”The Lovable Villainess ” was a part of a slew of different novels about villainess reincarnation. It was a simple narrative, a new person took over the villainesss body, and somehow, everyone came to love her instead of the main character. All the love and affection that was supposed to be directed to the main character ended up going to the villainess. In a true reverse harem ending, there was no male lead but fans would often argue as to who was their favorite.

Was it the cold yet strong crown prince?

The puppy-like charm of the knight that followed her around?

The playful yet mysterious magician that seemed to fall for her?

It would have been great to be reincarnated as there seemed to be only one role that was ripe for the taking.

The backdrop of the novel, ”The Lovable Villainess ” used another fake novel, ”A Flower to You. ” In that novel, the Villainess was Kalypso Valentine. Fitting was her bright blonde hair and purple eyes. Known to be a sensual beauty, she seduced many men around her. Cruel and malevolent, she was known to be horrendous to her maids, beating them to death. Angered by the fact that the original heroine, Caesaria Laverincia, enters.

Oddly enough, ”A Flower to You ” never describes anything about Caesarias past. A simple sentence summed it up: she had a hard life. Befitting of an angelic girl, all the pain and suffering that had been thrust onto her had only made her all the kinder.

At the age of ten, she was adopted by the Valentine house due to her magic. Her harsh childhood simply serves as a backdrop for sympathy.

Kalypso was envious of the heroine in the original fake novel as her once stoic father fell for the charm of the female lead, loving her and spoiling her with love. The Emperors son soon also fell in love with her vivacity, the playful mysterious mage slowly grew fond of the innocent charm of the female lead, and finally, the knight vowed to be her one and true protector. Thus, Kalypso killed her father and then tried to kill Caesaria.

It was a simple tale. Kalypso grew jealous over all the love and then tried to poison Caesaria, it was thwarted and Caesaria lived happily ever after. Yet, ”The Lovable Villainess ” was a story about Kalypso and how she changed.

After her reincarnation, after she went through a near-death encounter, Kalypso acted in odd manners. She started to cook in the kitchen, showed no interest in the Crown Prince, began to act lovable to her father, and in the end, she stole the happy ending meant for the female lead.

Caesaria was not what the readers thought she would be. Conniving, evil, and the true villainess of the story, she was taken down by Kalypso and her harem of young men in a true villainess-story-romance ending.

Kalypso was showere

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