Episode 33.
Heart On A Precipice (1)


“Ah, my dear Princess.
What shall I do so that you will accept my proposal?”


Within the most ornate room was located at the uppermost level of the Esbaden Annex.


Oddly, several voices could be heard from within the room that was obviously meant for only one person.


“I’m willing to dedicate this heart to you too.
Although, of course, I don’t have a heart.”


The husky voice of a man instantly turned into the voice of a beautiful lady.


“Oh, mighty Deity of the Heavens, if your love for me is true, please share a portion of your power with me.”


“My powers are too dangerous for a fragile human such as you to handle.”


“But how am I to believe in your love without a token of your vow? You don’t even have a heart like I do.”


A rag doll moved in time to the ever-changing voice.


The owner of the room, Margaret, was lying on the bed with wide opened eyes, and watched the puppet show unfolding at her feet eagerly.


“Very well.
In that case, I’ll bestow upon you five different kinds of authorities as a wedding present.”


“What kind of authority would you be giving me?”


“The authority to wield the greatest power that exists in this world.
Water, fire, wind, and all the flora that grows on this land would move based on the will of you and the children you birth.”


The male rag doll dressed in red silk cloth hugged the other doll all of a sudden.


It was a pretty doll, with hair that’s made of black threads and ambers were embedded in the place of buttons for eyes.


“And the children born to us will also share in your power one by one.”


“Ahh, my mighty Deity.
Our marriage will indeed be full of blessings!”


A pair of dainty rag dolls hugged each other and began to kiss wildly.


“Ahahaha, what’s that!”


When Margaret burst into laughter at the sight, the puppeteer controlling the dolls appeared.


It was Dooha.


“Was it enjoyable?”


“Yeah, it was really interesting.”


She may look like an old lady, but her soul remained as a curious and naive young girl.


The dissonance between her body and soul was a symptom of an illness, but Dooha didn’t necessarily think unfavourably of the situation.


At least, as Margaret had returned to her twelve-year-old self at this moment, she was genuinely happy.


Of course, those that remembered her present would be very sad.


It had already been half a month since Dooha sneaked into the annex where Margaret was staying at, and formed a connection with her.


Half a month’s time was enough for the two to become friends. 


“Is it a story that’s passed down in Bashal?”


“Yes, it’s a story about how the five tribes of Bashal came to be.”


Dooha answered Margaret’s question cordially.


There were five tribes in Bashal.


Tribe of water, tribe of fire, tribe of wind, tribe of earth, and the tribe of flora.


They were the descendants of god and human that was mentioned in the myths reenacted by Dooha, and each had different attributes of the ‘power of nature’.


“Dooha is from the tribe of wind, right? So can you control the wind?”


Dooha smiled proudly at Margaret, who remembered everything she had said before she started the puppet show.


However, it doesn’t mean that I can do something incredible just because I can handle the wind.”


“Then, what can you do?”


“I can read the flow of the wind, as well as the information carried by the wind.”


Dooha perched on the bed and held up the dolls.


“What about lifting light objects into the air?”


When Dooha let go of the doll, it was surprising that the doll remained floating in the air instead of falling to the floor.


Margaret covered her mouth with her hands and blinked rapidly.


“Oh my gosh.
It’s like magic.”


“Right? But this is only achieved with my willpower, so it’s difficult to maintain it for a long period of time or use a lot of force.”


As soon as Dooha finished speaking, the doll fell onto the duvet with a plop.


Margaret made a disappointed face as she looked at the doll that had fallen down.


“What’s wrong?”


“The willpower of humans isn’t as strong as we think it is.”


Willpower was only displayed when there was something that you desperately wanted.


Possessing strong desires and aspirations, humans are animals that’s full of greed. 


“When controlling wind, one must have a will that’s strong enough to move a portion of the natural wind.”


However, since humans would usually wish for too many things, it was very difficult to gather their will for a single matter. 


“It’s also a matter of concentration.”


“I see.
Although I’m not too sure about what you mean, it’s something very difficult anyways, right?”




“In that case, Dooha is an incredible person, to be able to pull off such a difficult matter.”


Dooha’s eyes widened at Margaret’s words.


It has been a long time since she’d heard anyone say she was incredible.


“…It’s very kind of you to say so.”


“I’m being honest, cough—!”


Just then, Margaret suddenly started to clear her throat like her throat was stifled.


Surprised, Dooha sat down closely beside her.


“Are you alright?”


“Uhhm, it’s because there’s something stuck in my throat these days.
It wasn’t like that before though.”


Margaret continued to cough as she spoke.


“Cough cough, anyways, I’m having a lot of fun recently thanks to Dooha.”


She gave a faint smile with a pale complexion.


“These days, I keep waiting for Dooha to appear, even in my dreams.”


“…I also enjoy meeting and chatting with Margaret the most these days.”


Dooha grabbed the frail hand that approached her.


“It’s alright for you to lie down and chat with me if you’re tired, Margaret.”


“But I learned that lying down in front of a guest isn’t polite.”


“I’m a friend, not a guest, so it’s fine.”




Margaret looked startled, before laying down on the bed with a delighted look on her face.


“It’s my first time having a friend.”


“Is that so?”


“Yes, I didn’t have any friends, so I played with my older brothers.
But they said that it wasn’t fun to play with me.”


“You had older brothers?”


“Yes, Eldest Older Brother and Little Older Brother.”


Margaret laid down on her bed and talked about her own story.


“Both of them were good at swordsmanship.
I also wanted to learn swordsmanship, but my father forbidden me from learning, and so I couldn’t learn.
Apparently it’s because girls don’t learn things like that.”


As Margaret talked about her own story, deep sighs appeared from her mouth. 


“As such, I had to do boring needlework everyday.
I hated embroidery the most in the world.”


Dooha seemed to sympathise with her grumbling, and laughed softly.


“I, too, find archery more interesting than embroidery.”


“Dooha knows how to shoot arrows?”


“Yes, in Bashal, everyone is taught archery from an early age, regardless of gender.”


“I envy you.
I want to learn, too!”


“In that case, I’ll bring along a practice bow next time.”


“What? Really?”


When Dooha nodded her head, Margaret smiled broadly.


“Great! I can also learn archery now.”


Although she said that it was a practice bow, the item Dooha was thinking of was a toy bow that an old lady would be able to draw back with her strength.


It’s because she didn’t want to overwork the old lady’s joints and muscles.


“Uhm, but will Leon get mad if he finds out about it?”


“It’ll be fine as long as we don’t get caught.”




Margaret blinked her eyes slowly, like she was sleepy.


It seemed that it was time for her to return. 


“Then, I’ll see you again after you’ve slept two nights, Margaret.”


“Uhm, two nights.
See you.


Margaret immediately fell asleep at the feeling of a hand pulling the blanket up to her chin. 


Dooha watched her for a moment, before heading towards the window.


“Why don’t you go in and meet her in person, instead of hiding and watching like that each time?”


At Dooha’s words, the man that was perched on the window tilted his head.


The striking ruby earrings that glimmered became symbolistic of him. 


“It’s because I haven’t prepared my heart.”


Dooha watched as he continued to avoid her eyes with a despondent smile, and let out a sigh. 


It has already been half a month since she first trespassed the annex, and it was also half a month since she began hanging out with the Duke’s sly cousin. 


On the day that Dooha first entered the annex, the condition she had raised for Daniel to gain her forgiveness was none other than this. 


To use his magic to aid her in entering and exiting the annex. 


Thanks to that, Dooha discovered more things about Margaret and Daniel.


“Are you really not going to see her?”


“It’s enough for me to ascertain that Grandmother is healthy for the time being.  It’s still hard to see her face.” 


“I heard that your grandmother was the one that raised you in your parents’ stead.
But why are you keeping your distance?”


Dooha continued to speak on behalf of Daniel, who didn’t respond.


“Come to think of it, the Duke is also quite strange.
To think that he would restrict the cousin that he had grown up with under his grandmother’s care from entering. 


It was even more surprising that Leonhart and Daniel were brought up together from a very young age by their grandmother.


She was so surprised to hear about that from Daniel a few days ago. 


“That’s something unavoidable.
It’s because Leon hates me.”


“So, why does he hate you?”


At Dooha’s question, Daniel smiled bitterly like he had recalled something unpleasant. 


“It’s because I made a huge mistake.”


“A huge mistake?”


Daniel didn’t say anything.


As Dooha stared at his silent side profile, stretched her arms on the windowsill and opened her mouth. 


“Well, it’s a little iffy for me to say something when it’s between the two of you…”


Wind began to appear from somewhere and her silver hair fluttered in the air.


“Whatever the reason is, it is better to not hold back in expressing to your loved ones.
It’s because it’s impossible for that person to be with you forever.”


Dooha’s soft but firm shoulders looked sorrowful for some reason.


Just like a person that has lost someone precious before.


“So when Daniel has a chance to, you should meet and converse with your grandmother frequently.”


Dooha immediately pretended to be nonchalant and pushed his shoulder lightly with a fist.


“Even if he’s the Duke, he doesn’t have the right to keep you from seeing your grandmother.
That’s why you should stay there confidently.”


Daniel lowered his gaze to the refreshing smile that hung on her lips. 


“How strange.”


For some reason, his green eyes became misty. 


“The Madam was definitely in the dark…”


He should have felt irritated when a person that didn’t know anything commented rudely.


Why did he feel comforted by the words that were easily flung out?


At the same time, questions were also raised in his mind.


Would that woman be able to say the same words to him if she knew of the truth? 


“Madam is such a mysterious person.”




“It’s time for you to return.”


Daniel ignored Dooha’s questioning gaze, held her hand and raised it.


“In that case, I’ll see you in two nights, Madam.”


Unlike usual, he had a captivating smile.

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