Citi Broadway, the worlds mecca for musical performances, is the stage for the peak performance of the top musical talents.

But it has been messed up in the recent epidemic and various demonstrations.

Moreover, in the sudden zero-yuan purchase activity that night, some Molotov cocktails smashed onto the signboard at the door of the famous ”Xicheng Theater ” and burned.

The old house is on fire, at one point!

The century-old building was on fire fiercely. In order to let the audience and actresses evacuate first, some of the cast members failed to escape when the disrepaired backstage collapsed!

The chaotic street crowd and the intricate demonstration barricades all delayed the approach of the fire truck.

Although the fire was quickly put out.

But people buried under the rubble are difficult to rescue.

Rescue teams were assembled within hours and began moving bricks over the rubble.

Looking at the large number of people, they emphasized that they should clock in and take breaks on time.

In addition to arranging for search and rescue personnel to undergo regular medical assessments to ensure their health and safety on the job site, even the working rights of search and rescue dogs must be guaranteed and cannot be used excessively.

This is where the brilliance of human nature shines the brightest.

Because this kind of zzzqs face project is very easy to be moved by oneself.

Therefore, the fire was burning deep in the rubble of such a building. It was not until five days later that hundreds of search and rescue personnel who heard the news rushed to the hot spot to take turns to put out the fire, but not many bricks were removed.

Because the golden 72 hours of the conventional rescue have passed, at this time, let alone crushing people under the rubble, people are starving to death.

The rescue team in these film and television works looks like a scumbag. Although he is not healthy, he always says that he is not in a good state.

In the end, only a difficult decision was made, the search and rescue mission was terminated, and the work content was changed to reconstruction.

Just like the victims of 911 have not been dug up for many years.

The governor and mayor came to the scene on time, and the governor also knelt in silence.

The mayor is full of emotion. The 18 missing persons have zero chance of survival. Thank you for your continuous support. May God be with these unfortunate victims.

The onlookers have long given full play to the local traditional arts.

A very orderly walk: hanging a photo wall, laying flowers, lighting candles, holding hands in a circle to pray.

The people who pray must also be white and black and Asian and lgbt and stay politically correct.

Whether it can save people is another matter, let yourself be moved first.

Countless people have come from thousands of miles to mourn Broadways lost souls.

The black and white photos are marked with the names and resumes of talented and untimely members of the song and dance orchestra…

There are champion pianists in internationally renowned competitions, top male singers, and former conductors of the Philharmonic Orchestra, almost all of them are well-known figures.

However, the photos with the most flowers in front of them are marked with the rich resumes of security guards, vice chairman of the Stage Stylist Association, senior commissioner of the makeup artist union, and deputy general manager of the theater.

This is the side of the photo of the Asian male who looks the most stout and looks like Ma Dongxi.

There is also a group of white, black and Asian… uh, no lgbt girls leaning against each other and crying to death!

Although most of them are famous for each other and never meet each other, now they can wait to rush up together to remove the ruins…

Get that man out!

Among them, Eliza, who was the only one who had experienced the scene of the incident and was asked by the men to escape from the fire first, ruthlessly cried all the tears in her life, and completely decided to leave this damn country!

Dedicating all of his lifes talents to this holy land of singing and dancing, how could it become like this?

Years later, her children asked their mother who the photo of the dozen or so crying beauties she kept in her dressing table was.

Eliza, with her bucket back, recalled those… colleagues with sadness.

Let it be.

At least they were all busy in the same place.

Jing Xiaoqiang woke up in the same familiar seat.

The eyes were red.

In a trance, he almost thought he was still suffering from that hellfire.

But when he was lying on the table, the first thing he saw was his flat and slender waist and legs, obviously still in the developmental stage.

Then there are the familiar steel and wood desks and chairs.

When she raised her head with difficulty, she saw not only the female classmate in her final year of high school beside her, but also the sunset with all the classmates behind her turning their heads.

The burning cloud-like sunset is so beautiful.

Thirty years later, Jing Xiaoqiang still remembers the evening after the college entrance examination.

Everyone is leaving school, so lets pack up.

Every desk was piled with various textbooks and supplementary books. Clothes and schoolbags were hung on the backs of messy chairs. Exam questions and water cups filled every gap.

There are various slogans urging the college entrance examination on the wall.

In 1990, there were no school uniforms in the 18th-tier small county high schools. Most of the girls were T-shirts and shirts, and fancy dresses and fashions were impossible to appear in the senior three key classes.

Feng Xiaoxias floral short-sleeved shirt is already a rare fashion, with a thin outline, and the size of the vest-style blouse has been clearly written in Jing Xiaoqiangs mind.

It made him sure he wasn having a bad dream.

In the third year of high school, I was as simple as myself, and there was absolutely no such strange and useful knowledge.

And this kind of knowledge helped him understand that the 18th National Womens University has changed.

Feng Xiaoxia, who seems to be only with beautiful features now, will become so beautiful in a few years.

As long as they are not lazy and can wear makeup, most girls who are self-disciplined can learn to be beautiful after going to college.

But outside the window, from golden yellow to fiery red, and then to the pink-purple sunset sky, it is not as pure and beautiful as this moment.

Only Feng Xiaoxia didn turn her head to look at the sunset, but stared at Jing Xiaoqiang with disgust: ”Sleep, sleep, you know how to sleep, such a beautiful sunset will never be seen again! ”

At the age of eighteen, I really didn know the meaning behind this sentence.

I thought this roommate was despising him.

Looking at this face now, Feng Xiaoxias face was quickly dyed red, as if it was dyed by the rays of the sun outside, and he roared: ”Crazy, what are you looking at! ”

After graduating from university, they reunited at a class reunion before going abroad, and the two spent a crazy night.

Feng Xiaoxia said that the regret of high school was that nothing happened between the two of them.

Now Jing Xiaoqiang silently raised his hand and gently stretched out to the face that pretended to be angry.

Feng Xiaoxias eyes were frightened, but she insisted on staying still and puffed up her cheeks to warn Jing Xiaoqiang that so many people were around!

Like an angry little hamster.

It seems to be saying that if there is no one around, maybe…

The battle-hardened Jing Xiaoqiang can definitely read a girls eyes.

But it stopped before touching it, solidified there, reluctant to destroy this beautiful picture.

The feeling of suddenly returning to the most beautiful and pure era of life from the incomparable anger and suffering.

It made Jing Xiaoqiang feel very strong emotions in his heart, the kind of expressive desire that spewed out.

Just when Feng Xiaoxia was too nervous to move.

The famous talent in the class seemed to notice that the classmate who had a crush on the class was interacting with the same table, and hurriedly flaunted his charm: ”Hundreds of twilights claim the sea, and now the red sun is popular. When the red sun in the east rises again, when will it fall behind the green hills? … ”

Jing Xiaoqiang didn want to speak, but turned to look at the organ next to the podium.

There is a strong desire in his heart that instructs him to use this to express his emotions.

Get up, walk to the podium, and lift the lid of the piano.

Although the high school basically has no music and art courses, in order to emphasize the development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor in key schools, a similar symbol is placed in each classroom.

The students occasionally play with curiosity, and more importantly, they open it when they are cleaning.

The freshness of the black and white keys may also be a yearning outside the heavy schoolwork.

In fact, except for the music teacher, no one can play.

Including Jing Xiaoqiang himself, he never played the piano, and he never touched the keys when he was on Broadway.

But somewhere, Antonio, the lead player of the orchestra who once won the championship of the Budapest Piano Competition, the figure rolling in the sea of ​​​​fire is guiding Jing Xiaoqiang to gently wipe his fingertips on the keys.

A very familiar feeling slammed into his heart.

Thousands of complex emotions are intertwined, as if they can be expressed through these keys.

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