Jing Xiaoqiang knows how to spend money. In the past few days, he got more than 1,000 yuan. He first spent 300 yuan to go to the gym of a nearby foreign-related hotel to get a monthly card.

The business center of Renjia Hotel said that in addition to foreign guests, it is rare for citizens to apply for cards.

This is a months salary for many people!

So he lived a very regular fitness meal, and the life of a breeder with meals and fitness.

But rehearsing with the band for a fixed two hours a day is a basic professional ethics.

He got used to it when he was at the West City Theater.

However, because this is the rehearsal hall of the symphony orchestra, there are complete administrative scheduling exercises during the day. Part-time musicians can only queue for a while before going to work at 9:00 in the morning, mainly for an hour after lunch.

This is because Jing Xiaoqiangs two songs are interesting and marketable, so everyone condescended to line up with them.

You can play any song in a dance hall at ordinary times.

And the symphony dance hall used to be a ballroom dance like three steps and four steps. Now, when you go to disco, the requirements for rhythm coordination are higher, and the instruments required are more complicated, and the main reason is that everyone has increased their money.

Therefore, Jing Xiaoqiang would go to the rehearsal hall in advance after morning exercise every day to help push out large items such as the piano, which is regarded as strength training.

But he wouldn play on the piano of the orchestra in the rehearsal hall. No matter how itchy his hands were, Antonio couldn afford to lose him.

People have been pampered as a genius since childhood.

At most, Jing Xiaoqiang just silently watched the simulation on his lap, and regarded it as a dead hand. In the future, when he had money, he would buy one to satisfy his own interests.

But the contracted dance hall has a musical talent, and this topic must have spread in the symphony orchestra.

Although everyone in the Huhai Symphony Orchestra was called a genius at some stage, except for the handyman who carried the cleaning.

But the genius to Jing Xiaoqiang is still very strange.

First of all, the song ”lambada ” was recognized by the troupe of the exhibition as a Bolivian folk song, and the lyrics were recomposed.

Although it is bizarre to sing in Portuguese, it is the only way to be authentic, and in places like Shanghai and Shanghai, there are people who come and go everywhere in Shiliyangchang, and it is not impossible for young sailors to live there.

But ”Gangnam Style ” is very shocking. The refreshing composition structure, the skilled and atmospheric rhythm, and the handy rap interspersed are all breathtaking.

Then listen to the introduction of these musicians, the most outrageous is this 18-year-old young man, who is precise and sensitive to the arrangement of various instruments in the whole piece!

For example, in the later singing shows, the same song, if you find different masters to re-arrange the instruments, rhythm, and interpretation methods, you can get completely different effects.

At present, China is still in a stage of opening its doors, being pulled apart by serious music from Europe and the United States, and pop music is still unable to catch up.

Several composers and arrangers have analyzed this piece under various conditions and couldn help but come over to watch it.

The result was even more surprising, because at most the musicians sounded like singing voices with better pitch, while the arrangers and composers heard some hidden skills from it!

Still not sure, I quietly found a singing professor from a nearby music college to confirm.

Jing Xiaoqiang didn know. When he went to the gym in the morning, he thought about it and decided on the third song.

In fact, it can be seen from this song that he didn want to do anything big at all, but just took out the familiar classic songs in his mind to deal with it.

This summer vacation, maybe five or six songs can handle the past.

When he returned to the bands site after dinner outside, the old concierge handed him the door key, and he could rent a bungalow with a stove for 200 yuan.

Jing Xiaoqiang thanked him again and again. He already felt that it was very necessary to precisely supplement carbohydrates and proteins.

So when he walked into the rehearsal hall, he was in a good mood. He didn notice that three or five men and women wearing black-rimmed glasses or sunglasses were sitting mysteriously in the corner of the rehearsal hall fiddling with the tape recorder.

Several musicians who got the admonition pretended to say hello: ”Do you still sing ”Jiangnan Style ”? You need to add some arrangement effects. ”

Jing Xiaoqiang pushed it to the original singer: ”Brian Adams wrote a song for Hollywood this year, and a friend of mine sent it to me. I practiced this today, its better for ballroom dancing, so as not to be disco all night. . ”

”i do it for you ”.

In fact, it should not be until next year that this song will become popular with ”Robin Hood ” as the theme song.

It won an Oscar nomination and a bunch of awards in one fell swoop, becoming one of the classic love songs in Hollywood history.

Jing Xiaoqiang casually picked it up, mainly because he really didn know much about domestic songs.

The eyes of a few musicians lit up at once, and someone immediately grabbed a pen and paper to prepare a record.

But even more eye-catching are the experts who secretly control the tape recorder.

Because this seems to confirm some of their guesses.

Bryan Adams has been a hit for years, or he wouldn have gotten the chance to sing the theme song for one of Hollywoods biggest blockbusters.

Mainly because of the emotional rock stars voice, which is unique, rough, hoarse, and affectionate, which is very different from Jing Xiaoqiangs previous singing, which had no significant features.

This guy still thinks about where to get it as usual, doesn bother to write a score in advance, just takes the microphone and sings a cappella.

The guitarist and drummer hurriedly took the seat in silence, even if they didn know what to sing, it was a basic skill to cooperate to give a sense of rhythm.

Sure enough, when Jing Xiaoqiang sang the first sentence, the vicissitudes of life that was later known as the smokey voice reverberated in the rehearsal hall immediately.

Except for the musician who picked up the score, everyone else, including the few next to the tape recorder, widened their eyes and straightened their waists.

Song and dance dramas are not so profound. For example, Jacky Cheungs ultimate dream is to sing his classic songs in musical dramas.

It is nothing more than expressing a story with singing and dancing, so the singers of musicals often have to superimpose some physical performance skills.

Jing Xiaoqiang was very involved, he didn pay attention to the reactions of the people around him at all, he just wanted to act out the way he wanted.

The singing was lingering, and the musicians who had been on a lunch break this time came over and crowded at the door. Some of them were familiar with the vocal music professor here, and they nodded their heads from a distance.

But the attention was on the singing young man.

At this moment, everyone did not regard it as a dance hall rehearsal, such a slow rock full of emotional charm, a voice full of penetrating and emotional rendering power, beautiful!

Brian Adams himself was a geek who never went to professional school.

Everyone is an expert from the conservatory of music, even if they are separated from the singing major, they will appreciate it.

Is this a natural good voice?

Not really!

Vocal music professor Zhou Qingyun closed his eyes and tapped the beat gently, becoming more and more sure of his judgment.

Jing Xiaoqiang immersed himself in it, and involuntarily made the dynamic of playing the guitar. Many people were familiar with the plucked instruments, and it seemed that his finger movements were wrong.

Probably not…

But it shouldn be. The pronunciation and articulation are all at this level. There must be a beat or accompaniment practice. The guitar is the most common tool.

These must have never seen Jing Xiaoqiangs first song actually beat a tambourine.

So at the end of the song, the guitarist suggested to him: ”Play the rhythm with a bass first, and the performance will be better… ”

This kind of soulful slow rock, its really boring to just stand there and sing, Jing Xiaoqiang nodded.

Just as he was about to take it over and try it out, Zhou Qingyun had already squeezed in: ”lady, where did you learn vocal music? ”

From how she felt, it couldn be natural.

Afraid that young people would be impolite, a musician immediately introduced: ”Mr. Zhou Qingyun is the leader of the Shanghai Music Vocal and Opera Department, the director of the domestic youth music talent base, and a first-level professor… ”

Jing Xiaoqiang understands the painstaking efforts of holding the bell: ”Hello, Im just here to do odd jobs. Im going to the drama school. ”

There was a sigh all around.

Boys who are tall and can sing and dance like this will definitely make more money in acting, and the music school is indeed much more difficult.

Zhou Qingyun didn give up: ”The Conservatory of Music can help you improve your level in all directions, whether its a singer or an opera route… ”

Jing Xiaoqiang held back his laughter: ”No, I studied stage art, stage art… Specifically, it may be a stage makeup major. ”

I have learned stage design in my last life. How can I draw a gourd again in the same way? I must learn something new.

He intends to testify how different his experience as a makeup artists union high commissioner on Broadway over the years has been different.

Theres a lot of shit around here…

The Conservatory of Music has seen countless talented people, but it is absolutely rare that talented people don care so much.

Zhou Qingyun was civilized and said bitterly: ”You have a high talent and a good technical foundation. You must learn vocal performance, otherwise its really a pity! ”

Jing Xiaoqiang, who was praised for his stage design in the last life, laughed: ”I learned it, then what? ”

Zhou Qingyun said smoothly: ”Only can you stand on a higher and more shining stage! ”

Jing Xiaoqiang still said: ”And then? ”

The vocal music professor finally paid attention: ”I can let more people appreciate the charm of music! ”

Jing Xiaoqiang smiled gently: ”Isn it right now? ”

At the age of fifty-six, Professor Zhou, who was already full of peaches and plums, was stunned.

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