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People who have had near death experiences tend to develop into two types of extreme mentality.


It’s either the near death experience makes you not scared of anything and can’t wait to use this useless life and see the entirety of what the world has to offer.


Or you start cherishing your life even more, staying away from danger and living cautiously as if you were trying to extend their life by every single second possible.


Lu Yi Bei, who got seriously injured by the car incident and almost lost his life, belongs to the latter group cherishing this life that he fought tooth and nail to get back. 


If only Lu Yi Bei wasn’t involved in the car accident his life probably would have been a lot better.


From the cafe near the alleyway, Lu Yi Bei walked about 2 to 3 blocks away before stopping to rest for a while.


“Tsk! There’s obviously something wrong with that damn rabbit, fortunately I ran away straight away!”


When he first saw the strange person in the rabbit costume, Lu Yi Bei intended to stay clear of the rabbit, but back then he didn’t know what overcame him, making him walk towards Mr Rabbit and even almost taking the flyer he was handing out.


If it wasn’t for the sharp pain in his eyes making him snap out from that trance he might have already fallen for that damn rabbit’s scheme.


Thinking back about that encounter made Lu Yi Bei suddenly recall a strange rumor about a saleswoman.


Legend has it that there is an exceptionally beautiful saleswoman but people can’t remember what she looks like.
She would warmly and kindly stop people she approached giving them a price list. 


Once someone takes the price list she gave, catastrophe would befall upon them!


Their wallet’s would be emptied!


The items on the price list were completely useless dolls and handiwork while the pricing for  them was simply outrageous.


Anyone that was unlucky enough to take the price list would lose all their money as long as they looked at anything on that price list they would unconsciously buy it spending all the money in their bank accounts, hua bei account[1] and until all their payment accounts have gotten suspended. 


Lu Yi Bei felt that if he had accepted the flyer from that damn rabbit, a similar incident might occur to him.


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It was frankly too terrifying, just thinking about it made his entire body get goosebumps with his hands and feet feeling cold with tears flowing out of his eyes.


Although his deceased father left him with a huge sum of money, even if he didnt work hard he could still live comfortably for the rest of his life, but regardless of how wealthy your family is you still can’t just neglect money.


Ghost rumors were a lot more “poisonous” than microtransactions for in game currency, people selling videos to people with kinks, people who like 2d lolis and men dressing up in women’s clothing. 


Thinking about how he managed to escape from a catastrophe put Lu Yi Bei in a good mood, he was also walking faster than before.


Before he knew it he had already walked a few kilometers and arrived at his apartment near his college.



Stopping in front of the door Lu Yi Bei fished out his keys and inserted it into the keyhole opening the door.


“I’m back……”


In the dimly lit house there was only silence.


He didn’t even know what he was hoping to happen.


If someone did respond, “Welcome back, I’ve already made dinner and the water heater for the shower is already on!” They would be frightened instead right?


Lu Yi Bei muttered to himself while changing into slippers and turning on the lights.


The light illuminated the entire house.


This was one of those loft apartments that were popular nowadays, with the size being no  bigger than 40 square meters. 


It was divided into 2 separate floors, the first floor was the living room while upstairs was where the bathroom and bedroom were located. 


Exposed brick walls, metal piping, tables and chairs made out of walnut wood, the cabinets made covered in old leather, a stylish looking metal art along with typical decoration that you see from a decoration firm.


The whole house looked minimalistic and rough looking giving off a casual vibe.

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Lu Yi Bei turned around and locked the door, before going to a corner of the living room where there lies a Ming Wang statue.


The Ming Wang statue was given by Lu Yi Bei fathers best friend brother Shui.


Brother Shui was not his surname and his name didn’t even have Shui.
His surname was Bai and his name was Kai.


From the day Lu Yi Bei could remember, brother Shui would often come to his house to eat and drink, stealing Lu Yi Bei’s father’s clothes to wear, hiding in the car’s trunk to go with them to  have fun, following his father to the bathroom and scrubbing each other’s backs…


Is that not real love?


Lu Yi Bei thought to himself.


Although it was not a nice way of putting it, He did however suspect that brother shui’s and his father’s relationship was one of true love while the mother whom he hadn’t seen since birth, might have just been an accident!


Brother Shui who was the best friend of Lu Yi Bei’s father, when his father and himself got in a car accident, his father sadly passed away.


Afterwards brother Shui then took great care of Lu Yi Bei following his passing.


After Lu Yi Bei submitted his college application he moved to the already prepared apartment building by his father which was right next to the college, afterwards brother Shui gifted him with a statue, as a congrats of him moving into the apartment saying that the statue was this year’s best selling statue 【the rising sun Ming Wang】saying that it was amazing at warding off evil spirits! 


After seeing the statue for the first time, Lu Yi Bei thought to himself this statue which was similar to atlas carrying the earth on his back[2] but instead of atlas it was Ming Wang carrying a nuclear warhead on his back would have the effect of warding off evil spirits?


Brother Shui explained, “Theres been rumors online about the reason of the appearance of ghosts is because the daylight time has been decreasing due to the sun’s activity declining think about it, the explosion of a hydrogen bomb and the nuclear fusion in the sun is basically the same  fundamentals.
They are very similar so a nuclear warhead is basically a sun!”


As he spoke he made an explosion gesture with his hands.


That means…


That means the name【the rising sun】meant that?


The explanation was quite reasonable and logical, my ass!


Go kneel down and apologize to Ming Wang.

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Although the Ming Wang statue had a lot of flaws, the good will of his senior made Lu Yi Bei have a hard time rejecting the statue.


In the end he reluctantly accepted it, now everyday when he came back he would pray to it and would offer up any extra takeaway he hadn’t eaten.


Anyways he didn’t pay for it might as well believe in it a bit.


After praying to the Ming Wang statue, Lu Yi Bei took off his jacket and threw it at his sofa.


The coat flew towards the sofa and at the same time something fell out from the coat’s pocket falling onto the floor and making a “thud” noise.


It was a piece of paper folded up into a square.


Lu Yi Bei’s attention got attracted by the noise of the folded up paper dropping to the floor.


Stepping forward to pick it up, Lu Yi Bei unfolded it, after reading the contents of the paper his pupils started shrinking and his body was trembling as if he was being zapped with electricity.


“S̲h̲i̲t̲ –! What the hell! What is this? How did it end up like this!?”


In his hand was a black coloured advertisement paper with patterns of rabbits, tea cups and a long table in bright yellow with white lines caused by the folding of the paper made it seem a little messy.


He immediately recognised this advertisement flyer as the flyer Mr Rabbit was handing out!


On the flyer, underneath the patterns and the lines, there was a paragraph of around 100 words. 


As for what the text said…


While Lu Yi Bei glanced at what the text was roughly saying, his eyes suddenly felt a faint burning sensation, his head felt dizzy and he heard faint singing in his ears.


He felt as if something was off, Lu Yi Bei was of the mindset【as long as I don’t see the face of the criminal he probably won’t kill me! 】he made a decision to himself, he didn’t even see the flyer!


His face made it seem like he was not disturbed at all, Lu Yi Bei who was panicking on the inside was frozen for about two seconds, before taking a deep breath to calm down his emotions.


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Afterwards a crackling noise could be heard as he crushed the flyer into a paper ball and threw the paper ball away.


The ball of paper dropped to the floor, as if it was a lively rabbit, jumped up and down a few times, before rolling to the window sill at the corner of the room and was mostly hidden in the shadows.


Under the darkness the twisted yellow line seemed to be emitting a strange aura as if inviting people to look at it.


It was as if it was a young woman with a lot of makeup and a hot body shouting “boss quickly come and play with me I guarantee it’s very interesting!”


Lu Yi Bei’s expression was cold and indifferent.


No, no, that would hurt the body! 


Damn it! Since when did that rabbit…


Wait a minute is it really possible he slipped the flyer into my pocket when I wasn’t looking?


Could it be…… is that possible……


Did he use some mysterious method to put it in my pocket? 


Combined with the fact that under the influence of the rabbit he subconsciously walked towards the rabbit, the more he thought about it the more he felt something was off, making his back feel cold.


No, keeping this thing at home would be a bad omen no matter how he thought about it.


But I can’t just throw it out the window if someone else were to pick this up it would be really bad.


What’s more, since he might have magically put it inside my pocket, if he throws it away it might just come back straight away!


After thinking about it Lu Yi Bei closed his eyes.


Looks like taking care of this would need him to be a little more thorough!

Translator notes

it’s basically china’s paypal↵

2.atlas got punished to hold up the earth on his shoulders for all eternity its greek mythology↵

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