“Today’s incident is related to Mu**?”

“That’s right.” Bai Kai sat up straight, before taking out a tuft of pale white hair from his pocket and said, “You see, rabbit hair!”

Jiang Li looked at the pale white hair in Bai Kai’s hands, nodding while in thought asking, “Is it that rabbit again?”

Mu** was an urban legend in the city, a type of ghost that was a witch that spread in Hua Cheng.

It is rumored that she is a girl who wears a gorgeous long dress, as if she has come out of a fairy tale.

She would appear at dusk wandering around the city with a parasol.

She would do a series of dissonant screams to those who approached her because of her beauty and those who hear her voice would go insane, losing control of their souls and becoming her loyal servants.

Half a year ago, Jiang Li killed Mu** with her own hands, but recently she seems to be back.

Ghosts most of the time cannot be wiped out in one shot.

As long as there are people who still believe in their existence, they may appear again.

The operatives of the night party can only kill them again and again, preventing them from causing any damage, until they were completely forgotten by people.

And Mr Rabbit was the only one left among the servants created by Mu**.

Recently he has already murdered three people in a row, and the victims were all people with the potential to become psychics.

These people were easy to pick out from ordinary people, because if the ghosts deliberately tries to hide its existence, only psychics or people with the potential to become psychics can see them.

The blood from people with psychic energy is like a drug for those ghosts.
As it can nourish their power growth more than the blood of ordinary people.

“As long as you’re found out, you will be eaten!”

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This sentence that is often said to newcomers in the night party was not just a simple joke.

It was precisely because of Mr Rabbit’s activities that Jiang Li came to the conclusion that Mu** was about to wake up and needed the blood containing psychic energy as a sacrifice to restore her strength!

Bai Kai pouted, “Yes, I know you’ve already killed that rabbit, but as long as there are idiots who believe in this kind of nonsense【The rabbit is the symbol of evil in the medieval time】then won’t he keep on coming back, no?”

“I know what you mean.
But I can always just read the files about tonight’s murder case later on.
I believe you didn’t call me here just to say that right?” Jiang Hao inquired coldly.

“I called you here because I wanted to tell you that I suspect that Mu** hasn’t woken up yet and the recent attacks have nothing to do with her.” Bai Kai continued explaining.
“It’s that rabbit who is trying to accumulate strength, because he wanted to get rid of its master’s control and become a new witch.”

Jiang Li frowned, “Do you have any evidence?”

“Indeed!” Bai Kai raised a finger and said, “First of all, he doesn’t know why, he[4] woke up before its owner, which is very abnormal.”

While speaking, Bai Kai raised a second finger, “Secondly, judging from the residual psychic energy at the scene, it has basically advanced from C-level to B-level.”

“That is to say, if you don’t stop it quickly, a new witch is about to be born in Hua Cheng.
I’m truly curious, what kind of ghost will it become if it successfully advances! I wonder what she[5] would be called, Bloody butcher bunny girl?”

Hearing this, Jiang Li’s complexion darkened.
Every time a witch was fully formed, the lowest psychic energy that the witch would have would be close to Grade A, and the damage it might cause would be unimaginable.

Mu** that Jiang Li had dealt with had only a B-level psychic energy that was close to A-level, but it resulted in the death of hundreds of people.

Therefore, preventing a witch from being born means saving hundreds of lives!

After pondering for a while, Jiang Li nodded slightly, “I understand, I will keep an eye on it.” After speaking, she turned around and limped away.

Looking at Jiang Li’s leaving back, Bai Kai rolled his eyes and muttered, “Such a kind and thoughtful gesture and not even a thank you, how cold!”

“If my son in the future ever wants to find a wife, I definitely can’t let them find someone like this.
What’s the use of being beautiful? Who isnt good looking? Character is the most important thing!”

“Heh, do you have a wife?” Jiang Li’s voice could be heard faintly from the corridor.

Bai Kai’s expression gradually stiffened, his mentality changed and he fell into contemplation.

He realized that he had no children, no wife, even his only friend had already passed away.

His life seemed bleak…

Translator notes

She was only wearing the coat but I couldn’t think of how to add it into the text↵’s supposed to be a mocking smile but that sound kinda strange↵

3. I guess it’s sensored for confidentiality?↵

4.The author uses it but last chapter he used he when describing it also his name is mr rabbit so im just gonna stick to he↵

5.Since the name he gives has girl so I assume when you become a witch you become a girl so i’ll use she?↵

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