I really don’t want to fight with gods

6. Bombing that touches the soul

Jing Xiaoqiang used to be a force for struggle.

In the last life, he completed four years of choreography in Pingjing and became the earliest Beijing drifter.

Because the luck of the network is mediocre, the frustration and depression that I haven displayed my talents in various crews and stages for a few years.

Coupled with the loss of love and unemployment, and struggling to go abroad, I thought of Broadway, the highest palace of musicals, to prove myself.

What about in the end?

The most afraid of asking the original intention, the dream will come to nothing.

Young and determined to three thousand miles, hesitant to take a hundred steps without an inch.

Mediocre world, half life ignorant.

Waking up in a trance and falling back into a dream, the house remains the same, Gaotang has no gray hair, but wrinkles quietly appear on the brows.

Just sigh time is too fast.

Turn ideals into ideals.

It is not as easy as earning money to buy a house in a down-to-earth way.

In this life, parents must also live comfortably early.

Ashamed, he didn even dare to face his parents.

Take the time to get on the train to Shanghai, and you can slowly clarify your thoughts.

He actually only vaguely remembers the domestic situation in the 1990s.

After he went abroad in 1998, he was occasionally aware of fragments through the Internet, and he didn like to surf the Internet and cared about whether there were some or not.

It wasn until a certain sound brushed all the short videos to the other side of the ocean that he knew the earth-shaking changes after 30 years.

So all Jing Xiaoqiang can know is to buy a house.

Especially in Shanghai, the benchmark for soaring housing prices.

If you come to Shanghai one day earlier, you may be able to solve wealth and freedom one day earlier.

Who knows when prices will start to rise.

So when I got out of the train station, the first thing I did when I landed was to buy a stack of newspapers and look for the real estate information on it.

”…In January of this year, 11,000 housing units were sold in the Shanghai residential market, less than one-tenth of which were sold, the buildings were not bought, and hundreds of thousands of square meters of new housing were empty. ”

”The reason is that it is expensive. The highest price per square meter has reached 2,300 yuan, which is staggering. ”

”A college student has been shrinking and dieting every day since he started working, and saving 50 yuan a month is the maximum limit. It takes a hundred years to buy a two-bedroom apartment. ”

”The people are sighing and sighing, and the country is bound to control. ”

Hmm…very good, very satisfied.

Others save 50 yuan a month, I can save 500 yuan a month!

Sixty thousand a year!

Jing Xiaoqiang stuffed a stack of waste newspapers into the trash can.

Stroll towards the most prosperous street to find a dance hall.

The sensual dog and horse night market that sells meat publicly these days is extremely rare, except for the fact that the background is extremely deep, it is possible to be caught and shot.

Even dance halls have undergone a series of policy changes by the Ministry of Culture in the past ten years, including ”banning dance parties, ” ”strengthening dance party management, ” and ”improving dance party management. ”

The famous Shanghai Ocean Market, except for a few foreign-related large hotels, restaurants, dance halls, and jazz bars, can always maintain a small-scale business.

The dance halls and music cafes that were open to the whole people only sprung up to hundreds after 1987. This number ranks first in the country.

As the most fashionable and fashionable Shanghainese in the country, how much do you like to dance these days?

Seventeen ordinary dance halls in Yangpu District, known as Xia Jijiao, can attract one million people a year and have a turnover of two million!

This is the 1990s when the national wage was only a few hundred dollars!

In fact, this is the way of entertainment for the people. A large number of unmarried young people rely on this to contact the opposite sex, and of course there are many after marriage.

So the city center with a stronger atmosphere is simply incredible.

Jing Xiaoqiang asked a little and found that some of the best folk dance halls in Shanghai and Shanghai are all in the downtown area.

There are old-fashioned hotel dance halls that opened in the 1930s, equipped with professional bands from radio and television art troupes;

There is a tertiary industry song and dance hall under the Science and Technology Bureau, which is mainly aimed at employees of technology and medical systems;

The tertiary industry dance hall of the education system is the favorite place for teachers to gather;

There is also a theater dance hall with the most enchanting girls and the most old-fashioned gangsters.

But it was the midsummer of July. Jing Xiaoqiang, an expert like him, asked a few more, so he chose the ballroom of the City Symphony Orchestra without hesitation.

Not because of how professional the symphony accompaniment is, but this ballroom is their own singing and dancing rehearsal hall.

Jing Xiaoqiang, who has been in the Song and Dance Theater for decades, understands it too well!

The cooling effect of air conditioners in this year is far less than that of later generations.

Many dance halls with poor air-conditioning effects have only just started in summer, even if a few floor fans are placed around the dance floor to cool down.

There are more and more dancers rubbing shoulders together, and the sour smell of meat and sweat is called ”flavored fragrance ”, which is very unappetizing!

Watching all kinds of beautiful girls in the dance hall make people move…

In fact, it has a strong smell of stinky feet!

Therefore, any professional dance hall or rehearsal hall must be well ventilated and air-conditioned.

On the first day Jing Xiaoqiang arrived in Shanghai, he sat down in the Symphony Orchestra Ballroom.

The courteous waiter began to clear the venue, and the accompaniment band also got up to pack up their instruments and prepare to leave work.

Jing Xiaoqiang mixed in to help move things and arrange tables and chairs.

Its not surprising to others that this kind of young man wants to rub his face with him, and there will be many free tickets in the future.

So the old waiter dismissed him when he saw that he was almost done: ”Little Chi, lets go… ”

Jing Xiaoqiang actually came to the singing stage: ”I have a new disco song that can improve your performance. ”

The eighteen-year-old high school graduate, still in that wrinkled round-neck t-shirt, hadn showered for two or three days, and his unkempt hair looked young and sleep-deprived.

The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra has freed up several people to accompany the ballroom in turn. What professional level is this?

The nearby Shanghai Conservatory of Music is one of the top two professional colleges in China. After graduating from each major, non-excellent students cannot join the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.

This is similar to the existence of the elders of the Wudang faction, and I almost laughed out loud.

I don know how thick the sky is!

But they are all gentlemen, just ignore them, and pack their own things, mainly standard electric guitars, electric basses, keyboards, and small drums. Because the symphony orchestra has a solid foundation, it can also add Orchestral players on saxophone, trumpet, medium, and violin.

Take turns to earn extra money.

The youngest trumpeter has nothing to do today, by the way, he shooed people like a duster: ”Lets go, lets go, our band has no shortage of dance music, and the music school is also nearby, you can go there to sell songs. ”

The others giggled.

Jing Xiaoqiang didn talk nonsense, stepped onto the stage and grabbed the wired microphone that had not been turned off, and then reached out to grab the tambourine next to the drum set at the back.

It is the kind of single-sided skinned tambourine on a ring-shaped wooden frame that many people use to tease children, and some ktv private rooms of later generations. The wooden frame is also equipped with some metal pieces that can be shaken.

Northeast Asian music, South American and African music have this similar rhythm instrument.

He slapped on his thigh very casually, and after seven or eight slaps in a seemingly random rhythm, he sang into the microphone!

This is a ”lambada ” that he has never heard while sitting on the dance floor today and listening to all the dance music that has been repeated back and forth.

Lombard, South American Latin dance, and later the very famous disco dance!

And he speaks Portuguese!

How to describe it.

This kind of dance music clearly uses the strong and lively rhythm of disco, but both sides of the dance are crossed and crotched, grinding tofu!

So the singing is bright and lingering!

The kind of silky and enchanting that can be expressed in Chinese!

As soon as the expert opens his mouth, he will know if there is any.

Many people who sing foreign languages ​​in China use hard memorized pronunciation, which is very different from this kind of sway that is like mastering the mother tongue.

Seven or eight members of the band, from the time they heard the beat, there were signs.

When the Portuguese singing came together, everyone froze in place, looking at Jing Xiaoqiang in disbelief.

It was obvious that the sentence he just walked over and said, a perfectly standard southwestern accent Mandarin, was actually sung in such a fluent small language!

This alone makes it unique in the dance halls of Shanghai and Shanghai!

Do you think his singing is flawed?

there must be.

But after watching the whole of Shanghai… No, maybe even after watching the whole country, I couldn find such a professional accent in Portuguese singing.

Whats more important is that this young man, who is still very young, has no stage fright. He can sing with full charm with only one rhythm, and he twists his waist and jumps on it!

I took off the microphone that was dragging the cable, spread my arms as if hugging a beautiful woman, and swayed my waist and crotch. The movement of sending the crotch in a circle was very powerful at first glance!

Its just that Jing Xiaoqiang felt like, ouch, my waist!


Musculoskeletal can keep up with body awareness!

Gotta practice!

But in the eyes of others, its my darling!

Can sing and dance!

This is a huge threshold difference, since Fei Xiang brought ”A Fire in Winter ” to the Spring Festival Gala, showing the huge advantage of being able to sing and dance.

It suddenly became a monument, and as a result, this one still dreamed of going to Broadway to show himself, leaving only a legend on the rivers and lakes.

How many people can maintain a stable breath and accurate voice during a large variety of body movements?

Business requirements can be high!

However, South American singing and dancing is a strange flower, most of the movements are shaking in the lower body, which is very suitable for a rookie level entry like Jing Xiaoqiang, whose body and soul have not yet been fully integrated.

Even so, his mellow and silky dance has an authentic Latin vibe.

Absolutely unique!

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