Huhai is very particular even if it is a gangster, and it does not stay overnight.

If you say you want to engage in Lennon, then you will immediately get Lennon to open the soft file.

Before eleven oclock, Jing Xiaoqiang had already left work as usual and transferred to the wonton stall on the street behind the dance hall.

It is just a few square meters on the corner of the alley. There is no decoration in the store, and a few movie posters are pasted on the wall to cover the dirty old house.

But the tables and chairs were clean, and together with the stove at the door, there was the inevitable oily shine of things that have been used for a long time.

In the gloom of summer nights with a tempting food shop fragrance.

It may be from the background of the stage set. Jing Xiaoqiang likes this kind of scene very much, and it has a different life atmosphere from Pingjing in his memory.

I ordered the small wontons directly and stood at the door watching the boss cook the pot. The lady boss buried her head and wrapped the wontons neatly next to her.

But in just a few seconds, the slender man who always held the long chopsticks and the bamboo fence was tense all over his body, and his eyes were terrified.

The former stage designer and makeup artist habitually observed the appearance of these characters at any time. The slender man had pockmarks on his face, a strong beard with sparse hair, and an apron with blue sleeves. He stood straight and moved quickly, so his expression changed obviously.

When he turned his head, the narrow alleys and alleys were surrounded by dark shadows with ill-will.

Not at all reminiscent of them being diners.

Jing Xiaoqiang stretched out his hand to remind the boss: ”Be softer later, its not good for digestion… ”

With this action, I took a pair of convenient chopsticks from the bamboo tube beside the stove.

Pulled out the plastic wrap, bit it in his mouth and turned around.

I could vaguely see that on the street more than ten meters away, it was the manager of the dance hall who was pointing fingers.

But the young men who approached him kept silent, crowding him into the alley next to him.

Jing Xiaoqiang suddenly laughed in his heart, expert!

Those who have to scold the streets before starting are the young and the bewildered, the little gangsters.

Because you want to boost yourself up by yelling and scolding yourself, and instigate your blood to go up.

Standard professional hands-on do not need these.

He also walked into the alley without saying a word, almost surrounded by half…

In the dark alley, there was a muffled sound of flesh and blood colliding.

The chopsticks and fences held by the slender man were shaking, and the lady boss with a winter melon face buried her head hard and didn dare to look at the street.

Who would have thought that Jing Xiaoqiang would shake his hands vigorously in a short while, and keep rubbing his arms out, it hurts too much!

With a thin stature, he simply does not have the understated fighting ability of his 30s or 40s.

Really need to eat more and practice more!

Standing in front of the stunned boss, he was already drooling a little: ”Add more vinegar… ”

The cheap wooden chopsticks are still in the mouth, vague.

However, I heard hurried footsteps behind me, and when I turned my head, this time someone was holding something in their hands!

Through the incandescent lamp at the entrance of the food shop, you can see that it is a very popular butterfly knife in recent movies and TV. It is extremely thin and sharp, which makes people shudder!

And with the footsteps rushing up, it is still spinning and flying in the hand!

It is like a silver light covering the hand, and at first glance, it is a trained swordsman!


As a result, just as he was approaching, Jing Xiaoqiang suddenly rushed forward and punched him in the face!

In addition to his own inertia, Jing Xiaoqiangs leopard-like rush forward, and his fist face joints are just right.

The swordsmans eyes widened, and it was written why you didn follow the rules, I haven stood firm yet and finished showing off…

Unwillingly, he fainted and fell down, and the shiny knife was still on the pavement floor tiles listening to Ling clattering a few times.

The person behind was stunned, took out a watermelon knife from the folded newspaper in his hand, and slashed it!

Only then did Jing Xiaoqiang stretch out his hand to bite the convenient chopsticks in his mouth and pull them apart, and he continued to meet them with his feet!

But at the moment of getting close, there is a fast sideways dodge, avoiding the silver dazzling knife light, and the torn sharp tip of the chopsticks on the right half has slammed into the arm!

The so-called practiced means that you have rich fighting experience and are familiar with various coping routines.

The opponent is so desperate to open and close, he is brave, and he has no defense at all.

Instead, under the inducement of Jing Xiaoqiang deliberately coming up, he was suddenly dodged and thrown into the air.


The whole body is equivalent to Jing Xiaoqiangs side, and there is even a kind of slow-motion loss of balance. This guy just felt a severe pain in his arm muscles, and his feet have been tripped!

And it is the kind of heavy hooking of the ankle and lifting it up!

The action of raising the knife and slashing seemed to be fierce and fierce, but as a result, he was thrown up and down, his hands and feet flew, and his entire face was smashed to the ground!

The watermelon knife slammed and flew away.

The knifeman who turned over with difficulty was bloodied and dazed.

However, his throat let out a beast-like howl, and he squeezed the chopsticks in his arms, terrified!

Jing Xiaoqiang only listened to the sound of the other partys thumping on the ground, without looking back.

Facing the last strong man in his thirties, Tui spat out half of the chopsticks in his mouth.

Spreading out his hands like he wanted to play with wild animals, he squatted with his knees in small steps, his arms and fingers kept bouncing…

As if to say, come on, come and play!

I will accompany you to the end!

From the beginning to the end, no one said a word or uttered a word, but these few times when the rabbit rose and fell were really tight.

Everything shows that this tall and thin young man is a trainer.

In fact, Jing Xiaoqiang is constantly relaxing the muscles and activating blood, and the arms, wrists, and fingers that have not been systematically practiced are all full of pain.

But the momentum cannot be lost. At this time, it is like a ferocious beast biting, directly facing the opponent.

The man in his thirties is already timid!

Before standing next to the manager of the dance hall with two brothers, I thought they were waiting for a bunch of younger brothers to beat and kick such a singing guy, and they all fled to Vart.

As a result, even holding a knife could not solve it.

The old-fashioned people in the urban area are still not going to live or die, and some are trying to make money and gain benefits, which is very different from the sturdy and tough people in poor mountains and bad waters.

Besides, the 1990s was the peak period for rectifying hooliganism across the country, and there were not so many outlaws.

Bullying a good man and a woman is a skillful business.

Now when I meet a hard stubble, I know that I can kick the steel plate.

Jing Xiaoqiang looked at his dodging eyes and swept over coldly, seeing the face of the manager of the dance hall who had already dropped his cigarettes in shock.

Approached very humiliatingly, pinched each others chin, and slapped him twice.

The so-called slap in the face without slapping the face, the other party may think that this is deliberately humiliating himself, but he is relieved and quickly relents: ”Wrong, wrong, let me go, there will never be such a thing again… ”

Before he finished speaking, he realized that the hand holding his chin was actually to fix his face or measure the distance!

The other hand hits his old face with a preserved egg!

Half of his face was swollen with exaggerated pain, and he still didn cry out.

I only felt that my jaw was loosened, and I received another punch on my stomach, which was completely boring!

The whole person vacated like a prawn, and only kicked his legs when he fell to the ground.

To die To die!

Jing Xiaoqiang turned his head, the strong man who didn dare to take advantage of the opportunity at this time was completely scared, he clasped his fists and moved away: ”This scumbag asked us to come, we don know Mount Tai with our eyes, and the well water won make the river water in the future, but well come here. . ”

Jing Xiaoqiang endured the pain in his hands and feet, and returned to the shop with a cold face and calmness. The wontons in the pot were just not so hot.

It was only when I picked it up to eat that I realized that my paws were shaking badly…

Not afraid, this fleshly body is really not good.

This adrenaline secretion can stand it.

Really need to practice.

But the next day the entire dance hall circle was in an uproar.

Wenfeng Song and Dance Hall is the most mixed place. That Mr. Wen, who always calls everyone a brother and sister, actually appeared in front of everyone with half blue eyes and cheeks.

Countless people witnessed him making a loud noise in the symphony orchestra dance hall. He wanted to give that Xiaobi a meal, but he ended up eating a seafood dinner?

And it is said that he is most familiar with him, and the gang of ruthless corners over the railway line are all back and lying down now.

Some good people went to ask the boss over there, and they asked if they had the ability to fight others by themselves.

If you can beat it, you have to lie down!

This is the rule for people who come and go in Huhai City. If there is no stalker who insists on killing people, it is not worth it.

The news spread from Wenfeng Dance Hall to other houses. Many people went to Wenfeng to watch the diorama, and then went to the symphony orchestra to see this handsome guy who can sing and play!

You must know that Wenfeng Song and Dance Hall was the first to launch the night disco, and the gangsters also began to gather here first.

Basically, people from all areas of Shanghai and Shanghai play in this venue, because girls who are looking for freshness and excitement like disco.

Here is a collection of beautiful women from all over Shanghai, all kinds of three religions and nine streams, flight attendants, golden birds, and school girls.

Now they all go to the symphony orchestra dance hall.

The latest songs, the most lively venues… and an inexplicable sense of security.

Anyway, everyone in Wenfeng Dance Hall was waiting to see the joke and see who was going to challenge it.

But at this time, another group of people was eyeing Jing Xiaoqiang.

Gentle professors.

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