I really don’t want to fight with gods

12. This child will become a great tool

Jing Xiaoqiang still doesn know about Zhou Wei, who has become a mess in the mainland more than 20 years later.

Just like this rare genius.

However, with Zhou Qingyun in charge, the new song in the evening showed a little more academic atmosphere.

Because Zhou Qingyun strongly asked Jing Xiaoqiang to change his clothes and sing again, how could he wear this greasy floral shirt and beach pants, which he hasn washed for many days, is this worthy of such a good voice?

Jing Xiaoqiang shied away tomorrow, when he was helping the drunk Alex in the West City Theater, and hiding in the orchestra pit under the command of the self-contained band, he didn wear it like this.

Zhou Qingyun glared at the band members and lost his temper: ”Hes still a child, its normal to not understand the rules, don you understand?! Why don you hurry up and find the clothes in the band! ”

Except for the chief, everyone is basically the top students of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. For this kind of department head-level leader, even if they are working, they are still silent.

This kid is big enough.

Then I forcibly covered Jing Xiaoqiang. Don go to work in the afternoon. Lets practice this new song first. The orchestra will rehearse together. Which song is not practiced?

So the dancers who came in rushing to buy tickets at night, to be precise, the audience, were startled as soon as they stepped in!

The whole symphony orchestra sits on the stage!

Not much room left on the dance floor at all!

The expressions are still very serious, and they are focused on looking at the sheet music that has just been copied in front of them.

The conductor is more serious about trying to figure out how this brand-new piece will be outstanding.


The audience had no choice but to rub against the wall, still excited.

For two bucks, even just listening to the symphony is worth it.

But its more about guessing whether there is a new song, because I saw Jing Xiaoqiang dressed in a tuxedo and posing on stage.

A lot of people want to laugh.

As long as I have seen him wearing a floral shirt, beach pants and slippers before, it is so funny now, and he even wears a bow tie!

Many girls whispered and pointed at each other.

Jing Xiaoqiang was actually asking the orchestra to sit tight as much as possible to make room for the dance floor. This is the real thing that the manager of the dance hall wants to sell tickets for.

In fact, it doesn matter that the manager makes a bunch of noises, its okay to do whatever you want!

He just contracted the venue for the orchestra, and then used a few people to play part-time, how dare he provoke the orchestras garlic cloves.

In the afternoon, even the head of the group and the music director came to watch.

Zhou Qingyun frowned even more, how could such a good voice be allowed in such a cramped place?

But seeing Jing Xiaoqiang smiling and waving to some familiar guests, he almost nodded and bowed, as if this is music again, as if it should go to the crowd?

So she didn speak.

As soon as 6 oclock arrived, the orchestra started playing on time, mainly after the rehearsal in the afternoon. Everyone was a little excited and wanted to see what this piece would look like to the audience.

So basically, I am not willing to get off work on time, and I am ready to finish get off work after one time.

So Jing Xiaoqiang became the legendary man in the history of Shanghai Song and Dance Hall.

Who has seen the scene where the symphony orchestra sings to the accompaniment in the Shanghai Dance Hall?

The piano started and the violin gradually entered. This prelude alone made all the audience hold their breath…

Why do audiophiles use the sound field of an orchestra to analyze the grade of equipment and equipment? A symphony orchestra is basically the highest level of human-made music. Every musical instrument and every performance is the result of thousands of years of accumulation.

Although there are masters who can play wonderful music with extremely simple equipment, most small bands, whether it is musical instruments or skills, are scum in the face of such a big scene.

No matter what kind of band you have heard before, in front of this fully-armed band, you can hear it in seconds!

But when Jing Xiaoqiang in a tuxedo grabbed the microphone opening, the accompaniment was still the accompaniment after all…

The musical performance of the orchestra immediately becomes the background plate of the vocals.

The slightly hoarse and long singing is like an electric iron, ironing the soul and ironing it smoothly!

And it is the one with steam function, because it is not hot, gentle and comfortable.

The adjective used in later generations is: Su.

Hao Sus voice is so sweet to the heart.

Some can understand English, even more crisp!

Look into my eyes and you will see what you mean to me;

Find your heart, find your soul…

The song that can win the peak of the global love song, from the melody, rhythm to the lyrics, is also matched by such Sus singing.

The lethality can be imagined.

The girls looked at the focused man on the stage, blushing and radiant!

The men were also surprisingly not hostile.

Originally, there were quite a few old snakeskins who came to the dance hall just to flirt, and there were more wolves than vegetables, especially those beauties who often attracted many people to invite.

But at this moment, the girls are not here to scratch their heads and make poses. They are moved and attracted. If anyone interrupts the appreciation, it will be too unpleasant.

There was no sound inside or outside the rehearsal hall, and all the air vibrations contributed to the orchestra and Jing Xiaoqiang.

Jing Xiaoqiang was in good condition. He closed his eyes the whole time as if to pay tribute to the beauties from all over the world that he had experienced.

This song is used as the theme song of the movie, and it is easy to form a sense of picture after watching it.

The legendary identity of a rogue like Robin Hood and the love and hatred between women are intertwined in those legends and epics.

Let him be easily intoxicated.

So it is absolutely full of emotion, and the true feelings are poured into the singing.

For Jing Xiaoqiang, it is no less than a process of love between men and women, as if facing a beautiful womans affectionate narrative.

When I opened my eyes again, I looked at the pair of eyes full of tenderness, as if they were all saying that I want to…

For him as a singer, is the ** audience feeling good?

The musicians are cool too.

To be honest, as members of the symphony orchestra, everyone belongs to the high-spirited spring and white snow, and facing the audience is either in a well-educated theater or at various evening parties.

But most of the time, it is still easy to face piles of blank eyes or sleepy gift tickets.

This is still Shanghai, where the cultural level is generally high.

In these years, even solving the problem of food and clothing is still in the front.

The level of singing and dancing halls is not high, but at least most of the people here love singing and dancing, just because of their educational level, it is impossible to contact advanced music.

Therefore, the popularity of music cells of this audience group is higher than the scenes they have been exposed to in the past.

The appearance of being attracted and intoxicated by popular music in front of them made them feel the same way. What Jing Xiaoqiang said, isn this music entering the hearts of the masses?

The so-called three feet around the beam is to describe the current feeling.

The singing and music gradually dissipated, but it seemed that the feeling still reverberated in my heart and would not dissipate for a long time.

After a few seconds, Zhou Qingyun still applauded: ”Okay! You can take a little more when the breath is changed, the first paragraph is fine, but in the second paragraph, you may want to exaggerate this affectionate atmosphere and prolong it on purpose. Click, its not necessary, its a bit superfluous to drag it! ”

This is insight, a good teacher may not be able to sing the aria of the night, but she can teach how to do better.

At this time, Jing Xiaoqiang no longer needs to point out any more technical skills. Instead, these artistic feelings are enough.

Mmmmm nodded.

Turn around and bow to the entire orchestra.

The band also applauded him.

The kind of mutual thank you that comes from the heart.

Then it led to the applause of the audience, and it was like a dream to wake up overwhelmingly to keep up!

The excitement of slapping the heart of the red palm, and the one who arrived later, only heard half of the first, and almost cried, is there anything else? !

Huang Xuerong and her little sister were a little late, because usually they didn start singing until around 6:30 to 7:00, so they came over after get off work.

I was so anxious that tears came out, but I was happy, knowing that Jing Xiaoqiang had another song that many people liked.


Jing Xiaoqiang saw his little friend, who in his mind was a work colleague, and reminded the band members with a smile: ”Its your time to get off work, its time to go home to cook and pick up the children? Do you want to come again? ”

There is some mischief in my heart. In the afternoon, I want to clean up the rental house, and you interrupt to rehearse…

As a result, the musicians were reminded one after another that the married women immediately woke up from the psychedelic psychedelia of the music and jumped to their feet.

The clattering band just slipped more than half from behind the stage!

For the orchestra, it was still the era of planned economy, and the off-duty days were the biggest.

The applauding audience was a little dumbfounded.

Zhou Qingyun was helpless.

However, when he saw Jing Xiaoqiang take off his dress, took a bass from the already seated jazz band, he turned to everyone: ”So…this song from Citis movie theme song ”i do it for you ”, Another way to give it to everyone, I hope everyone likes it, and friends who like dancing can also try it… ”

The result was a scream!

The girls screamed one after another!

Then I watched a tall girl come to the stage, and it was even more crazy!

Professor Zhou sighed. What kind of environment is this? Its too hard for you to sing here, my son.

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