When Zhou Qingyun told other professors about this later.

Still unbelievable: ”For a moment, I think he is an eighteen-year-old young man, he seems to be full of philosophical Zen… ”

But in person, he still maintained a professor-like attitude and looked up and down: ”In the future, lets talk about it later, what happened to your throat, did you get hurt? ”

The surrounding performers were all surprised. Is this a damaged voice?

What is it like not to be hurt!

Jing Xiaoqiang thought for a while: ”Before… a while ago, I seemed to be a little uncomfortable, as if I was scorched by smoke. ”

Most of the people in the fire were suffocated to death by the destruction of the respiratory tract, so at the sunset, his throat was still a little uncomfortable, and he was not used to it, so he could only play the organ and hum.

Zhou Qingyun actually showed a bit of joy: ”Thats right! Can you sing the female part, try it out, what can you sing? ”

Jing Xiaoqiang was also interested: ”Uh…Has der h?lle rache in Mozarts The Magic Flute Act 2 Scene 3 rehearsed? ”

Before he pronounced the German word sound, the people around him were already hilarious!

The last of Mozarts four operas in his life is also the most exciting one. After writing it, he lived in embarrassment, suffered from illness, and died of depression.

But the best ”revenge flame ” in the comedy is the hysterical rant of a grudge.

Imagine the hysterical, diabolical coloratura that sings out, elevating the vocals to astonishing heights with a soprano!

Those shrews on the streets of the village, wake up! Be ashamed!

Listen to what the highest level of scolding is!

Zhou Qingyun is the most accomplished student, that is, he can sing, but how does he sing?

Alas, not to mention comparing with Europe and America, the little day next door… the little devils who have a good life can hang us.

This is like a foreigner singing Peking Opera, the pronunciation of the language alone becomes a problem.

Zhou Qingyun was stunned: ”Do you know how to speak fluently?! ”

Authentic opera should be sung in Italian. The principle is still the same as Peking opera. You can translate it into any language and sing it, but the original is the authentic one, right?

The artistic expression form of opera and aria was born around Italian language.

Even Cantonese is more conducive to singing than Mandarin.

So learning opera must first learn authentic Italian language, which is a threshold.

Of course, Broadway is dominated by musicals and musicals, but opera, as the pinnacle of orthodox music and bel canto, is definitely an important part of Broadway performances.

Top masters must dabble in various genres, not to mention that Hudelsson originally came from opera.

So Jing Xiaoqiang said, ”A little bit… ”

Few people saw him pretending to be aggressive, because everyone in the symphony orchestra turned around and rushed to their instruments, urging to find the score of this aria!

Remember, this is a soprano, and few women can sing it.

come on man…

And he is still a male who has passed the voice change period at the age of 18.

Zhou Qingyun had guesses, but he didn expect that a hoe dug up a gold ingot, no, it was the night pearl, no, more advanced, it was the Heshi jade.

His voice trembled, and he grabbed Jing Xiaoqiangs sleeves with both hands: ”Sing well, sing well, is there any discomfort in your throat now? If its not stable, don force it, and gradually use your voice scientifically… ”

Jing Xiaoqiang snapped his fingers: ”Just try it, okay? ”

There was a riot of soldiers complaining: ”How can it be so simple, there is no sheet music, and you have to go out to copy, you should say it earlier… ”

Jing Xiaoqiang rolled his eyes: ”How can there be so much trouble, forget it, Ill play it myself. ”

He was really curious about what happened to his voice. Hudelsson must be a top singer, and opera and musicals are his main business.

But soprano is not his category, Jing Xiaoqiang just feels that his voice is eager to try.

Theres almost a lot of music stands that tip over to the ground, and you play it yourself? !

It means that not only do you think you can sing devil coloratura in Italian, you can play the piano, but you can still remember this score?

The part-time musicians who have never seen Jing Xiaoqiang play the piano all started booing: ”Isn it?! Brother Xiaoqiang! ”

Jing Xiaoqiang struggled to pull his floral shirt out of the middle-aged female professors claws, and lifted up his baggy beach pants before sitting down in front of the grand piano in the rehearsal hall.

Even a training piano, as an asset of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, is already very high-end.

He had to get acquainted with it again, and it looked like he hadn played for a long time.

The pianist complained: ”Or else, you still have to mute the score and I will play it, but I can find the score for a while… ”

This is the age without computers and smartphones.

It is also the old Jianghu group of Xicheng Theater who can do it well. Jing Xiaoqiang took a deep breath and spread out his hands, closing his eyes and recalling.

The fingers that fell were much softer than in the classroom of the hometown middle school.

Even if there are flaws in the pianists view, and the fingers and wrists are a little stiff, but that is definitely the reason for the lack of practice, the core is accurate!

Scene 3 is actually more suitable for orchestral expression. The drummer hurriedly followed, and a violinist who probably remembered the score followed.

The gloomy atmosphere before the storm quickly builds up.

Zhou Qingyun excitedly beat the beat next to her…

It was the resentful woman who coaxed her daughter to kill someone, and Zhou Qingyun couldn help but close her eyes and act.

Jing Xiaoqiang snorted a few words with his nose to find the tune, and then reached the classic climax. When he opened his mouth, he pointed at his daughter in anger…

Countless ah ah ah rushing short jumps in one breath!

The whole process is shrill to the extreme ah ah ah ah, but each one seems to be pronounced in falsetto, but it is unpredictable!

Its like jumping on the tip of a needle!

In fact, it has been repeated twice. Even if you don understand Italian or Bel Canto opera, if you have heard the aria at the peak of the opera once, you will lie in your heart. Is this still a human being?

It feels as if a nightingale is singing and chirping in the dark forest!

All the professional performers in the rehearsal hall held their breath, for fear of interrupting the acrobatics on the tip of the needle!

I am worried that the vocal cords may be pulled at any time and become a piercing noise…

But the treble in front of you is transparent and clean, and the rhythm is not chaotic!

But it didn last long. Ah, after singing two words in Italian language, Jing Xiaoqiang began to have turbulent airflow.

Zhou Qingyun quickly reached out and held down the keys: ”Okay, okay! Okay, okay, take care of it… ”

Just a thoracic resonance tightened the lung capacity of the now thin teenager.

Who can sing this kind of thing is not a round waist and a broad back.

Seeing Jing Xiaoqiang standing up, who was still very sloppy, the performers couldn help but applaud in unison!

Zhou Qingyuns expression is, what else are you learning, how about you go to my place and teach other graduate students?

When something like talent reaches the top level, you will be able to do it. If you can teach it, you will never be able to climb up.

This is like a coach, go and tell Messi that you can dribble, I will teach you, or tell Jordan that you need to improve when you are stuck in the air…

Can do it.

Genius is that all norms stand aside, and there is only one growth path.

Jing Xiaoqiang still works out in his heart…

He was really interested in singing a few more lines, but his body couldn keep up. At that time, he felt like he was going to have tuberculosis.

Now Im a little bit unfinished, and Ill follow the bel canto to say two words of my sun…

Thick and loud!

What a tenor!

Although he can speak loud and clear, he is immediately out of breath.

But still let the crowd applaud and remember half an hour ago, this guy sang the hoarse Brian Adams.

What is this fat thing?

Jing Xiaoqiang was a little puzzled himself: ”Before… I couldn , sopranos couldn sing… ”

Zhou Qingyun explained to him: ”You are eighteen years old, right… Boys should gradually become wider at this age, the amplitude of the vocal cords will become slower, and the voice will become thicker, but you are injured and inflamed and swollen for some reason during this period of vocal cord convergence, such as persistent Some peoples voices will become shrill, and there are even a few more magical ones that are particularly clear and tactful… ”

Someone who knows vocal music: ”Its a fake female voice… ”

Zhou Qingyun nodded: ”Men can not only find their own bass range, but also imitate the female voice to sing in reverse, whether it is a soprano or a tenor, there is no problem. Many professional colleges in Europe are cultivating this kind of innate condition. There is also a lot of chance in adolescence, and then a lot of professionally trained fake female voice masters are needed later. ”

Another nodded frequently: ”Oh, this training is very difficult, this kind of combination of genius and partial talent, as long as you can freely control the amplitude of the vocal cords, you can perform songs in the full vocal range, and you can surpass other genres from the beginning. ”

Zhou Qingyun cherished: ”Its very difficult, before this extremely rare false female voice can be scientifically cultivated, in the darkest part of the history of Eastern and Western music, whether it is the church choir or the Qing Dynasty singing and dancing couples, they were all achieved through surgery. ”Xiao Jing is obviously not. ”

Jing Xiaoqiang suddenly felt that the entire rehearsal hall, both men and women, all focused their attention on his crotch!

Of course he understood what it meant, I was not a castrato!

You music learners drive the little train at every turn!

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